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Everything Everywhere, which owns Orange and T-Mobile UK, is to launch its new brand at an event in London next Tuesday, Sept. 11, at an event which is also likely to bring details of EE's upcoming 4G LTE network. Today's invite mentions that the company will be showing off its "new brand and the latest innovation in network technology." That'll be EE's recently-greenlit 1800MHz 4G network, then.

It's also notable that the event takes place just 24 hours before Apple's due to unveil its iPhone 5, which is widely expected to include LTE connectivity.

We understand Orange staff have been briefed that the early stages of a 4G network switch-on will start on the 11th, though details of what exactly that entails, and which cities would be covered are unknown. Regardless, neither Orange nor Tmo currently sells 4G-capable handsets, so that's largely a moot point. For those unfamiliar with the UK mobile landscape, the country still lacks any 4G networks, so if Orange and Tmo did flip the switch next Tuesday, it'd be an historic development.

We'll be live in London on the 11th to bring you all EE's plans as they're announced.


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Everything Everywhere to launch new network next Tuesday


I keep hearing "Everything Everywhere" and thinking okay that's the tagline, what's the name of the company?

Seriously that aught to make one heck of an alpha tag when displayed on phones!

This stinks they have just setup their 4g network so the iPhone 5 can jump on it from day one, especially considering no Android phones with 4g have even been released in the UK.

More Apple butt licking.

While you might be right, as a Brit, it doesn't bother me at all right now. The more important fact is that we're FINALLY starting to see LTE. iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, it really doesn't matter at this stage. Getting LTE does.

It matters to me as I've just signed up to an 18 month contract on an S3 which doesn't support 4g. Now we're going to have loads of isheep lording it up that they have 4g.

i loved that name! i remember being on a trip to the uk and that was the name of t-mobile over there at the time,while here it was voicestream.we always get the lame names and service