HTC EVO 3D updateHTC EVO 3D update

We've lauded HTC and Sprint before for the way updates are handled on the EVO 3D, and it's time to do so again. There's a little update coming over the air now. One addition is a widget, the other is ... something. (Update: Ooo! New radio.) But that the EVO 3D can continue to get minor updates without causing major trouble is a pretty big deal. Nicely done.

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EVO 3D getting another OTA update


This UPDATE DEFINATELY strengthened 4g signal and the sound of the speaker output dramatically without question. It also appears that the 3g signal has been strengthened immensely.This is definately another great update for our EVO 3D'S fron sprint and htc. Before out most recent update to 2.3.4 over 2 weeks ago I purchased my EVO 3D on June 24th 2011 and it launched with 2.3.3 I was recieving a good 16 to 23 hrs of battery life when purchased. When that update arrived to 2.3.4 recently my battery life has increased alot to 20 plus hrs without a charge which is so great I am in love with evo...Now with better sound quality as well as stronger 3g/4g signal you tube runs so much better on 3g alone I use to have to use 4g for my you tube to prevent buffering now it is stable on 3g and doesn't buffer any longer after this update. I loved the granddaddy of all 4g devices my former evo 4g which I had till this past June 24th 2011. There is no question why the EVO FAMILY BRAND RULES ANDROID and that is squarely because of updates....HTC/SPRINT RULES IN THE UPDATE ARENA...NOBODY BEATS THEM.....

It is not exaggerated in the least bit. I'm averaging a good 17-18 hours before I have to fully charge up again.

I think he means the signal is stronger. In St. Paul I can't even get 4G when I've tried, I just keep it turned off

I've had my phone off the charger for 24 hours without issue. That's with actually using it. The battery life is a major step up from my Evo 4G

I will say this, Sprint and HTC don't waste any time about pumping out updates. They do a great job. Too bad Verizon can not push out one lousy update to their so called No 1 phone, Thunderbolt. Still waiting for the Gingerbread update. Don't hold your breath.

The new widget appears to be a toggle widget allowing the user to select between "Sprint 4G" and " 4G" (which I assume means corporate 4G, but I have no idea what that is).

Good to hear about the signal strength bump.

"that the EVO 3D can continue to get minor updates with causing major trouble is a pretty big deal" - i think you mean without causing major trouble.

Agree with the sentiment though.

16 to 23 hrs of battery life isn't that exaggerated. I went a full day, didn't charge over night and the next morning I was finally in the red...

That's well over 30+ hours. Now, mind you, I wasn't doing major video watching/game playing. But I use my phone as much as I need... Meaning, I never have been cautious when using my phone because or worrying about the battery dying. I easily get 16 to 23 hours every day on a full charge overnight. Reviews or not, the phones battery is a hog.

Yeah, the phone sleeps so well that talking about idle time is kind of irrelevant, I could go 12 hours or 24 and it wouldn't make a difference, I'd still get 3-4 hours of screen-on time (usually spent web browsing).

I also want to add, Everyday from 7am til 7pm I'm using 4g. I'm in NYC so the 4g signal here is always full bar so not sure if that helps. But so far today, Had my phone off the charger since 7am with 4g on (total of 7 hours so far) and I have just a hair under full battery.


screenshots, I can get my Evo 4G to last a good 24hrs but that involves mostly not using it. I'm sure the Evo 3D is better but I'm going to have to see a screenshot to believe it.

My evo 4g I could get maybe 20-22 if I was careful, when I rooted it I could get 40 or so, with always on mobile data off, and set cpu turning the cpu down.

stock evo 3d I almost always get 20 hours or so, best i've seen was 42 (with almost no use and all wifi). I posted a screenshot below

Maybe somebody will take the time to do a screen shot for you. But believe it or not the battery on the 3D will leave you speechless. IF I left my 4G off the charger at night it was dead in the morning. I did the same thing to my 3D and still was able to use it the next day for a total of 36 hours of battery only time. No, I didn't use it nonstop that next day. I was just glad I had a functioning phone.

Now if they would only allow the update for the market to go through..(grumble, grumble). I know it is available with a link. I'm just sayin'.

When I go to download I keep getting an error message about not enough free or temporary space to use. I have 710MB of available space. How large is this update?

I get that all the time after flashing new roms. Is that the case with you? Or are you just receiving that message with stock?

that's what I thought. When I was looking at the application updates section on the screen shot. Wonder if it wants me to be on 4G or wifi?

