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You can't buy any of them yet, but the HTC Evo 4G, Google Nexus One and Motorola i1 are now all listed on Sprint's developer site, along with some video and specs. No great surprise there on the part of the i1 and Evo 4G, but it does firm up Sprint's position on the Nexus One after all we'd had to go on was that "Us, too!" announcement that came right after the AT&T version was let loose. [Sprint Application Developers Program] Thanks, Namelez


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Evo 4G, Moto i1 and Nexus One all teased on Sprint's developer site


man i wish this stuff was coming to tmobile as well. i have no coverage with sprint and the EVO is a badass phone. its the first phone that is worthy of my money. all other phones dont come close and always compromise somewhere :(