Sprint Galaxy Nexus

So here's the thing about the Sprint Galaxy Nexus: It's a Galaxy Nexus. On Sprint. We can only show you the front of it here, because that's all we were allowed to take pictures of. And it looks just lke the front of the Galaxy Nexus. In fact, we're not even going to tell you whether the blurry one is the Sprint Galaxy Nexus, or the GSM Galaxy Nexus. Doesn't matter here.

While we weren't allowed to take a picture of the back of the Sprint Galaxy Nexus, nobody's stopping us from telling you about it. It looks like the back of a Galaxy Nexus, with a Sprint logo. But the fact that we weren't allowed to record it in digital form makes us think that could possibly change. Anyway, there you go. 

A few more less-than-ideally-lit shots after the break.

OK, OK. The blurry one is the Sprint one. 

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Sprint Galaxy Nexus

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sfbates says:

didnt brg have a pic from cnet that showed the back and all sides...

renzi555 says:

Engadget had a pic of the back too. It looked like it had the extended battery and cover installed. It might not come with it so they might not want people thinking it does when they see it.

bgr has several back photos. It says Sprint where Version's logo is on their version. It does look like the demo unit has the extended battery back option installed

The camera MP are not stated as some have claimed.

Who cares what logo is on the back. It is the display you look at.

It is a great phone but as a "Pure Google Experience" it does not have 8MP, microSD, Facebook sync, Smart Dial, Speed Dial, shortcuts to files, shortcuts to settings menus, a return key in Messaging, and other basic features.

Just replace the Pure Google Experience with current apps or ROMs and most can be fixed.

Sh3ngLong says:

Engadget has a hands-on video of it that shows the "Sprint" logo on the back and they state it has a 5MP rear camera.



says LTE on the back? why not show thats odd.

Gekko says:

WTF is going on at the 6pm PST Sprint event???

Orion78 says:

That's what I'm wondering.

ienjoysoup08 says:

I was just about to ask the same thing!

Gekko says:

it was just a reception to show off and demo the 3 new LTE devices.

shahravi94 says:

if it has a sprint logo on the back... the nexus line is official tainted :(

bjs188 says:

yeah some tech nuts should now chill out and stop screaming that a VZW logo on the verizon nexus is the end of the world. The glory days are over... :-(

15israellai says:

The biggest problem is that it (at least the VZW one) replaces the Google logo instead of the Samsung one. But anyway, it's already been a bit tainted since it was called Galaxy Nexus...Sammy is getting more and more control over the Nexi.

jimmyk0789 says:

Engadget has pics if the back and it does have the sprint logo on the back. I also heard from a sprint manager that the phone will 200 on contract but the thing is remember the little verizon exclusive. Well verizon has a exclusive on the 32gig GN and not the phone itself so all the other carriers in the US will offer the GN starting with sprint then att then tmobile in the 16gig model. And the att will offer the white GN like with the NS. I might be wrong but thats just what i was told by the sprint manager yesterday when when he picked up his laptop i fixed

Gekko says:

false. bad info.

mikeymop says:

Google should make battery covers for each Nexus that has the Google and Samsung logos on them.


My Vexus one has icons in same order as one on right. Going to guess the one on right is Sprint. Also notice screen on the left is pretty bright despite being turned off for full brightness. (far right button on the bar) Mine is set for max brightness to get that bright of a screen.

Gekko says:

Sprint Nexus = Sexus???


As long as Sprint leaves the software alone on the Galaxy Nexus like it did the Nexus S, I could care less. Samsung already branded it. Just leave it stock.

757boy says:

...tempting,but I'm banking on the GALAXY S3.

xemtra says:

ditto, my upgrade is in April and i doubt the GS3 will be ready for sprint by then but im waiting for that one. I expect they will have the best or one of the best cameras on a phone and I just use my phone cam too much to settle on a Nexus with a poop camera by comparison....

Orion78 says:

I'm with you there. The Galaxy S III is #1 on my list. Then its the Galaxy Nexus and the next EVO. By the time my upgrade comes, I should know more or less what I want.

Spec wise i would agree. If there is touchwiz ohh god nooo!!! e4gt was an awesome phone, but touchwiz was pissing me off so bad! I took it back. Plus cyanogenmod had issues like no gps still and there was no ics rom in dev of the forums. I can at least rock some ics on my evo for a while.

Waiting for the galaxy nexus.

Cubfan says:

I'm betting on an upgraded camera... if we get the one in the GS2, I'm buying.

xemtra says:

that would be the only way i buy this phone. Camera is just too important to me to settle for the original.

misfitjon says:

Damn I can't wait to upgrade to that phone....then the next best thing will come out in two weeks

Gekko says:

there's only one Nexus.

Jori5280 says:

So is it 16 GB or 32 GB internal?

