Moto G

After what's felt like forever, I've finally gotten my hands on the Moto G. Four of them, actually (look for a pre-Christmas giveaway this week), and one thing is immediately clear:

Motorola gets it.

That's not to say there aren't any number of great Android smartphones out there. I'd still recommend the HTC One any day of the week. Or the LG G2. Or the Samsung Galaxy S4. Or the Moto X, of course. There are plenty of other great choices, too, particularly if you don't mind either paying outright or locking into another contract with a carrier.

But for $199 — off contract, out the door — you simply can't do better right now.

I've been using the Moto X mostly as my No. 1 phone for the past few months. (I've been switching off with the Nexus 5, of course.) Pick up the Moto G for the first time, and you're in familiar territory. The display's just a tad smaller, and it's definitely got a bluer tint to it, but it's still completely useable. The overall design and feel are mostly the same — the Moto G's a tad thicker by just a millimeter or so, but enough that I noticed — but it still feels great. It's a matte plastic versus soft-touch, but it's a good, solid feel. The lack of LTE data on the Moto G may be a non-starter for many, and that's fine. But for many others, the trade-off might not be so great. 

I certainly notice the lack of Active Display, the feature that gives you previews of notifications without having to unlock your phone. But if you've never had Active Display before, you'll obviously not be missing anything. Same for Touchless Control — in which you can talk to the phone at any time to control it — or the little wrist twist to activate the camera. I love all those features on the Moto X. But, again, trade-offs for an inexpensive, off-contract device.

Perhaps that's a lot of trade-offs. I get that. But this is a $200 phone with no real commitments, outside of the initial expenditure.

Know somebody who needs a new phone but doesn't necessarily need the latest and greatest — and let's be honest here, doesn't live or die this stuff like those of us reading (and writing) this column? It's a no-brainer. Buy 'em a Moto G.

And now, a few more thoughts:

  • A good read Friday from GigaOm's Janko Roettgers on the future of Chromecast in 2014. Nothing ever moves as fast as we'd like. But consider the products in this same space that Google (at least appeared to have) rushed into. Google TV. Nexus Q. I, for one, am glad to see Google taking its time here. The living room is too important a space to blow again.
  • And a good read from PCMag's Sascha Segan on why Sprint buying T-Mobile would be a bad thing. I'm inclined to agree. But, again, let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet.
  • There's been a bit of a stink over the very-much hidden and never-meant-for-release App Ops "feature" being removed altogether in Android 4.4.2. I'm one of those crazy people who tends not to get the least bit upset over losing something I was never supposed to see in the first place. I wrote a little more on that on Google+, and a good discussion continued in the comments.
  • I'll be working on my Qualcomm Toq writeup this week. It's in interesting device, for sure. But perhaps a bit undercooked.
  • If you missed it, we published the official CrackBerry app into Google Play last week. Basically it's the same app as AC, only for CrackBerry. The plan is to get all of our sites ported over as well. Only so many hours in the day, and so many developers — and there's still plenty of stuff that needs to be done to the Android Central app. (Which we're very much working on.)

I'm moving back into a real office this week — it's been four years since I last had to drive anywhere daily for work. This should be fun. See y'all this week!


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From the Editor's Desk: Shut up and buy this phone


What a stupid comment. Since when is premium at this price?? But you say this & it simply doesn't even reflect in the price. I have one as a spare phone and trust me the Moto g is more solidly built than many Samsung devices. The screen is gorgeous and is great in sunlight too,the performance is smooth and slick & also battery life is fantastic!!!!! For this price the spec is excellent & if your not bothered about loads of games videos and music on the phone just your regular apps and photos you cannot go far wrong at all. The camera IS usable not premium but it was never going to be. In daylight I have managed some decent photos just the left corner is blurry that's all & HD video isn't too shabby either. Signal call quality is great and I have no idea why everyone keeps saying the screen has a blue tint. I don't see it at all as whites are bright whites and colours nice and natural. the only early bugs I have found are the app launcher keeps crashing sometimes and the data connection often doesn't return when rebooted

The original Nexus 7 wasn't "at that price," though. It launched at $299 and $349. Yes, as it was being cleared out the 8GB dropped to the price of the 16GB G, but that's clearance. This is a budget phone at a budget price. But one that really maxes out what you should expect for a new phone at that price.

My wife neither needs nor wants premium. She wants/needs a decent phone with good battery life that she can get her emails and texts on. This screams Moto G.

My LG G2 walks all over that little Moto X. Yes, that is a good price though. A really good price if you're on a network that sells it, and you have good service. I had to leave the number 3 company for the number 4, because the number 4 blasts my area with 42Mbps of LTE, while the number 3 drizzles .42Kbps of 3G.

