Verizon Fascinate update

We're now more than a week into Verizon pushing out the DL09 update to the Samsung Fascinate, so it's time to check in. How's everybody doing? Just peachy? Great. If you've missed it, there's some great discussion going on in the forums about the update. As well as the "Where the hell is Froyo?" thread. And then there's that (bad) rumor that Froyo's never coming. Anyhoo, more than enough Thursday morning fodder for your Fascinate folks. Cheers!


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Fascinate's DL09 update rolling out in earnest - how's it going for you?


Loading as I type. We'll see...

Ok, done loading. I'll test GPS @ lunch, but I have a question. I now have an icon in the Annunciator line that looks like a cross-hair with redio waves on the right side. It sits where the GPS icon usually is but my GPS is not on. So what do you think it is and if it is GPS why is it indicating that it is on when it is not?

Wierd, I have had E911 turned on for the month that I have owned the phone and have never seen the Icon. I notice that when GPS is active, it replaces the other icon instead of moving it over.
Intersting...very interesting.

I downloaded and installed it this morning. I haven't been able to get a full feel yet but, one thing I've noticed already is that they still didn't fix the reception issue. My signal, even in the -db screen bounces all the time.

Got It here, came right up after checking for new updates...will test @lunch

After testing for a while, must say that the GPS is on point now! Loving not have to remember where the buttons are in the dark too!

The GPS fix works great! I was worried that a real fix would require bending the hardware contact. Fortunately, evidently not (for me).

Downloaded mine last night. GPS seems to work like it did before. Did notice the E911 indicator is now always there in the notification bar (before the update, it was never there).
Also, I was rooted before the update and now it's not rooted. Could be the update. Wonder if anyone else noticed that and if Dirkk's one click root would still work on rooting the Fascinate. I like my free Wifi tethering....


root access appears to be broken on mine post update. Root Explorer still works but applications which depend upon root access do not function. Tried to re-run 1-click root didn't fix problem. Any ideas?

Got mine earlier this morning. North Jersey.
Gps has instant lock and is accurate to the parking spot!
Happy so far will check it out more at lunch like everyone else lol

got mine today @ 7:22am/EST; tested GPS on the train and synced in under a minute!! will test further though and see if consistently locks quick

I tried it this morning on the way to work. Works like a champ. I got a lock walking to my car in about 15-25 seconds. Also, I did only go to stand alone GPS, Verizon services off. I should have tried leaving Google on just to make sure.

Who cares, punk koas released an early alpha version of CM6.2 for the fascinate and birdman got gingerbread aosp booting. Screw samsung, I'll look to the devs for real updates. Great work guys, keep it up.

I "thawed" all the bloatware (via Titanium Backup) after the announcement the other day. The update just showed up after doing a "check for new updates". It installed fine. I went outside and the GPS locked in under a minute (a huge improvement)!

Now to go back and de-crapify again.

I got the update today! GPS in about a minute and other than that I haven't worked on it too much. But I did lose root. How can I get it back?

As soon as I saw this article I checked for the update and there it was! All downloaded and GPS is finally locking on quickly. Even in my house it was able to find my location quickly. Still looking forward to getting Froyo someday tho. It's annoying seeing people with the original droid sporting Froyo.

@Phil Thanks for the notice. The one day i didn't check for updates in the morning cause i was running late and this is teh day they finally push it. Upgrading now. Now i have something to play with for the last half of my workday

Sigh... FIIINALY.. i was starting to think that it wasnt gonna come this week.. well im downloading it rite now, gonna re-root later today. Had to flash back to stock for another reason, wich un-rooted my phone.... NOW we just gotta wait for FROYO!!!!!

Just downloaded it. GPS seems faster. Has anyone that has been using it longer noticed any significant change (good or bad) in battery life.

Went smooth as silk. GPS definitely fixed - works as good as anybody's now. Buttons fixed, thank you.

Don't understand a need for the new 911 icon. Anybody know how to make it go away? Forever?

Noticed that plugging phone into USB requires a bit of fiddling to get into mass storage mode. Just had to plug/unplug into mass storage to reset. Feww..thought I lost my podcast downloadability.

"Long press on Home key for active apps" was always erratic. Sometimes the long press just acted like a short press, and took me to the home screen. NOW THIS FUNCTION IS FIXED AND WORKS CORRECTLY EVERY TIME.

Can someone please help me? Its not letting me get the update. Its showing the update on my phone and when i hit ok to update it and it turns off and reboots back up and says...


Does anyone have any ideas????

Yeah, was getting that error as well. I was Rooted and figured that was causing it. I ended up using the Manual method and installed it that way, then Re-Rooted. Not sure what was causing it though. I've noticed I have to turn Wifi off to get any type of internet connectivity though after the DL09 update. Not sure what is up with that? Hope this helps.

Yeah i'm rooted too. how do you install it the manual way? i just got the fascinate a week ago and its on the Dl01. do i need to get the Dl05 version before i can receive Dl09?

Got this as well... Called VZW and they are actually going to replace my phone. They said that Samsung has made them aware that certain phones exhibit this behavior, and the only solution was to exchange the phone.

There's nothing else wrong with the phone, and apparently mine will be put back into service once Samsung fixes the issue on it. Hope this helps!

The update is great on mine. Haven't tested the GPS but the phone seems faster overall and loving the backlight on the buttons staying on.

From Colorado Springs, CO
I download my DL09 just fine no issues, yes the 911 icon is showing on my phone as well not sure why? I never used the gps on my phone so I never noticed a problem with it. The phone is much faster respons wise, backclight works much better and yes the gps locates pretty darn quick. I am sure verizonwireless will push for the Froyo soon, I am sure they wanted to realise the DLO9 first. Lets fix those problems first then get ready for Froyo.

I installed DL09 yesterday. The GPS problem is fixed! It locks in seconds. There are two cons to the update: Can no longer root phone (was using Z4Root) and they really messed up the USB connectivity. Getting to the mass storage is hit or miss. As mentioned earlier, it takes a lot of fiddling to get it to connect. It used to be as easy as using a flash drive. Now it seems to require installing a new driver and running in USB debug mode.

I installed the update and it fails every time with a message upon reboot after the OTA installer finishes and says "Sorry...The Applications Media Sync (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. The only thing you can do here is click on the "Force Close" button to continue.

Everything appears to work except it breaks SMS! I have found others online with the exact same issue. Even if you do a factory reset and try to perform the update...the same exact error appears.

So...had to manually install the Full package DL09 package found under the Fascinate ROMs/Hacks here in the Android everything works exactly as it should including text messaging.

FYI...I never had an issue with mounting the Fascinate using a USB cable before or after the DL09 update.