Firefox for Android

If you're a fan of the Firefox browser for Android, know that Firefox 7 is now available in the Android Market. Officially, the changelog is as follows:

  • Improved copy and paste: Copy any site content and paste to other applications, SMS, or text fields
  • Built-in language detection on first run
  • WebSockets API: Powerful tool for Web developers to build responsive Web apps and sites

The list of desktop changes is a bit longer, but rememeber that the mobile app is cut from the same cloth, and we're very much enjoying this accelerated release schedule. Download links are after the break.

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Firefox 7 for Android now available


That was my first thought. How can they compete without supporting flash? I guess it's still Dolphin for me.

If this doesn't have flash support, and size of the browser has not decreased, this will continue to stay in the FAIL category.

I remember when Opera Mobile launched on iOS. It chared the app store the first day because everyone wanted it so damn bad. . . Opera for some reason is not number on one Android. It's behind "Stock" and "Dolphin". Firefox needs to take clues, how hard can it be. Anyhow, I will try this out. Hope its not a disappointment.

I think Opera is better than stock.I use it more than stock and dolphin on my xoom.It renders the page so much better even with flash and its quick.Only thing I wished it had was incognito mode.

No flash support yet in this release. However, I downloaded the newest Android nightly this morning, just for the hell of it, and it looks like they are adding support very soon. They've already put in a couple of patches for it.

I love the look of the nightly, but I can't use FF on Android until it has flash support. Just have to stick with Dolphin until then.

For those of us new to Android, what does FF or Dolphin DO that make them preferable to the stock browser? Why would i want one of these?

I like xscope pro only because it lets me set different user agents for different sites. Some sites I prefer mobile layout and some sites I like the desktop/regular layout and features.

Dolphin also supports custom user agents.

For clarity for those not sure what we mean by "user agents": With Dolphin (and I guess Xscope Pro), you can configure the browser to report itself as a desktop computer, or Android, or iPhone, or anything you want.

Why? As HAAS said, some sites don't work well when they display their mobile version [I'm looking at you PCMAG], so this gives you a way to fool them into showing their full site.

This become more important on tabs I find. Having a 10" screen showing me the "mobile" site is rather silly, I think.

Cant say I tried. It's possible. But Adobe Flash for Android probably reports back its version, too. So even if the browser advertises it is a desktop client, the flash plugin may not.

Well, Firefox actually detracts from the Android experience because it does not support Flash.

Dolphin is actually a pretty good, and customizable browser. It has support for Flash, add-ons, themes, tabbed browsing, etc. You should check it out. I generally use stock, Dolphin, and either Opera or Skyfire. I can't/won't use Firefox until they support flash.

For me, it was proper tabbed browsing. Technically speaking, the stock browser does "tabbed browsing", too, but you had to pop-up the menu, select "Windows", then select which one to switch to.

Having the tabs along the top is more convenient.

And Dolphin just seems faster to me.

They better get Flash support by Winter, so I can run Flash content and use my phone for a pocket heater. LOL

Seriously... like all the people above already said - no Flash == no download from me. Unbelievable that it doesn't have Flash support.

This is not to be argumentative, but I have no idea why people use Dolphin. I have downloaded it a few times and have never really seen what the hype is. I won't even give Firefox a thought until I see flash support, but when comparing Dolphin to my stock browser, the stock browser seems to beat it out every time for me. What am I missing about Dolphin? It looks cluttered and confusing.

Edit: Just read the above posts about the Dolphin pluses. Have no need for themes. And the stock browser has it's own version of tabs that work just fine for me. Sorry for the redundancy.

Often times, the stock browser's tabs will be lost overtime while the browser sits in the background of your device. atleast thats what i experience with the htc mytouch 4g and sensation. I keep my tabs/windows open in the background for a purpose, so i can read it later. I don't like when the stock browser loses my tabs/pages after i leave the browser running in the background for a couple hours. Dolphin does a better job at remembering my tabs. thats what i use dolphin over stock browser

You can also create customizable gestures for easily accessing a certain bookmark or other browser related things such as going back and forth on through pages. Also, you can switch between different user agents, such as desktop, Android, iPhone, etc. And you can backup/restore browser settings easily, in case you need to uninstall the app for whatever reason or wipe all data from your phone.

For me it's the add-on support. I use LastPass heavily, and the add-on for Dolphin makes life much easier.

I like FF for the purpose of download different file types. it seems to handle downloading things better.. even apk's. while i use dolphin for my normal browsing. firefox also links all my bookmarks from my desktop.. so thats a plus. but FLASH IS NEEDED!

Flash sucks. Flash on mobile sucks even more.

I say, good riddance. The more we bend over and take it from Adobe, the more sites will continue to use 200K flash apps for something that could be done in 5K of DHTML. Like dynamic/pulldown menus.

Website designers have been smoking the Adobe crack way too long. They need to realize that not only is Flash not the best solution for the job, but there's an entire, growing market of their visitors for whom it's not even an option.

Firefox on Android bugs me because it's bloated and runs like molasses. But its lack of Flash support is a good thing in my book. We need MORE web-enabled devices without any Flash at all.

Lately when there is a new release for firefox I simply read the release notes and reviews and if there is no flash I do not even try to download it.Its a shame a highly competitive browser like firefox is so behind when it comes to mobile browser.The nightly builds though seems somewhat better than the stable release.Anyway Opera to me is the best so far.