However, I don't own any stock in Moto, so I wouldn't push the phone as hard as...some people do.

I don't own any stock in Motorola either — and the LG G2 is one hell of a phone. I like it a lot. But that's not really the point.

If I could get it for $200 off-contract, I'd be saying even more about it. :p

$0.01 on cyber Monday is the equivalent of paying $350-400 for it

Posted via Android Central App

No, it's not. Stop lying to yourself. You don't have to like this device, but don't spread misconceptions. It's a great $200 phone. It's not a flagship and it never was meant to be.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

What's the fixation with 42mbps? This isn't DC-HSPA+.

Also a bit perplexed what your LG G2 has to do with the Moto G or with this article.

Don't you get it? Some people think the only phones worth mentioning in a positive light and recommending are the phones with MOAR CORES!!!

People should be comparing this phone to phones in the same price category instead of comparing it to high end phones. This phone is a perfect option for anyone who wants a nice phone, doesn't want to renew their contact, and doesn't have over $300 to spend on a phone. This phone exceeds my expectations for a $200 16GB off contact/prepaid phone.

Posted via Android Central App

Agreed. We all know this isn't a flagship phone, it's not supposed to be. But for people to try and compare it to one, well that is just plain out being senseless.. In this price range most phones are either 2yr old phones (galaxy s2) or very low speced. I really like this phone and think moto is doing the right thing with their phones now.

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Oh wow...Phil is actively censoring the comments and removing the firstie posts...That's like banning cats from reddit...

You're getting an automatic filter? That sounds great, and hopefully will stop the stupid 'first' comments.

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Whatever ur using to filter comments gives me problems at work sometimes.. Not always, but every once in a while. My work likes to block things (please don't ever use Disqus!).

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, Disqus is a nightmare. The anti-spam module we'd been using (that's what it's called, actually) certainly wasn't perfect. But we'll have something better once we've had our CMS updated. (We're the last of the MONA sites to do that, actually.)

Yeah the filter sucks and I noticed features on some of the other site we lack...

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Like the verge with there amazing comment system. Its really good. IMO. Although the same can not be said for the verge itself.

I still think "This" and "Agreed" are fine, but if some random guy starts saying that they can't be used, I listen, lol.
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There just extremely biased.
Some of the content is good, I always watch the verge mobile show because I like Vlad, and they always end up getting into and argument about vegetables.

I love the AC apps signatures, they are awesome.
Posted from my Nexus 7 (2013)
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

They like the iPhone or the Moto X too much. lol.

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Just send Jerry out to manually castrate anyone who posts a "First" message.

That'll be doubly useful as it will discourage the little idiot from ever doing it again, as well as making sure he doesn't breed, thus helping to avoid the Idiocracy.

Worthless POS phone!
1)Battery of only 2070 mAh
2)8 & 16 gb internal storage only?
3)Lame camera
4)Heavy and thick
The only thing it has going for it is the price.
I'll be sticking with my Note 3 which is infinitely better in pretty much every way.

And need 3-4 different contracts to use them at the same time... You're sooo smart

Posted via Android Central App

I have the note 3 as well but that phone is $750.00 off contract. Would you compare a Ford focus to a Mercedes S class?

Posted via Android Central App

I'd rather have a Focus than a Mercedes...The air filter alone for my last Mercedes was over $100.00.

You're a bit of a dick aren't ya? Oh well, you know the saying, "You are what you eat!"

Posted via Android Central App

The obvious was he was bragging.

I still think "This" and "Agreed" are fine, but if NoNexus says they aren't, they are officially outlawed. Posted from My Nexus 7(2013).

Except I wasn't bragging... I would rather have a focus than another Mercedes due to routine maintenance costs. When it comes to a phone though, I'd take a Mercedes over a focus since there aren't any maintenance costs associated... Make sense?

Posted via Android Central App

It was just the way you brought it up.

I love the AC apps signatures, they are awesome.
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

but when you buy a Mercedes or a focus, you are buying what is best, in your price range, that you can afford.

The take away should be don't live above you means.

I am sure that those with a focus would love a mercedes, but cannot afford the 200$ oil change so it is pointless.

Where the analogy really fails is there is no real maintenance on a cell phone...

/I miss my SUV, but cannot find another that I want
//I has a sad

I don't know who Hali/Haley/Halie is, but I really feel sorry for her to have a father like you. :-\

C'mon, who are you to say something like that?
Honestly, you can't/shouldn't base someone's parenting skills on Internet posts.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

I would still have a hard time recommending a Moto G over a nexus 5. Even with the price difference, I just don't think it's worth it. The only way I would recommend it, is for someone currently using a feature phone and only cares about doing some email and light browsing.

