Following a fairly successful soft launch in Canada, Zynga’s FarmVille 2: Country Escape launches globally today on iOS and Android. The Facebook version has been out since 2012, though the new mobile version won’t require a social plug-in to bug your friends for resources. You can also play offline, which is a nice change of pace from these types of games. The usual freemium city-building tropes are here: gather resources, plant new crops, wait on timers, or speed them up through in-app purchases, and co-operate with friends.

It’s easy to scoff at the franchise that is ostensibly the grand-daddy of casual gaming, but early store reviews have been pretty good. In terms of overall performance, Zynga’s been hurting a lot lately. The most promising thing they’ve done lately is acquire Natural Motion, the folks behind Clumsy Ninja, but even that has more players mourning than celebrating.

Did any of you guys play the original FarmVille? Is there any temptation to go back, or have you moved on?


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FarmVille 2: Country Escape is made for mobile, requires no friends


Now I'll try Farmville.

I stand by my principles.

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if we're talking about FV2 Country Escape ... what a blast ... but I am annoyed at the lack of storage on that game .... it makes it hard to be able to finish a quest/mission or even to simply feed the animals and harvest what's on the land ... pse zynga sort something out ... my daughter tried to bye me some "keys" and it would not allow her to do this ... it would be good if goods could be exchanged between friends too .... the only other "gripe" we have is that it takes so looooong for anything to be available once you've paid for them ..... but an amazing game !!!!

Hi there. I've got a problem loading farmville2 country escape on my husbands galaxy s3 mini. It doesn't want to open. What can the problem be?? Please help urgently!!