With a massive screen such as the one on the Samsung Galaxy Note, chances are it's going to be used to play some pretty sweet games. On-screen game controls still take something away from the gaming experience though, and while there are ways to use controllers, it's never the most elegant way of gaming.

One thing we can never accuse the Android community of, is a lack of creativity. What we see here is a bit of a homebrewed effort at creating a portable games console using a Galaxy Note, a PS3 controller, and some bits and pieces. The results are pretty impressive, and just goes to show what a bit of desire and creativity can do. 

Source: Clove


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Ever thought of mounting your Samsung Galaxy Note to a PS3 controller?


well since he is holding the controller, that makes it the base. So he is right, it is mounting the device to the controller.

Search the play store for sixaxis.

I've even gone one step further...
Ps3 controller
Mhl adaptor
Hdmi cable
xx" big screen TV

That equals your own extremely portable traveling gaming system.

I think he means that everything else is portable. As long as he can find a TV with an HDMI input, he's golden.

Sorry. I should have mentioned that most hotels I stay at for work have flat screen TVs in them.

Also use my tab 10.1 for gaming on the plane.

I do this with my Droid X all the time, but since it's not the most powerful of devices nowadays, I hope I can get a galaxy nexus dock soon.

Now since I am buying a Vizio CoStar, I plan on getting the OnLive controller anyways. People have said that the OnLive controller pairs even better.

Any input into this by anyone? I would love to pair it to my New N7 when it comes.