Firefox beta for Android

The fellows at Mozilla have updated Firefox for Android to Version 6, and it comes with a huge changelog full of fixes, improvements, and features.  Things like a visual update for phones running Gingerbread, better right-to-left language support, and adjustment of page element locations and sizes when using on a tablet.  We won't list each individual change here, but they're available at the source link.  There's also over 160 add-ons now available, ranging from Ad-blocking to themeing with personas.  With the same rendering engine as the desktop version, Firefox mobile can handle pages with complicated scripts better than the stock Android browser, or other browsers based on stock.  Not that anyone would want to, but it's close to the point where we could use our system and write blog posts with it.

Firefox mobile is shaping up nicely, and if you haven't had a look lately, you really should.  Download link is after the break, for devices running Android 2.0 and higher.

Source: Mozilla


Reader comments

Firefox for Android reaches version 6, brings performance enhancements and a visual refresh


NO! Firefox Mobile is so bad, it's cringe worthy. Good luck entering a user name and password on a non-mobile website; or maybe it just doesn't SwiftKey.

It doesn't run scripts correctly. I can use all the web apps that my company has just fine using Dolphin, and all the web apps are designed for IE. I try using Firefox Mobile and it goes stupid.

I wish I could use Firefox Mobile as my main browser, I use exclusively on my computer, but it's so bad I can't bring my self to use it.

It still doesn't let you type into the text field of the stream in Google+ when in desktop mode. That's my main problem with it so far.

Miren is the best I've found...I don't understand why Google doesn't make a Chrome Mobile. The stock browser is just so underwhelming.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Firefox...on the desktop. I just tried this mobile version and couldn't get a webpage to load at first and it force-closed twice on my HTC Sensation. Plus, compared to the default browser and Dolphin HD, it just seems laggy and slow.

They still have alot of work to do on this browser. It's awful right now.

My favorite browser is (Boat Browser Mini)loads pages fast, supports flash & overall a lean browser that gets the job done

The source link above goes to a Beta page and the Android Market has version 6 as Beta and version 5 as normal final release. Very confusing. Regardless, I'll stick with the stock browser, works flawlessly overall and works with Flash.

What's going on? Why no flash? I would expect the dev team to realize that Flash is a KEY selling point for Andriod browsers. Not to have it on their "star" browser only takes them out of market from the start.

I use Dolphin HD and does everything i need and want (for now)... ooohh and it has FLASH!!!!!!!!

I agree they need to support flash. But Dolphin HD has no Adblock option, which to me is just as bad.

The one thing that I really like about Firefox hasn't been in the last few updates. When on pages with a lot of form fields, there used to be arrow buttons to tab through the fields quickly.. What happened to them??? How can I get them back? Now I have to tap in each of the small form boxes instead..

I really like how Firefox handles tabs and previous sessions, but on my Incredible, I can't run it without the low on application space error. Maybe once I get that Gingerbread update, I can try again with Firefox. I sum it up as superior UI to the stock browser, but still too many bugs.