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We love the Evo 4G, you love the Evo 4G, and now Popular Mechanics loves the Evo 4G too. The magazine has posted the results of its "Top Products of 2010" awards, and the Evo has come out on top of the smartphone pile. PM specifically called out the fast 4G speeds, large 4.3-inch screen, and ability to WiFi tether up to eight devices as prime reasons for the award. Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor, which powers phones like the Nexus One, Droid Incredible, and Evo 4G, was also awarded for offering a great balance of power and "almost-all-day battery life." We imagine HTC is particularly happy with these announcements as they have been the largest supporter of the Snapdragon processor line. [Popular Mechanics : Evo 4G, Snapdragon] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!



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Evo 4G, Snapdragon processor earn Popular Mechanics' awards


Yes, we all love the Evo...kinda sold out for the Epic. Just had ta have something new...being totally honest;...I miss that monster. Oh, AND AM i FIRST????

My roommate has the Epic 4G and now he wants to trade it in for the EVO 4G. I love the phone. I get easily 16-20 hours of battery life.

The last update (the one that came after the Froyo update) seems to have had the biggest impact on battery life out of all of them... HTC has really made a lot of progress on that end, it kind of paints the original reviews in an unfair light now because it really did improve dramatically.

Damn right you don't use it enough... or even know what you're doing with the thing...

Let me guess you leave the backlight completely off... nothing syncs and you don't go on the internet... 2 days my ass

Articles are posted all day long. Is it really an honor that you were the first to post? What do you firsters do, hit refresh constantly to be first? I'd say get a life, or grow up. But instead, I'll say if being first makes you sleep better at night, more power to you.

I do love my EVO, but it has started randomly rebooting several times every day. It reboots while browsing, listening to podcasts, even in the middle of my tetris game! WTF? Maybe Popular Mechanics missed this wonderful feature.

Maybe you should just take yours to a Sprint store and have it checked out? If it's not rooted there's obviously something wrong with it and you should be covered under warranty (either thru Sprint or at worst thru HTC).

Check your battery contacts, then take your phone in for repair. That is not at all normal behavior. Mine has *never* rebooted itself- and mine is a day-one Evo. (It has also never locked up.)

Mine has never rebooted itself, altho it did lock up twice over the last 4 months... Ironically both times it happened before I had rooted it, and it hasn't happened since I rooted it either. Was probably my fault to some extent or some rogue app, I was running the original software version (w/no OTAs other than the SD card fix) at the time too so I didn't give it much thought (I avoided the official OTA patches until Aug when I got around to rooting it).

is this a bit late? but oh well Evo is a great device. if only they nailed the camera would it be the best out there (Camera button/noise cancellation mic/30fps HD)

Yes they did fix the 30fps cap that was on the device with regards to everything else. The reason the 30fps cap was on there was due to the HD so that still stays cos I believe the HD needs to be at 30fps.

The 30fps cap was for the UI. The cap was there because of the HDMI. The 30fps cap has nothing to do with the camera. The last post was regarding the Evo's inability to record 720p at 30fps even in god lighting conditions.

I don't know what you guys are complaining about, I charged my phone last night and it's still at 46% with heavy use today.

These news actually frustrate me. I had the evo for three months and the performance of the snapdragon does not compare in any way to the performance of the hummingbird. Also, my battery life on Epic since the new update triples my average with the evo that I used to have. The DI07 update screwed with battery life. Other wise, it is fantastic and many times better than the evo battery life.

It doesn't frustrate me because I have an epic now, it just frustrates me because if reviewers managed to spend just 1 day with both devices, they would have found out that qualcomm does not make the best processor by any means. In fact, it makes the worst when compared to other processors in the market. Droi X performs better and has better battery life with TI's chip. Galaxy S phones also perform better and have longer life with the hummingbird. Apple's A4 outperforms it and offers better battery life.

I honestly do not understand why anyone would say that qualcomm makes a superior chip by any means. I have had two phones with qualcomm chips. I will never go back to that. I had the palm pixi at 600mhz qualcomm, and switched to palm pre with 500mhz TI and a huge difference in performance and battery life. I had evo with 1ghz qualcomm, now I have epic with 1ghz hummingbird. No comparison. At all.

The EVO was out before any phone w/a Hummingbird or updated TI OMAP tho... And plenty of reviewers have noted that those are faster than the original Snapdragon in recent reviews of said devices. To the average user it doesn't make much of a difference tho, 'specially if he's not gonna be gaming (and even then, it depends on the type of game).

As for the Popular Mechanics award, I'm guessing that since it's a print magazine, the winners and the whole article were laid out several months ago (probably right after the EVO had launched).

The snapdragon CPU outperformed most all other mobile chips when it came out. And even now it performs nearly the same as newer ones. Where it lags is in GPU speed, but that is only really noticeable in intense, fast moving, games. If you are not a regular phone-gamer, then it really doesn't matter.

