Call of Lloyd

Whether your tastes run from the eclectic, cutesy, or insane (guilty!), Android Central Forums member Cyber Warrior has you covered when looking for a wallpaper for your Android phone.  This gentlemen seems to have been born pre-programmed to run Photoshop, and his skills top the chart.  We all know that everyone loves Lloyd, and with a little help from Cyber Warrior you can show your support with style.  Tres cool.

No need to take my word for it, check it out in the Android Central forums.  Don't forget to spread some love and give the man some thanks.  Speaking of which, thanks to @JayPhill89 for the heads up!


Reader comments

Everybody loves Lloyd


Not that I enjoy being contrary, but I do not love Lloyd. He looks like that fat, geeky, douche wannabe kid whom everybody wants to beat the crap out of in school. He's like a poodle with attitude. Want. To. Kick. It. Sorry, A.C., you mascot sucks, but your site rocks!

Its funny how he actually looks like the president of the company I work for whos also named Lloyd, hahahaha