HTC One M8 update

The European HTC One M8 has started to receive its first major post-release software update — the second in total, following the launch-day update that added Extreme Power Saving mode. M8 handsets in parts of Europe are getting a 66MB update to firmware version 1.54.401.10, adding a variety of stability fixes. Here's the official changelog —

  • System improvements
    • Radio stability improvement
  • Application improvements
    • Camera stability
    • Video highlight stability
    • FM Radio stability
    • Weather app barometer update

We haven't spotted any noticeable changes besides these fixes — as with any stability update, it seems most of the changes are behind the scenes. If you've updated your Euro HTC One M8 already, hit the comments and let us know if you're seeing any differences.


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European HTC One M8 receives stability update


I still don't quite understand why that wasn't already in the phone. The only variant that had this was the Sprint M8. Kinda confused...

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

It would be nice if they fixed the Media Link HD compatibility.. the M8 doesn't format properly and displays a black border around the whole picture, does a crappy job scaling output to the Media Link and, if you reinitialized the media link, it can't get the wifi connection info from the M8 like it does with the M7.. so it can never reconnect to the home access point. FAIL

They are using bezel as a trademark. If it is good enough for your phone, it is good enough for wherever you project your phone too...

I am joking before anyone gets their panties in a bunch...

Like said in another post....
I got mine fully updated with the extreme power saver and this out of the box.

moved from nexus 5 to HTCm8

I've had an update when I first turned it on (170mb) and nothing more but I am with the version. Can someone explain how is that possible?!

Its getting hot dont know whats wrong i thought from the apps because i was playing with more than 1 in the same time but after closing them i charge it abd the same issue happen

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Got the update here on my Three UK M8. It has taken me from 1.54.771.5 to 1.54.771.9

Can't see any changes other than that the app drawer animation seems to have changed somehow... don't know if that's just placebo though. Also the softkey highlights seem to fade differently.