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Bendy, curvy phone on display at ten EE stores from Friday, Dec. 20

UK operator EE will be getting the LG G Flex early next year, but it's giving Brits the chance to preview the phone in-store in the run up to the holidays. From this Friday, Dec. 20, ten EE stores will have the G Flex on display, including locations in London, Kent, Nottingham, Manchester, Brighton, Cambridge, Merry Hill and Sheffield.

But if you want to actually buy the LG G Flex on EE you'll need to do a little more waiting, as the carrier says it won't be available until February 2014. Unsurprisingly, the company isn't saying anything about pricing at this early stage either.

The G Flex sports a curved 6-inch display with 720p resolution, and its frame is designed to flex and withstand up to 88 pounds of force. The device also packs rear-mounted buttons like the LG G2, and a back panel designed to "self-heal" from minor scratches.

We've got more in our LG G Flex preview, where we take a look at the Korean version of the phone. Check past the break for the full rundown of EE stores previewing the G Flex this Friday.

Press Release


LG G Flex handset to go on display in select EE stores from 20th December, ahead of official launch in February 2014

17th December, 2013 – EE and LG Mobile have announced that British consumers will soon be able to try out one of the most hotly-anticipated smartphones of 2013, when the LG G Flex goes on display exclusively in select EE stores from 20th December. The in-store showcase will allow UK consumers to experience the revolutionary handset prior to its European launch early next year.

The LG G Flex uses ground-breaking technology to deliver an innovative curved design. The handset is also the first to feature LG’s self-healing technology. The elastic coating back absorbs minor scratches and nicks and can recover its original appearance in under a minute, helping it to cope with daily wear-and-tear and keep the phone looking newer for longer.

EE is offering technology fans the opportunity to get hands-on with the innovative handset over the Christmas period in 10 stores across the UK. Consumers will be able to experience the smooth curvature of the device, as well as the innovative user experience (UX) features that make the LG G Flex one of the most ground-breaking devices of 2013. The smartphone will be displayed from the 20th December in the following EE stores:

· London – Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford E20 1EH
· London – Westfield Shopping Centre, White City W12 7GG
· London – 155/157 Oxford Street, W1D 2JH
· Kent - Bluewater Shopping Centre, DA9 9ST
· Nottingham - 16 Clumber Street, NG1 3GA
· Manchester – The Trafford Centre, M17 8AP
· Brighton – 209-210 Western Road, BN1 2BA
· Cambridge – 40-41 Lions Yard, CB2 3NA
· Merry Hill – The Merryhill Centre, DY5 1QX
· Sheffield – Meadowhall Centre, S9 1EN

Sharon Meadows, Director of Devices, EE: “LG is renowned for its technical innovation so we’re pleased to be working with them to bring the G Flex to UK consumers. The G Flex is perfectly optimised to take advantage of our unique double-speed 4G network and will provide users with an immersive viewing experience so they can make the most out of watching video on the go.”

“There’s been so much excitement about the LG G Flex since we announced it in October, so we’re thrilled to be working with 4G pioneers EE, to bring it to UK consumers,” said Andy Coughlin, UK head of Mobile for LG. “This really is an innovative handset, which shows how LG is once again leading the way in mobile phone design and technology. Looking ahead, the LG G Flex also points the way for some of the most exciting developments in technology over the next few years, as phones become increasingly adapted to their users.”

The LG G Flex is curved vertically mirroring the curves of the human face and reducing the distance between a user’s mouth and the microphone. The curvature also offers a more reassuring grip and fits more comfortably in a pocket. In landscape mode, the display offers an immersive experience utilising the most comfortable viewing angle for watching videos or playing games.

In order to make the most of the curvature of the phone, LG has designed a number of original UX features. QTheater provides quick access to media right from the lock screen. Swing Lockscreen alters the image displayed when the phone is locked according to how the LG G Flex is held.

The LG G Flex will be available from EE in February 2014. Full pricing will be announced closer to launch.


Reader comments

EE to preview LG G Flex in-store ahead of February launch


"The curvature also offers a more reassuring grip and fits more comfortably in a pocket."

Not sure I believe this unless you place the phone in your pocket horizontally and I am not sure how many pockets can accommodate a phone that large horizontally.

Yeah. I can see the Samsung Galaxy Round fitting a little better in your pocket, since it curves along the phone's vertical axis. But the way this phone curves would make it a little more awkward in the pocket, I think.

Spin the bottle is now.... spin the phone.....Teenagers rejoice!

I hope they start using this glass in the straight phones as well. Should help with shattered screens one would think.

Yes, that is exactly what it should be used for, to make standard phones more durable. Not these gimmick phones that serve no purpose other than to showcase the technology. It's ridiculous that consumers don't demand better out of $600+ flagship phones. This thing will bomb, as it should.

Get ready for that gimmick to be a standard in a few years

Dammit man, I am a commenter not a clairvoyant!

I recently watched a drop test and like most it didn't fair well. The expectation would be that the G-Flex would trump most phones on the market today but that doesn't appear to be the case.

Will this tech advance yes it will and in many various forms factors and that I am more than interested in.

The G-Flex and the Round are just basic examples and they don't offer anything above what you can get today other than the curve so in that aspect it won't be a success story yet.

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