That Hummingbird really only shines with how it works in relation to the GPU. Otherwise, the Snapdragon is pretty comparable with what is out there presently, more so - sure - when the Evo actually released

I happen to have both, and guess what the epic is out the door. It is not a reliable phone,I went through 3 of them and I still have my original Evo. Performance,signal,battery life and a company that you can trust to stay on top of things HTC that is. But I seriously thought the epic would have given my Evo a run for it, nope it was opposite and sense UI just makes sense.

What, no love for the front facing camera or HDMI out? Heh, the EVO's still one of the few phones out w/both a front facing camera and a flash (which I use more as a flashlight than a camera flash, it's brighter than any small keychain LED light). Personally I love mine... Getting great battery life after the last update (each update has progressively improved it really).

The HDMI out is underrated imo, no need to carry a cable or configure another device w/DNLA to see it... Just carry a small micro-HDMI to HDMI adapter and you can use the HDMI cables that are present wherever you're taking it.

It seems that all you epic users just want your phone to be better then the Evo. Just get over it your just mad you didn't get the Evo cause you was on back order so long you couldn't wait for the Evo you had to find a phone to say its better. first it was the Droid X now the epic smdh just get over yourself. the Evo is the best thing out first we beat down the IPhone aka cry-phone now its android vs android we all should be on the same side its getting real sad.

A lot of people simply prefer a keyboard, or a smaller phone, I wouldn't say the EVO is the de facto best phone for each and every person out there... That's the beauty of Android, we've got a myriad of choices when it comes to phone form factors and features.

That I understand but do your really think that's how they are trying to come off? In this day and age its dog eat dog everyone wants the top phone overall. and they see time and time again the Evo comes out on top so they want to see it fall to another phone so bad that they wish it is there phone that beats the new champ the Evo 4g

The Epic is simply a better phone. For some of us, its not about who has the bestest phone. It was simply about the Epic has better specs, and not getting credit for it. Whatever PM's reasons might be, who cares.

The fact that you feel like you have to belittle us, says something about you.. not us. The Evo is a great phone. I loved my Evo, until I got the Epic. That doesn't make the Evo any less of a phone, enough so that if it wasn't for the keyboard.. I might not of switched.

So that's why the Evo is still sold out everywhere you go cause the epic is better in specs smdh what ever you epic users need to get over it the Evo is just better

The Evo is still sold out everywhere because it seems to have gained the same ignorant fame the iPhone 4 has. It's as bad as "Evo 4G vs iPhone 4" but instead it's "Epic 4G vs Evo 4G." iPhones are harder to get than Evos...that MUST mean they're a better phone right?

The Epic truly is a better made phone spec wise. You can argue keyboard and preference all you want but on paper, the Epic is better. I have a Fascinate and got through 16.5 hours of Pandora, Music Player, E-Mail, and Gaming with 45% battery yesterday.

Epic CPU: Same spec
Epic resolution: Same spec
Epic Front Cam: Lower spec
Epic Rear Cam: Lower spec
Epic screen size: Lower spec
Epic Android version: Lower spec
Epic HDMI: Non-existant
Epic FM Radio: Non-existant

Other than that cartoonish SAMOLED, what exactly about the Epic gives it better specs than the EVO??

Epic: no kickstand
Epic: doesn't have SenseUI which is better

Epic really has only two advantages over the Evo: A faster GPU and a physical keyboard. Unless you are a serious gamer (which probably 99% of users are not) the GPU difference will be mostly meaningless. And having a physical keyboard is only an advantage if you WANT a physical keyboard. And for that decision, you end up with a phone that is thicker, has more components to fail, and costs more. And Samsung can't match HTC's track record for keeping the phones updated.

If you truly think the Hummingbird and Snap Dragon in these phones is equal, you don't belong anywhere near a tech forum. I'll agree with you about the cameras. The screen size is opinion. I prefer the 4" screen. It's a nice in between. The Epic will surely get 2.2 before the end of the year. There's an HDMI out through the Micro-USB port on the Epic 4G and a RCA out through the headphone jack. It does have an FM Radio by the way. And if by cartoonish you mean 100,000:1 contrast ratio...I'll enjoy the hell out of my cartoonish screen. You enjoy that washed out LCD. It was so good in fact that they had to replace them with even more washed out screen after the first couple batches.

I think all the people who worry about what phone I use need to start paying my carrier bills. Sprint's due the 6th, T-Mo on the 27th. PM me for my PayPal :)

EVO has had time to mature and is in it's prime right now, where Epic is still a child prodigy that isn't close to hitting it's stride yet. The batton will be pased when Epic goes to 2.2 and/or when CyanogenMod gets ported.

Samsung did a horrible job with Eclair. Who cares about their "hummingbird" (it's all about that super amoled screen), when they screwed up the software so badly. My Captivate has major GPS and WiFi issues and lags horribly when updating apps or switching between core applications. My Nexus One has none of these issues. HTC makes superior products. Will never buy Samsung again, ever. No surprise about the Evo 4G. If I was with Sprint I would own one myself.

