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OT: Why are the AC crew yet to post anything about 4.4.2 hitting the Samsung Note 3 international version?

Every other site is carrying this info.

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NoNexus says:

They are on a Samsung blackout. I have been tipping one or two things about the Samsung Kit Kat rollout, but alas it has been ignored.

US Note 3s have been getting builds of KK done and testing (through Sprint at least) for over a month.

Jay Holm says:

The S4 isn't far off also, right? I saw on Sammobile. . .

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Yeah S4 should get it in about 2 weeks time

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NoNexus says:

Yeah according to the leaked documents that AC is not posting about, the N3 and the S4 are on the same time frame. The S3 and Note 2 are a month or so later...

HalizDad says:

Samsung is not the only manufacturer on the planet... If you like Korean cock, move to Seoul

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I'm thinking there is some irony in this question being asked in this particular post.

This CES coverage was pretty intense and most of those other sites were not there. I'm willing to give the AC team a bit of a breather after the last week to recoup and see their families.

NoNexus says:


I am not wasting PTO for that, I will just sit here and do it AT work....

Jacques says:

LOL, me too. :D