Now that Android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich is spreading we've seen a lot of apps get UI updates to conform a little better to Google's design philosophy and now, we can add Evernote into that group. The latest update available in the Google Play Store brings a whole new design to Evernote along with plenty of changes for the better:

  • A redesigned Home Screen, with improved note and notebook lists across the app
  • Responsive Action and Navigation Bars, which relate to the screen you're viewing and disappear for easy reading or note viewing
  • Swipe navigation horizontally to scan through Notebooks, Tags and Places easily
  • Location tagging for all your notes, if your phone is "Location Services" enabled

Aside from the visual changes, Evernote has worked plenty on the engine below the surface that powers the app. You'll find plenty of bug fixes and improvements overall. If you're looking to see it in action before giving it a go, you'll find a video below along with the download link.

Source: Evernote


Reader comments

Evernote updated to v4.0 - Brings redesigned Home Screen, with improved note and notebook lists


I saw the update notification yesterday but it didn't let me update it, it showed up as a manual update but the only options I had was to "Open" the app or "Uninstall" it.. I tried uninstalling it and then installing it again assuming it would install the latest version but it didn't work.. I guess there was something wrong because I was able to update it today with no problems.

This happens all the time to me, then a few hours (or days) later the update works. Somehow the notification shows up before actually being able to update. Very strange.

i love the update, but its annoying that it vibrates when i switch between screens and i can't seem to find where to turn that off. boourns.

I watched the video. What's with the green bar at the top? Is that part of the app or is that from the phone. Not liking that green at all.