Gekko says:

32 Confirmed.

jimmyk0789 says:

Engadget has pics if the back and it does have the sprint logo on the back. I also heard from a sprint manager that the phone will 200 on contract but the thing is remember the little verizon exclusive. Well verizon has a exclusive on the 32gig GN and not the phone itself so all the other carriers in the US will offer the GN starting with sprint then att then tmobile in the 16gig model. And the att will offer the white GN like with the NS. I might be wrong but thats just what i was told by the sprint manager yesterday when when he picked up his laptop i fixed

kevin1975a says:

Does a logo on the battery cover really make that much of a difference? Don't most people usually look at the screen anyways? It's still a Google phone with no skin. Use a little nail file and scrape the logo off if its that much of a bother. Either way its a Nexus phone that rocks.

xemtra says:

ya but when you hold the phone in the store to your ear every1 can see the logo and if it said Google it would be so bad ass... just saying.

carraser891 says:

keep it in your pants its just a logo.

vladvamp says:

Google nexus remains cool

mr nruz says:

u let one carrier brand it and now sprint thinks they can too. the only real one is the unlocked UNTOUCHED UNBRANDED nexus.

d_pang says:

you weren't allowed to take pictures of it? it looks exactly the same as the verizon and GSM one!

Cubfan says:

They weren't allowed to take pictures because it clearly says "8MB Camera" by the lens. Verizon threatened to sue if Sprint one-ups them while they have exclusive rights.

mr nruz says:

haha probably i wouldnt be surprised especially since we've been seeing a trend of the same phone with an upgraded spec

Cubfan says:

Yeah, I totally made it up, but if it turns out to be true, feel free to call me a prophet. ;) Dang, and I meant MP camera, not MB.

Mobius360 says:

That would be a nice surprise.

I am excited for this phone, but a little bit of that excitement left when they said WiMax is not supported. I'm not totally surprised as my guess is having both a WiMax and LTE Radio would destroy the battery. I guess I was hoping technology had maybe come along and a LTE/WiMax Radio that work together on a single chip had become available.

I have no idea when LTE will be in my area but I have WiMax at work at least. The hardest part is Verizons LTE screams at my work and home, but they have that stupid data cap that I will try to avoid as long as I can. Any mention out of CES if Sprint will stick too unlimited data once LTE rolls out? That's the real deal breaker for me. If they drop unlimited I will be with Verizon cause I get a discount and as I mentioned their LTE is really fast in my area. Of course by the time we find out Sprints plans, Verizons double data deal will be long gone.

I guess the thing about this phone for a lot of people will be, when will it be available. The phones simply phase out so fast, it's kind of maddening. I really plan to go the Nexus route though, after my experience with the Epic and delayed upgrades I would have a hard time getting a skinned phone. I know some phones get updates faster than others but just like my Epic, I saw that the Galaxy S Captivate barely got Gingerbread today. I was running leaks of Gingerbread on my Epic in November of 2010 and you mean to tell me the Captivate just got an official GB today = Nexus Please...

jimmiekain says:

I dont care if it has a sprint logo... my otterbox case is going to cover it. Besides its a logo... who cares!

bobsuruncle says:

So wish I had Sprint coverage where I live.

wburbage says:

I have one upgrade available now and then my last annual upgrade on another line in October. Sounds like I'll be picking this up when it's available and then the SGS3 later in the year. Not too shabby.

ChillFactorz says:

Phil your funny, we've seen your Nexus before, and you have mentioned that you love the Gmail app. so looking at these two devices I found it easy to decipher which one is yours, thus leaving the other to be the Sprint device. I didn't need to check after the break to find out which one. Keep up the good fight, and try not to get into too much trouble in Vegas.

rkirmeier says:

Well it's either a higher MP camera or LTE or both. You decide...

It has a Sprint logo on the back and that's why you can't record it in digital format because Verizon exclusively owns it for now...

The best Galaxy Nexus resides on the best LTE NETWORK VERIZON...But i am glad for my sprint buddies....

Orion78 says:

Oh please dude. This Nexus will probably be the same if not better than your version. Moral of the story.....stop being insecure.

PastorDroid says:

Ok so seriously. Was the "save the date" event Sprint announced back in November for tonight just a total bust? I can't find any information on it anywhere.

jutaejrevo4g says:

Heck, by the time Sprint gets LTE, quad cores will be the mainstream and this Nexus will be like yesterday's news!

svargas05 says:

This is only ONE device that they outed.

Don't you know Sprint? They throw big ass events for their "next big thing."

This Nexus wasn't "big" enough for it's own event, so they brought it to the big Show-N-Tell instead. They'll for sure have more stuff coming by the Summer... you forget about the next Evo, THAT'S what I'm waiting on, or the next SGSIII

Klotz says:

Wimax sucks in my area.Been content just using the wifi at home and work. Will still be an awesome upgrade to my original Evo even without LTE. I hate the custom UI's so even though Galaxy S3 will be faster,Ill be picking up the Nexus without touchwiz and bloatware.

