Narrowly-focused book to draw on experience at Google and other tech companies

Former CEO and current Executive Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt is planning to release a new book next Fall that will draw on his experience at the company. The book, titled No Adult Supervision Required: How To Build Successful 21st Century Companies, will be co-authored by Senior VP at Google Jonathan Rosenberg and will share accounts of his time at Google.

"Getting products right requires attracting and managing a new breed of technically-savvy workforce, and this book offers a practical and accessible guide for how to do that."

Said Schmidt of the upcoming title, which will be narrower in focus than his previous one, and will be targeted at those who are looking to draw from his wisdom on running one of the largest technology companies in the world. The title for the book is a clear callback to his statements when stepping down as CEO of Google in 2011, where he said the company no longer needed "day-to-day adult supervision."

Source: Hachett Book Group (Doc)The Verge


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Eric Schmidt's upcoming book will show how to make '21st century companies'


Wow!!! Who knew this blowhard dork could get that much A$$?!?! I guess money really does make any man desirable, even if he looks like a melting hippo.

let's be honest here - Schmidtty is a smart guy but he got lucky when he fell ass-backwards into that cushy job at Google. if it wasn't for Page and Brin, Schmidtty would still be getting his ass kicked on a daily basis grinding out his alimony and rent payments working at Novell in relative obscurity at slightly above the poverty line.

Oh thats easy....disguise yourself as a friend to other companies and snake your way onto their boards and then listen carefully and steal their secrets and then start copying them in a few years after you learned most of their secrets to compete with them.