I get phenomenal battery life normally but this last week I realized something. I went traveling and the phone didn't last the day. I realized I was out of network or had really poor reception. The phone works much harder with poor strength signal. So if you have crappy exception you may never see the battery life that some of us do.

I just realized my that my display is what's been draining most of my battery. I'm in Irvine, CA and my reception is good. I lowered the brightness of the screen so I'm hoping that makes a difference.

I'm around 90% battery and my phone has been off charger for almost 8 hours now. 4G on the entire time. I've been checking the web all day for updates because of this Hurricane ordeal (I'm directly in NYC). I've also been replying to texts, etc. I could go til tomorrow morning without charging to be honest.

I'll gladly make a thread of all my settings/sync and apps installed if interested!

Could you please send me a list of your settings? Are you using any juice defender or anything like that? I have been using juice defender plus radio manager and it definitely has helped a great deal.

Thank you

Absolutely. I'd be glad to help. I'll provide a list of my downloaded apps, all my settings, etc. I'll post it here as a reply and will send you a PM to let you know I posted. Other people might be interested in seeing...

Also No, I don't use any apps that help with improving battery life. No juice defender, etc.


I also routinely get 20-24 battery life with light to medium use. The biggest battery saver for your EVO or EVO 3D is to disable "Always-on Mobile Data". Go to settings>Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks and UNcheck "Enable always-on mobile data".

Please note that this has no adverse affect on background syncing (Gmail etc.) I have HTC Hub & two Gmail accounts set to push as well as a Yahoo mail account set to time interval and all background data runs as needed. This setting if turned off allows your phone to "sleep" data mode if it is not being used after you turn your screen off.

You will notice huge differences in "Awake Time" vs "Up Time" because your phone will sleep properly if you have the screen off. Battery life will be MUCH better.

cubfan is just angry that his baseball team sucks.

does anyone know what the Corp 4g does? I clicked it and it turned my 4G off

Just a clarification on this posting: The writer indicates its a radio update when its NOT a radio update. Its an update to the app that contols 4G. That's not a radio update, its a software update.

Just wanted to clarify. There is a big diff between a radio and an APK.


The update takes only seconds and flashes nothing and doesn't reboot. I doesn't even restart the UI. It is just an app update, NOT a phone/radio/OS update.

3G/4G signal strength, in terms of speed are noticeably quicker, although I'm wondering what that will do with battery life. I stumbled upon the Corp 4G widget about a week ago and couldn't figure out what it was, and even now don't know. When I turn on Corp, my 4G doesn't find a signal, and when i turn on Sprint 4G I get 2-3 bars, which as of the update is incredibly fast.

Beware, the "corp 4G" widget update breaks the GPS widget. I was able to uninstall the update to make the GPS widget work again.

my widget icon is on but it seems it only uses gps as needed per the actual program... using facebook through sense - when wanting to post location it turns on... when i come off it to the main home screen of the phone it turns off... try it... Could I be right?

Installerman, that's not wise, the update is a good one. The GPS widget break can be worked around with other widgets, or in your settings.

Good advice, after I saw your post I reinstalled the update, pulled the battery & rebooted. All seems to be fine now. Must have been a corrupted update.

my widget icon is on but it seems it only uses gps as needed per the actual program... using facebook through sense - when wanting to post location it turns on... when i come off it to the main home screen of the phone it turns off... try it... Could I be right?

Jeez louise people. This is NOT a new wimax radio. It can't give you a better signal. Did anyone else look into the app to see what it actually does?
Please do that, and read all these comments above and see how silly they are.

Hi gang! Been reading this so went to "system updates" on my e3d & everything shows up to date yet I don't see that widgit, not even under "more HTC widgits". So how do I update or know if I've received it? I'm in Santa Barbara, Ca so maybe I'm last? Don't have 4G yet & sometimes 3G is spotty.

About disabling "always on mobile data"; The phone's always giving me these dang warnings about screwing things (apps) up if I proceed so when I get to that point I stop. Used mp3 last about 2 weeks ago but it's STILL running. If I go in to stop it another warning that I'm likely to blow the phone up. And god forbid I should unlock the bootloader! From that warning I may cause the disappearance of civilization along the Central Coast. I do like that HTC batt widgit. Anyway to replace it with the one on the top bar?

Anyway, enjoying the banter & learning a few things too