Courtesy of my Nexus 5

It's an upgrade for anyone with a feature phone or one of the previous low end smart phones (Galaxy Exhibit, Prism, etc.). It's great that we have so many options for unlocked phones. Last year, only the Nexus 4 was a truly good value. Now we have the Moto G, Nexus 5, and the Moto X when there's a sale ;)

That $150 might be a deal breaker for some though.

And like I said earlier, the Nexus 5 would be totally wasted on my wife. She has a Galaxy 2 (Sprint model) and I'm trying to talk her into a new phone for better battery life. This might be the one. (I'm tired of her not having a working phone at the end of the day when all it does is sit in her purse collecting 50%+ Android System usage)

Just a comment about the possible merger (Sprint/T-Mobile). NO NO NO NO NO! I'm up in Canada. More compettiton drives prices down, not up. We like lower prices, we also like choices. Merger means you Americans will have less choice, and higher prices if the setup here in Canada is any indication.

Now, mind you the government here handles things differently then down there, so it's not a complete apples to apples comparison. The economy (and different markets) also change once you're north of the border.

Example? Population density. America has far more people living per square mile then here in Canada. Yes, most of our population is in the sourthern portions of our country, but still... there's LOTS of land with very few people living in it (especially in rural areas) that still need cell service. Fewer subs/square mile means higher prices to service and maintain towers. And that's just one factor.

Anyway, enough rambling.

Phil, merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope the transition between working at home to working at the office goes well for you!

Normally you would be right. In this case not quite (your not really wrong).

The problem here is the contract. With ATT and Verizon they set the market. They tell you that you are paying xx.xx and you have no choice if you want good coverage everywhere. There is no seriously viable 2nd option.

Sure Tmo and sprint can change little things and have that go up the ladder (jump plan) but both sprint and tmo have been cheaper than the big two for a long time and prices are still going up. They even both have unlimited data and it doesn't phase ATT or Verizon.

We need an alternative to them. Combining Tmo and sprint could cause that change. Between the two, the coverage would be good to great wherever you go. Instead of both being spotty.

This could seriously shake things up

As per request, comments containing "THIS" and "AGREED" are hereby outlawed. Use "Spot on old chap" or something similar. Also by request, I have increased the size of my signature and added a few more dashes. No one should suggest how another person posts. Unless it is that "FIRST" crap. That absolutely adds nothing.

But less completion does not = more innovation and that's what your saying. SoftBank has unlimited (almost) resources meaning it has no incentive to innovate as long as sprint doesn't lose to much cash.

Just look at Rogers Bell and Telus. They own 90% of the Canadian wireless market, and no competition can ever get past them, as noted in Sasca Segan's PC Mag article its gotten so bad the government had to interject.

I still think "This" and "Agreed" are fine, but if NoNexus says they aren't, they are officially outlawed. Posted from My Nexus 7(2013).

I mostly agree, but VZW and ATT are the Bell and Telus down here. We have a chance to shake things up with SprinT Mobile and really get some competition going

PS: I didnt make the "This" and "Agreed" rule, someone else got on Merc in the merger thread, we are jsut making fun of him...

Let's just hope that a Sprint and T-Mobile merger makes both companies twice as innovative and competitive as they are now.

And, let's hope that they decide to keep unlimited data, lol.

P. S. I actually like using "Spot on, old chap!" It's different. I'll use it, until I get yelled at for the umpteenth time, lol.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5


Yeah I hope that they do not get all happy with themselves and become Verizon part three... They need to keep everything they have now and continue trying to be different

As per request, comments containing "THIS" and "AGREED" are hereby outlawed. Use "Spot on old chap" or something similar. Also by request, I have increased the size of my signature and added a few more dashes. No one should suggest how another person posts. Unless it is that "FIRST" crap. That absolutely adds nothing.

The Innovation can't continue because the technical teams will be working on ways to get around the CDMA And GSM differences, therefore will not be able to do anything else, till they get that sorted. Also TMobile, is thriving, despite what some might think. Sprint knows that one day, Tmo is going to surpass them in customers, so with there new found cash they are buying out their closest competitor so they can worry about AT&T and Verizon.

P.S: Spot on old chap isn't bad but its just long, I think spot on might be better how about you?

I still think "This" and "Agreed" are fine, but if NoNexus says they aren't, they are officially outlawed. Posted from My Nexus 7(2013).

BTW I changed my signature.