The EVO is a nice phone and it does have some nice features but it does nothing particularly well. It's cpu performance is average, its video and battery performance are below average and the screen is 16-bit only which leads to banding in some situations. I see nothing about it that's award worthy.

Can you explain how the cpu performance is average? It has the same processor as the nexxus and it is just slightly slower than the epic. You really don't know what your talking about do you? And the 16 bit deal... who cares. Most people can't tell the difference. The picture on my evo looks just as good as the epic except for a little less clarity. Go on and hate. It really doesn't matter. People are gonna continue buying the evo and loving it. The same way some people are going to buy the epic and love that. In the end not one thing makes a phone good. Its what works for you. You people are just close minded.

Why didn't they give the award to the HD2 and hte Snapdragon a year ago?

The whole thing is obsolete by now.

The EVO wins for me hands down. From a design, aesthetic and function standpoint. The biggest reason being the capacitive touch buttons! On the Evo, ya press em' they work! Not so much on the samsung. Since the recent update, this phone really cooks! Now Sense has been on the market much longer than Touchwiz and it shows. It looks and feels much better. For me that counts!

Im starting to see that epic owners seem to be real crybabies if their phone isn't mentioned as the best... Get over it... Ur phone is still a cool phone.. Some people just have their own opinion and say the evo is still better... All of u come on here and say im not complaining BUT the epic this and that... THAT'S COMPLAINING AND BEING CRY BABIES!! If u didn't agree with the article you could have just not responded and moved on... But noooo u guys have to come and Cry about why the Epic is better and it should have gotten the award.. Well guess what, it didnt!!

I find the EVO haters amazing honestly. Must be jealous? I dont get it. Its an awesome phone. The epic is great also, though out feels kind of cheap in the hand in my opinion. And anyone that said the evo lacks processing power is an idiot. The phone runs smooth as hell. The g1 could run froyo quite smoothly, and that's with a fraction of the power these new phones have. Snapdragon vs hummingbird makes no difference to the end user besides battery life, but a lot of that is screen tech and how you use it more than processor

Damn that evo is STILL drawing crowds!! I love reading through threads like these. Pure entertainment! You gotta love the passion these dudes/dudetts display for their mobile phones!
The delicious irony is that 99.999999% of the folk getting their feelings hurt cuz some random site proclaims another device top dog, will be rocking a different phone by this time next year. You gotta love it.

Samsung/Sprint decided NOT to heavily market the Epic for a reason.
The Epic did NOT sell out on launch day for a reason.
The epic resembles EVERY other Sprint Samsung slider for a reason.
The Epic FEELS flimsy like every other Sprint Samsung slider for a reason.
The Epic is languishing on shelves in large numbers while stores cannot keep evos stocked for a reason.

The day I returned the Epic for an evo the rep was trying to sell a customer an Epic. The customer responded, and I quote; "I don't want that cheap piece a shit!" The customer ordered an evo (not in stock) and bought a curve.

Looks like the average customer is not feeling Hummingbird and super amoled.
The Epic is unfortunately suffering from the same malady that befell the Palm Pre; Awesome OI and flimsy hardware.

The EVO is the most underwhelming android phone I've used. I still have my EVO (its being sold on ebay as we speak), but I've used it with just about every custom ROM out there and even then it doesn't come close to the epic in terms of smooth operation. I didn't keep the EPIC either because it has terrible battery life, I jumped ship after two weeks of using it to the droid x which is treating me quite nicely, it's not as smooth as the galaxy s phones but it has much better battery life and the GPS actually works on it. The EVO is a nice phone but EVO users need to calm the F down it's not perfect by any means, and before the 30fps cap was removed it was a laggy POS.

Something must have been wrong with your phone. I have had my evo for 2 months now and even without the update to 2.2 or the fps update my phone ran as smooth as anything. It never froze or lagged one bit. My phone is currently rooted with the stock 2.2 ota update and it runs awesome. I don't plan on installing a custom rom because the phone is amazing already. You guys can hate and talk bad it doesn't really matter. The point of the matter is that the phone is still selling out and over 85% of those buyers are keeping the phone. I used both and epic and evo and the difference in smoothness was hardly noticeable. For those who gave up on it, im sorry and for those who have never used and are hating, just shut up. Just because your current phone isn't to par don't hate on others. Its like saying my bmw is better than your mercedes. Cmon. a phone is a phone. Some phones suit some people and other phones suit other people. Stop the hating.

I dropped my darling, darling EVO yesterday. It was a tragic event.
It was naked without its protective rubberized clothes on, only because I wanted to see its true beauty.
Now its lays on my table with a small dent, a scare in its almost otherwise perfectly sleek body.
I cried for a bit, needed to be held a little.

Ha ha...ok seriously i love my phone, 2.2 Fresh baby!!!

With the baked snack rom i get 13 hours battery life which is enough for me, i am not in a 4g network though.

i love the f**k out of the evo. it make me want to jump ship so badly. i hope to god tmo get the htc desire hd, so i can have a bad @$$ beast like the evo for myself.