WeGlobal says:

Sprint will REALLY drop the ball on this phone if the release date isn't announced before the rumored showing of the SGSIII at MWC next month. Who wants to wait on this phone if the SGSIII is already announced? The Nexus will be old news real quick when it's gotta compete with a 4.6 inch HD, 12MP, 1.8gHz processor, quad-core, 1280x720 SuperAMOLED Plus BEAST like the SGSIII.

svargas05 says:

Are those confirmed specs?

Or are you just assuming they will be like so?

If they're real outed specs, then HELL YES!!!!!

4ekbrandon says:

I expected the following:
"The one on the left is the sprint one

It has no service."

dacp283 says:

Save your money sprint following, the GNEX is a crap phone. ICS is cool and all but other phones will get it soon enough and the the hardware and build on this thing are absolute junk. You won't regret not buying this I promise. If this was called anything other than a Nexus people would hate it and complain non stop. Don't buy into the name of this POS.

Gekko says:

please provide specifics.

Tedium says:

Lol @ all the people pinning their hopes and dreams on quad core phones....

Tell us in one post how moving from a single core to a dual core phone has been a game-changer for your Android experience... guess what, it hasn't.

Quad core will be more of the same, just a slight evolution.

svargas05 says:

We live in a world where it's about "quantity" and not "quality," unfortunately....

But I wholeheartedly agree.

carraser891 says:

actually it has been a game changer......says manufacturers like Samsung who think the Single core Galaxy S line can't handle ICS when they have it running on the Single core Nexus S perfectly fine. There must be SOME difference -_-


I saw a video of the back of this phone it looks like the CES version has an extended battery in it. I wonder if the Sprint version will come with a bigger battery????

Gekko says:

doubtful. i bet they did that just so the demo people would have longer battery life. hence - they didn't want to show the back and give people any wrong impressions about form factor or included accessories etc.

svargas05 says:

So, this will be the exact same thing as VZW's...

The Galaxy Nexus, I think, is a little overhyped, just because it's the only device with vanilla ICS. I personally was a little disappointed when I heard that the camera was pretty crappy.

Like others, I am putting my money into the Galaxy S3, whenever that may be released. Hell, maybe even the next Evo!

Cubfan says:

I really don't know why anyone would go with an LTE phone six months (at least) before LTE is available. People... there will be other LTE phones. Nicer ones. Possibly another Nexus even, before you see Sprint LTE in your area.

Shawheim says:

buying it 6 months ahead of time isnt a problem for most people. i have had 5 sprint 4G phones since the launch of the EVO 4G and guess what???? 4G ISNT AVAILABLE WHERE I LIVE!!!! i have been many places that have 4G and i have used it for a total of maybe 15 mins over the past 2 years. yeah it gives you faster download speeds, at the expense of your battery, but it doesnt actually make the phone better. If you want the latest and greatest phone you have to roll with the punches whether the flagship service (4G) or upcoming LTE is available or not.

movielover76 says:

Absolutely true, I've owned a 4G phone the thunderbolt for like 10 months now and LTE is still not here yet, though it's about 5 miles north of my house, which really irks me as I do go into that area occasionally and use LTE enough to wish I had it all of the time lol.

I bought the phone because it was the best phone Verizon had when I switched from AT&T, I leave LTE turned off to save battery life and I'm very happy with the phone, plus you keep a phone for two years, what's worse than carrying around a 4G phone with no 4G coverage, getting 4G coverage and have a 3G device and no upgrade in sight.

movielover76 says:

It's probably the exact same phone as Verizon's, CDMA, EV-DO and LTE.
Sure maybe sprint changed a few things, the verizon nexus is mostly bloat free, but I'm sure Sprint installed one or two apps as well and the branding on the outside.

hmmm says:

The thing about a Nexus phone is you are supposed to get timely updates from Google. This isn't true of Sprint. My Nexus S 4G still doesn't have ICS and the GSM variant has had it for a month now. My Transformer Prime tablet even has an official ICS release.

Not having bloat and being on a stock Android rom is pretty awesome but using "updates directly from Google" as a reason to get a Nexus isn't really a benefit. I would guess a lot of devices will receive updates before Sprint's Nexus devices will.

defector says:

I was crushed when I found out galaxy note went to at&t, now that's a phone that needs to be on sprint's network. I hear people talking about the next EVO but htc has been dormant. No activities all they've been doing is recycling old phone with different name.I currently own an evo and I love it bit need to upgrade soon.

Chimchar says:

I know one with phone icon on left is Verizon CDMA sprint is one with phone on middle