Mobile Nations Fitness Month

New Years is over, January has come and gone, and for many of us, our get fit and get healthy resolutions have come and gone with it. Rather than leaving them lying in ruin with what's left of our waist lines and good intentions, however, we want to do something about it. And we want you to do something about it with us!

Enter fitness month!

Whether CrackBerry challenged Android Central, WPCentral threw down the gauntlet on webOS Nation, or iMore called them all out, who remembers? The important thing is this -- we're using February to get off our collective apps and get into shape.

Want to eat better? We're with you! Want to get stronger? We're spotting! Want to get into better cardio shape? We're so there!

Each week we're each going to set reasonable, attainable goals, and each week we're going to take advantage of our awesome community to make sure we attain them. We're going to have special editions of our ZEN and TECH and Superfunctional podcasts to help us get going and stay going, and we're going to use our brand new Health and Fitness Forum to keep us focused, keep us accountable, and keep us keeping on!

There will not be punch and pie (there will be prizes, though)

You, the Android Central faithful, are our motivation. And to keep you motivated, we have some great prizes lined up. More on that shortly.

Sound good? Sound great? Sound like you just can't wait to get fit? Good! Jump into our new Health and Fitness Forum now and pick your goal for week 1. (PS: I've already gotten a head start.)

Mobile Nations fitness month has begun!


Reader comments

February is fitness month at Mobile Nations!


I must be missing something. The links go to the new forum, and so does the "pick your goal for week 1"... yet I see nothing really there except Phil showing his Endomondo profile.

What's the contest, how do we sign up, and do we simply make up our own goal?

That ain't no woman! It's a man, man! ;P

If it were not for the hair, chest, and thumb nail polish, I'd think that were a man with virtually no body fat! Too masculine for my tastes. :D Now get back to smashing the F5 key and drinking beer (light beer of course)! D'OH! Did I just say that out loud?...

problem is people don't want to make long term lifestyle changes and that's why they fail with these "diets" and "get in shape" gigs. I've been doing it since July of last year and dropped over 20lbs (bulked up a ton so probably more fat) but also dropped 3 pant sizes. It can be done. No fancy diet...just protein and shrinking portions with a good workout a few times a week.