I still think "This" and "Agreed" are fine, but if some random guy starts saying that they can't be used, I listen, lol.
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Or Happy Holidays!
God, my signature is freaking long!

I still think "This" and "Agreed" are fine, but if some random guy starts saying that they can't be used, I listen, lol.
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I like "spot on." It's settled. =)

And, yeah, T-Mobile has been doing great, as of late. I wish there were an effective way to combine both networks.

I think, Sprint's best bet (assuming this goes through), is to move forward with LTE, as CDMA and UMTS will both be phased out "soon."

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Spot on.

I still think "This" and "Agreed" are fine, but if some random guy starts saying that they can't be used, I listen, lol.
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Spot on.

Heck leave them as two separate companies if you want for the next 5 years like Google has to do with Motorola.

Make things similar enough that you are not going against each other for customers (that is just a money drain)

When your network is aLTE then you roll out Sprint Mobile

As per request, comments containing "THIS" and "AGREED" are hereby outlawed. Use "Spot on old chap" or something similar. Also by request, I have increased the size of my signature and added a few more dashes. No one should suggest how another person posts. Unless it is that "FIRST" crap. That absolutely adds nothing.

The gsm/Cdma thing is good on many levels.

Maybe it will speed up advanced lte. But if not, I come back to world phones. We already have the tech, so nothing to develop.

I want them to keep shaking things up with the plans and service.

No Tmo is not expanding the network but building on what they have. There are only so many customers you are gonna get if you don't expand you base out.

Ps as my sis says, who am I to tell you what to use, spot on works =-)

As per request, comments containing "THIS" and "AGREED" are hereby outlawed. Use "Spot on old chap" or something similar. Also by request, I have increased the size of my signature and added a few more dashes. No one should suggest how another person posts. Unless it is that "FIRST" crap. That absolutely adds nothing.

You seriously need to stop with world phones. The reason they work is because they are not constantly changing bands, but only rarely changing. Imagine going from one street to the next and waiting the maybe 20 seconds for your phone to connect to the other network.
But if they could get that sorted then, yes its feasible, in fact it is now. But the thing is Softbank has no incentive to change anything about the wireless industry, where as T-Mobile needs the money, and customers that coke with doing something new and innovative well.

I still think "This" and "Agreed" are fine, but if some random guy starts saying that they can't be used, I listen, lol.
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No you base it on signal strength.

For example. Here where I live Tmo sucks. In NY, sprint sucked.

My phone, based on region strength, would pick up the best bands in the area.

Think of the money savings on both ends. Sprint doesn't have to build NY, tmo doesn't have to build Harrisburg, Philly baltimore

As per request, comments containing "THIS" and "AGREED" are hereby outlawed. Use "Spot on old chap" or something similar. Also by request, I have increased the size of my signature and added a few more dashes. No one should suggest how another person posts. Unless it is that "FIRST" crap. That absolutely adds nothing.

I get what you're saying. It would be awesome, if CDMA and UMTS were interoperable, so Sprint wouldn't have to build into its low coverage areas, if T-Mobile already had a presence there, and vice-versa.

I just wish they would both complete their LTE rollouts ASAP.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

I think Sprints will be way ahead WHEN aLTE rolls around. I *think* it will be almost a matter of flipping a switch to turn it on since I am sure they are buying equipment that can handle it.

As per request, comments containing "THIS" and "AGREED" are hereby outlawed. Use "Spot on old chap" or something similar. Also by request, I have increased the size of my signature and added a few more dashes. No one should suggest how another person posts. Unless it is that "FIRST" crap. That absolutely adds nothing.

I could spend all day talking about how $600 phones are better than the Moto G.

I could also talk about how a Porsche is faster than a Ford Focus. In the end, which one is really the better value, though?

However, if you already have a Nexus 4 then you still have a better phone than the Moto G, AND you didn't pay $600 for it. Too bad you can no longer get that deal. That's the breaks with a market that's focused on NEW NEW NEW at all costs.

Except that the G is supposed to get pretty decent battery life, and the Nexus 4 is infamous for not doing so.

And Battery is pretty damn important.

So many people are missing the point Phil. It's like everyone has gone full-retard in this thread and simple comprehension skills are out the window.

Posted via Android Central App

I don't think people really get the Moto G. OF COURSE, it's not in the same league as the hero phones. But if I were a parent looking for a phone for a teenager who doesn't really appreciate the cost of a smartphone and/or know how to take care of one and for whom I would be paying the monthly bill, it's a great choice. It's also a great choice for someone like my 70-year-old dad who would like one for light browsing and email, doesn't need LTE access, and can use it without needing to spend a lot on a monthly contract.

