Customers' data counters reset for holiday weekend

Good news for EE customers in the UK this weekend -- the operator has announced that by way of apology for network issues earlier this week, all customers will have their data counters reset to zero. That means however much of your monthly data allowance you'd used, it'll reset to zero this weekend, allowing you to use an extra portion of data before your monthly billing date.

We've confirmed that our own account's meter was reset to zero as of this morning, and it looks like the changes apply to data-only contracts as well as regular phone customers. In fact, the reset seems to apply to all EE customers, regardless of whether you were affected by the recent outage.

Source: EE


Reader comments

EE makes up for network outage with free data


Would be nice if they let their customers know about this...but I guess they wouldn't want us to actually make use of this 'gesture' of theirs, just a publicity stunt.

You're kidding right?! I mean what more do they need to do to make it better for you? I have never heard of a major carrier resetting all it's customers data counter to 0. That's crazy! I would love all companies to step up like EE did. It's a beautiful thing. Stop complaining like a little female dog and take advantage of the "publicity stunt"!

There's always that one person that will never be satisfied, no matter what they are given. Some people take great pleasure in complaining over frivolous things.

Their network is so shit that it doesn't matter even if they reset the data counters dsince half the time the speed is so slow that u can't even use all the data.

Network Technician: "Damnit! The network just crashed, and we lost all of the information regarding monthly data usage!
CEO: "That's it. You're fir-"
Guy from Marketing: "Hey, wait a second..."