But of course, some people *cough*Note3andG2users*cough* cannot step out of their spec whore mode of thinking to consider others.

People seem to being missing the fact the next big push in smart phones will be the pre-paid market.

I'm betting the Moto G will be huge there. Straight talk doesn't even have LTE.

Hero phones aren't the only phones out there. We should all just agree that Motorola made a hella good low tier phone and calm down.

>"Straight talk doesn't even have LTE."

Absolutely incorrect. Straight Talk AT&T offers LTE service as of a few months ago if you have a newer SIM. When I got my Nexus 5, I had to buy a new SIM for $7 from ST and now I'm rocking the funky LTE beats. Unlimited talk and text plus 2.5GB of LTE data (before the throttle) for $49 incl. tax is unbeatable other than the $30 T-Mo plan for those who don't need to talk to talk to anyone and it gives you AT&T's network coverage.

Completely agree this is great for kids. BTW Phil, make sure you get some new tires for your car so you can make the drive to your new office in the snow. Oh wait, Florida... Nevermind

Posted via Android Central App

I think ultravisitor knocked it out of the ball park here people. I have the Nexus 4 and picked up the Moto G (Telus & unlocked it myself). Adding both phones are good value and other than the screen size would say the Moto G can replace the Nexus 4 (aka Nexus 4 mini). Both are good for those moving up from basic phones for a bigger screen, internet surfing AND don't need all the bells and gimmicks.

Unfortunately, I think most people don't get what Moto is doing at all(with both the G and the X)
Moto is changing the game right in front of us and people don't even realize what they're seeing.

I do not think it is spec whoring as much as it is a serious lack of putting things in context.

I love my Note 3 and yeah it beats the hell out of the G on specs, but it is also a different phone for different uses.

If I was 21 and in college, I more than likely wouldnt buy it again. I would go with the X, G or Nexus 5. More than likely the G knowing how much money I had in

It is a great phone for the price.

But yeah I will say we have a ton of spec whores.

Right. I remember how much money I didn't have in college. If I were in college now and similarly cash strapped, a Moto G would fit the bill quite well.

I can tell that a lot of the spec snobs who are waving their e-peens around are of higher incomes than the people who'd be best served by something like the Moto G. They simply can't fathom why an inexpensive lower-speced phone would be desirable.

I have a friend who chose a year-old iPhone 4s over the then-new iP5 simply because it was one hundred dollars versus two hundred dollars on contract. My girlfriend didn't get a smartphone (if you can call it that) until she got an Optimus V (ugh, I know) a couple of years ago because the Virgin Mobile service is only 35 bucks/mo. When she lost her phone and needed a replacement, she was adamant about spending as little as possible and even two hundred dollars was waaaaaaaaaay too much for her. You want to know what's available in the under-one hundred dollar space? Damn little. I was able to find some Kyocera thing for forty dollars that at least came with ICS, but usually those are GB.

With our ruined economy and money ever tighter these days, I don't get the sneering from the spec snobs about budget options. A Moto G would crush my g/f's Kyocera, but then again she doesn't really care. She has about five apps on it beyond stock, mostly using it for Facebook messaging and texting. Unless it was fifty bucks, she would never look at a Moto G. Power users like us who are like, "Android 4.4.2 for Nexus 5 is available? Time to get my ADB on, yo!" aren't the market for a Moto G and that's perfectly alright.

BTW, I find the people bashing the Moto G for lack of LTE support amusing. Until 6 weeks ago, the current Nexus phone, the Nexus 4, didn't have it and people accepted it. Suddenly the lack of LTE is a show stopper? It's like how iTards dismiss the iPhone's lack of LTE as a good thing because it took too much power, but the moment the iPhone 5 got it, suddenly it was a mandatory bullet point and the Nexus 4 was called fatally flawed for its omission.

This guy gets it, too.

Yeah, that's why, in most of my posts, I exclude the dollar sign. I learned my lesson, awhile back!

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

I hear ya. It sucks that the Moto X wasn't worldwide. I wish it was.

But you can't say they ignore everyone outside the U.S. The Moto G was announced in Brazil. Went on sale there and Europe first. Then Latin America, Canada and some of Asia. All before the U.S.

when you lose a billion, you gotta cut some corners until you get your crap right.

I also think that it was another byproduct of the Google buy. THey will go back to worldwide sometime soon, Moto X2?

Wholly buts!

But this is another great write up Phil:)

If the moto g had active notifications/display, I'd consider buying it. That's one of the main features I really want to test out. And I can't quite swallow the moto x price:/

Posted via Android Central App

Loving the hate that Motorola is getting for all the love it's getting from the tech world.


Posted via Android Central App

Everyone loves to hate the company that puts out the best phone of the year. It's been Samsung for a while and now it's switching to Moto. It's like if people don't own the phone that the tech world seems to love best at the moment, they turn into waterheads that have to argue to the death to be happy with their purchase. People need assurance because they're insecure.

I ordered the 16Gb this morning it should be with me early in the new year, my HTC One X is more or less dead now and my contract isn't up for renewal until July but then I'm planning on canceling the contract.

For me this phone does everything I need without it been a full on feature phone at a massive cost, I haven't made up my mind which phone will be the next big purchase I make and thats mainly down to the fact there aren't many that I like at this moment in time

Then you put yourself in a good position. Stick with the moto g until something new comes out that you know you'll love:) me thinks that's a great idea!

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah I would really like the OPPO N1 but they need to shrink the size of it before I would purchase one.

Its got to the point now where most phones are all just clones of each other so its becoming harder to find something truly wonderful out there, might wait and see what the next Nexus is like.

I would finally like to get something with decent speakers and camera but will see whats coming out over next 12 - 15 months

If HTC keeps up with its speakers and puts a better camera in its next phone (not that 4 megapixel ultra whatever crap(I own the One, its not that great of a camera)), they'll probably have a another great phone on their hands. I think they step out of the norm a little bit with their phones, and its a good thing. If they keep it up, I'll always consider their phones. And nexus since I live my N5:)

Posted via Android Central App

Wow! Some people see Moto G without reading the article and immediately go into "my phone is better" mode. Anyone comparing the G2 or Note 3 to the G isn't getting the point of the article.

People are missing the point. I'm jumping from Verizon to T-Mobile, buying two X's for the wife and me, and two G's for the kids. My daughter certainly will not feel cheated coming from the Rezound. But she also doesn't need the top of the line. $200 is a steal in my book!

Posted via Android Central App

Unless they finally started selling them, you're not getting an X on Tmob... That's what prompted my 42Mbps comment up top that a couple of people don't understand

Posted via Android Central App

You can order the T-Mobile Moto X from Motorola just like you can the Moto G. That's not difficult to understand is it?

Posted via Android Central App

Do you even know what you're talking about?

Go to Motorola's website.
Design a Moto X.
Choose T-Mobile as your carrier at the checkout.

No, you do not know what you're talking about.

I don't order phones. I go to the store and buy one. It's a phone, not a truck.

Posted via Android Central App

As funny as I find this comment, I actually agree. Although I ordered my Nexus 5 from Google, I'd much prefer to walk in and pay for a phone vs ordering it.

We "NEED" brick and mortar Google Play Stores!!

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Or Just a 9 million square foot Google store that sells everything Google owns including Boton dynamics robots, and of course User Data, yeah!

I still think "This" and "Agreed" are fine, but if some random guy starts saying that they can't be used, I listen, lol.
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Well they sell it to everyone else, why not the consumers!

I love the AC apps signatures, they are awesome.
Posted from my Nexus 7 (2013)
Sub Signature-
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

So? You said it's not possible to get a Moto X "on T-Mobile."

That is 100% wrong, which it seems you refuse to admit. Whether or not you personally buy phones in person or online is irrelevant.

Your comment was that they would not be getting an X on TMO. Not that they wouldn't be getting one in a store. Epic fail. Moto X is for the most part, a phone you design and order online. That's one of it's selling points.

You guys have just never experienced it, when you do we will have coffee and talk about how great it is


Had one. Sold it. But if I were to be in market for a $200 off contract phone then N4 hands down. Can even be hacked to enable t-mo LTE

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IF you can find one. There's no one selling the Nexus 4 in my area. So, the Moto G is the likely candidate, if I were in the market for a sub-$200 phone.

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I like App Ops. If I see an app that I want to try, but it has sketchy permissions, I can easily disable those permissions and see if the app ever used them.

Stealth Droid - Working in the Nexus Lab

I have to tip my hat to Motorola for the G. They really did their research and have created a commendable smartphone for those of us light of pocket. Its quite a slap in the face to other manufacturers and can hopefully bring more to the consumer for the money.

The point of the article is not which phone is the biggest powerhouse or has the most bragging rights. Its about which handset has made the biggest waves in the marketplace in 2013.

Strange how snobbery and ignorance goes hand in hand......

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For that price you can't beat it.For those complaining, its not meant to compete with the flagship phones....hence the price.

I've never had a new phone that started off as garbage. The garbage usually shows itself once loaded with apps, and the majority of RAM is utilized. I don't dislike the moto g or x. I would simply never pen an article telling anyone to buy a particular phone if I were an unbiased journalist. That's why I implied that Phil must own Motorola stock... Which he said he does not. And just an fyi... I never called the new motos junk or garbage. I did say my G2 would walk all over the X though... Which is what I would have got if Tmob sold them out of the store...

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When he referred to the phone not being junk or garbage, he was referring to what the previous poster commented.

And, yeah, as I said above, I might actually have a Moto X, if T-Mobile would stop acting funny and just carry it in-store (still wondering why they won't).

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I think where you are missing the point is that you cannot find a new off contract phone for $200 that is better than the G. You just can't. I don't see bias from Phil here a good deal is a good deal. Also I never said you said the phone was junk, the person I originally replied to did.


Moto may have paid for the headline. :( The extra money is worth it for the moto x! Touchless Control and Active Display are 2 features that most non-geeks would actually use!

Bad headline. Bad.

I was using the Active Display app on my GNex and it worked great. I get a lot of text messages and it was awesome to see what was sent without having to unlock the device.

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My Gnex was utter crap... I wanted that phone BAD, which made it extra sucky when mine didn't get a signal.

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I tried the knock off and when it worked (that app hated my note) it was pretty cool. The one built into the Note series is about as worthless as a pig in a tuxedo.

One of the great things about the Moto G is that it will hopefully open the other manufacturers eyes that there is a strong demand for sub $200 off contact phones that are usable.

Sure there are the mini class of devices, but they usually have lower specs than the Moto G for a higher off contract price.

2014 is going to be even more interesting, in this regard, than 2013 was.

Right now I have a Nexus 4, but I'm really tempted to get the Moto G (once I save up for it), and use the Nexus 4 to try out Ubuntu Touch. The Nexus 4 doesn't have the LTE or Active Display, so it's not like I'd miss it.

The Moto G doesn't have Active Display either.

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My dad is on Consumer Cellular. He just got a "new" phone, and by new I mean an original Samsung Rugby running gingerbread. Those are the types of phones they offer. He was pretty disappointed with in after a week complaining it was slow. I mention the moto G to him and the next day he told me he had bought it. I am sure it is going to be a much better fit for him and is only a few bucks more than what he paid for the gingerbread phone. So yes people buy this phone. There is no better deal off contract at that price. NONE!


I would get one for my wife if.

1. Someone here in New Zealand sold it.
2. That Motorola store in the US would let us Kiwis buy it.
3. If Amazon had stock of the Intl 16 Gig version but the US version work fine here on the carriers she uses..

Nice fone though..

I was telling my barber about this phone yesterday. He said u can't beat that. He had just gotten a Nokia 5XX (I forget the #) for $139. Coulda gotten one of these for just a little bit more..

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This is great!
I'm guessing all these people screaming the G is a horrible device won't be entering the giveaway contests this week which makes my chance of winning better!

Who am I kidding, I know we'll see every naysayers "PICK ME" comment in the contests thread..

i seriously don't get this people bashing the Moto G!
this is a BUDGET phone that doesen't look like a budget phone!

its funny how every single review of this phone praises it and says its the best you can get at this price point yet all these n00bs are complaining!

have any of this people ever held one? huh?

i have a Moto G Colors Edition and i can tell you: this does NOT look like a 199 dólar phone!

the screen is amazing for its price! very crisp, colors are rly vivid, viewing angles are amazing (it's an IPS LCD)!
performance is really good too! i played Dead Trigger 2 on high settings for 40min without a single lag! multi-tasking is also really smooth...i always have around 5-8 apps in background and never once has this phone lagged!

it also feels really comfortable in hand because of its ergonomics and the swappable covers are a fun bonus!

the only disappointing aspect i found is the camera! but again, THIS IS A 199 DÓLAR PHONE!

what the hell are pplz expecting? ofc it wouldn't have an awesome camera nor any of the features Moto X has! otherwise, it wouldn't cost 199 dólars and if it did cost, Motorola wouldn't be stupid to kill their flagship with a cheaper phone that has the same features!

i don't care if your quad-core phone is a little faster and experience with the Moto G is awesome and i paid a cheap price and that's all that matters!

if you want something better, then PAY for something better! don't bash a 199 dólar phone for not giving you what a 500+ dólar phone will!

TLDR: the Moto G is an amazing phone for its price range! if you want something better, go look somewhere else, don't expect a cheap phone to deliver the same as a more expensive one!


People are completely missing the point.

I've seen people comparing a Note 3 and LG G2 with a Moto G....WHY?!?!

Agree. I think people can't admit moto g is great budget phone with crazy spec. As moto g owner I am happy with this phone price and great spec. The reason I bought it because I need smartphone for that price. I am person paying $1k for rent and other remaining bills. I am not willing to spend over $200 for phone. Also I refuse contract phones and I prefer to stay away from them.

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Been a while since you mouthed off in your Editor's pick title, Phil! I like it.

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OK I passed on the other thread, not gonna do it now since this thread is about dead and gone.

Thats what she said!

This is a great phone but android gamers will wish they had more RAM
But believe me I got this 2 days ago and it can handle all the intensive games just fine in reality 1 GB is fine but if you want to get this phone don't let the specs be a huge letdown and the screen looks really good the ppl in this thread are either idiots or don't know how to interpret this phone by saying for example that their note 3 is better and of course it is but thats not the point

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This may be dumb - can you buy this and use on Verizon unlimited data contract plans? I know they've mentioned it for prepaid Verizon buy I know some people on contact still using 3g gingerbread phones who don't want to renew but want to keep plan.

This is a GSM only device, you'll need to wait until a CDMA Verizon version is released.

Note: When Verizon releases this phone on their Prepaid service, they may restrict it to prepaid and not allow it on your friends unlimited plans. Verizon does this because they want people to move to new plans. You'll have to wait and see what restrictions Verizon puts on this device.

Maybe not the right place to say it, but I really can not wait to see what Motorola do with the 2nd generation of Moto X.

I just bought this phone from Motorola store website. I am loving this phone so far. I purchase the 16 GB version because 8 GB storage is not enough for me. For that price this phone come with great spec plus guarantee update for kitkat.

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Seriously just asking, Citation for the guarantee on kit kat? Budget phone generally do not get updates, that is one of the downsides...

Nevermind, I went to the horses mouth. On the motorola specs page it says it.

Not a bad deal but 4.2.2 is where I am sure it might end.

Actually moto g jelly bean is 4.3 version. Yes I am sure moto g will get update on January 2014. The CEO of Motorola said moto g will get update. Go to Motorola website if you think my claims is false.

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My question is will vzw get on board with this or not. They dont like to allow cheap off contract devices.

The only things I get from these comments anymore is that:
1. Everyone hates everyone
2. Everyone thinks they are right and everyone else is wrong
3. Everyone thinks they're phone/phone manufacturer/wireless carrier is the best
4. Every other phone sucks
5. Everyone wants to do the "First!" comment, but yells at the person who actually gets it.
6. Everyone hates everyone

If my pre-paid plan with my Nexus 4 wasn't still in mint condition and a great phone to this day, I'd be considering the Moto G.

I live in Canada and the options the Nexus 4 has provided me are tremendous due to its price point and high quality. I see the Moto G as basically the same as the Nexus 4. Great option at a great price.

Nothing is compelling me to switch from the Nexus 4 other than battery life. Fortunately, I get by fine with my Nexus 4 at the moment in battery life (just).

Should my needs change the G would definitely be on my low cost list.

My Higher performance list would be led by the high value, high performance, lower cost than other flagships Nexus 5 however I would seriously consider the Moto X due to its battery. Need to find an unlocked Moto X cheap :-)

I want this phone, i use a Galaxy media Player 5 inch and and iPod 4th generation as my phone using Google voice and talkatone, have for years cellphones prices just seem like a waste of money so i just use wifi. Sine no one is making an affordable media player anymore im going to use it a phone.

@MichaelG1: You are already paying overpriced amounts for your phone service because of the legacy of subsidized phones. News flash: Your service price didn't go down by paying full price for an off-contract phone. You just paid full price and didn't get a subsidy.

Now, if you moved to a cheaper provider that is a little different - but by and large you are still paying more overall than if you had your phone subsidized.

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Bought a 16gb version. It died in under 24 hours. Battery went from charged to dead instantly. It then wouldnt recharge.

Rang Motorola, they said send it in. I sent it in.

They sent me back a replacement. Wonderful. Except its an 8gb not a 16gb.

Now Moto are being difficult and slow in getting me a new handset of the correct size back to me.

Annoyed doesnt really cover it.

Best phone with no commitment is the Nokia Lumia 520 on sale at Best Buy for $50 with no contract.

For those who will flame about it being an non-android,is there any android off contract at that price that matches the Lumia's specs?

Have a moto and htc and the moto is way better but neither compare to my galaxy

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You couldn't charge $1.00 more and put a Damn A/C Charger in the box?
It does not matter that someone may have one laying around.
I just bought a brand new phone from your company..
The LEAST you could do is provide me a charger..
This.. is why I will NEVER buy a "M" product.

I think you will see lots of fones being sold next year with no plug packs only USB cables and they my be on the endangered list as well..