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We've reached another Sunday. The beginning of a new week, or maybe the end of the last one, depending on how you roll. We've got a ton of phones on our desks, so many words to be written, and a few more trips hitting the itinerary.

So, let's not dilly-dally. A few quick hits for this week's effort:

Galaxy S4 or HTC One?

That's the question of the moment. If we had to choose, which would we choose? The editor in me wants to hedge and say "Do you really have to pick one? They're both great!" And they are. And I could happily use either one. But we're gonna have to pick one, aren't we?

I'm still using the Galaxy S4 almost exclusively right now, trying to get a better handle on it. So ... many ... features. And it makes the HTC One design stand out that much more when I pick it back up. I have a feeling it's the camera options that are going to make the difference for me. Maybe even more so than overall picture quality. We'll see.

That latest LG leak

An intriguing leak late Saturday from evleaks. Mulling it over with some coffee this morning, I'm still not convinced there might not be capacitive buttons flanking that LG logo. Or volume and power buttons that you just can't see in this single picture. But stranger things have happened, and I've been wrong before. On the other hand, is it too tall to not have on-screen buttons? Quite possibly.

Regardless, that's one sexy design. It's tough to tell where and when this design might show up without any more context -- it's too easy to see something we don't understand and shout "Nexus!", and LG makes a lot of phones destined for a lot of places -- but this one's got me a tad excited, until I stop and think about how big it probably is.

The all-new Android Central app

Beta testing of the all-new Android Central app is going well. We've got more bugs to squash, and more features to try to cram in. It's been an interesting experience to say the least, especially when you're working with a (kick-ass) developer a dozen time zones ahead. But it's coming along nicely.

Check out this forum thread for the latest build. Hopefully we'll graduate things to Google Play in the near future.

Oh, and I've finally unpublished the old Android Central widget and clock that we'd left up for nostalgia sake. Those hadn't been supported in years, and it was time for them to go.

The Android Central Podcast

In case you missed it, we're trying out a new day and time for the live recording of the Greatest Android Podcast in the Word. We've switched from Thursday night to Friday afternoon. Hopefully that'll relax things a little bit, and, frankly, it's easier on those of us who have kids trying to get to bed right then. (And by "those of us" I mean "me.") Funny how we were a little rusty this past week, though. It's easy to fall out of that rhythm.

We'll still get the recorded version up on the RSS feed ASAP, and the video will follow shortly thereafter, so be sure to subscribe if you can't wait to get your fix. You can subscribe to our podcast (and all of our other feeds) here.

200k on Twitter

None of us even noticed the rollover, but the Android Central Twitter account eclipsed 200,000 followers last week. That's just incredible. Never thought we'd reach that many. Thanks to everyone who follows.

Big news for Nooks

Probably one of the bigger (and underappreciated) stories last week was that Barnes & Noble's Nook tablets will be getting an update to add Google Play. I'm not sure that'll save the Nook from oblivion (on the other hand, so long as BN is around, it'll have an e-reader/tablet), but it's the first time (that I know of) that a non-Google Play device has come back onto the reservation.

There must have been some interesting discussions involved in that one.

What's next ...

Things are about to get a little crazy. A full week of work is ahead, then off to Google I/O in San Francisco, followed by CTIA in Las Vegas. And that pretty much takes care of the month. Plus, we've still got this #tm13 thing going on behind the scenes. 

And with that, back to work ...


Reader comments

From the Editor's Desk: Quick hits


1. htc one simply for build quality... software can always be modified...
2. i doubt thats a nexus but it looks pretty good...
3. not the biggest fan of the way the new app is designed but who cares what i think... def better than the old one
4. new podcast time is much better for me... thanks for that...
5. congrats... twitter contest?
6. with that and the new price drop for mothers day... im buying one
7. Can't wait for i/o

Agreed with mostly everything you said. My ONLY two issues with the One are the lack of an SD card slot, and more importantly, NO REMOVABLE BATTERY!!

yeah.. sd card slot is a let down but then again... samsung prob put an sdcard slot cause of how little usable internal memory the s4 has...
as for the battery.. have you checked out the htc one mophie battery case... just use that...

Besides making the device significantly bigger, it does nothing to address the issue of what do you do if the battery up and stops working?

Lol. Had a long discussuon/argument with a gs3 owner about this (I have the EVO 4G LTE). How did it end? Well, I asked him if he had external charger for his battery or if he swapped it out of the phone so his second battery was always charged. His answer? I don't have a second battery. Doh!

I certainly understand some people rely on the, but for me a complete no - issue (and I think for average phone users it won't be an issue either).

The issue that I have and a lot of other folks might have also with the non-removable battery is not always so much that they want to be able to constantly swap batteries on the fly, but it's that batteries degrade over time and eventually need to be replaced.

I currently have a GSII that I have had since December 2011. So far I have replaced the original battery once because it's capacity was down to less than half. That was around the middle of last year and already the replacement battery is showing signs of severe deterioration also. It will probably need to be replaced in the next month. That is unless I decide to go ahead and buy another phone. Still, assuming that I did keep this phone until the end of my current carrier contract. It means that I will have gone through three batteries over the two years of the contract. This type of battery maintence is just not possible with the HTC One, and right now it the biggest issue with me considering buying one.

Also for what it's worth I had an original HTC EVO 4g before my current SII and that phone also went through two replacement batteries.

Thanks! Picked up a couple! My mugs have been thinning out lately not sure who might be breaking them...

Great work on the Android Central app so far. The beta is great, layout, design, overall functionality seems good. I find myself using the forums much more than I used to, because of ease of use in the app. Can't wait for the bug fixes and the release version.

Who are you fooling Phil? Youve always been partial to the HTC brand, especially since the first One came out a while back. The HTC One is not nearly as dynamic as the GS4, but just bc it comes in a metallic package with you act like it is on par. What if the GS4 had a metallic sliding back cover in a similar form factor would the decision even be remotely close? I think not.

Darn that Phil Nickinson and his HTC fanboyism. He's always HTC this and HTC that. Did you see that picture of him using the Note II as a coffee coaster? I really hate that guy....

Remind me to make a calendar entry for next week to cut and paste this when all his good stuff to say is about the S4.
Then remind me after that LG drops to redo this post in LGs favor.

you suck at sarcasm. Regardless, when did I say that he hates every other phone? He uses/tests every phone out there obviously, but he favors HTC I've clearly noticed since the first HTC One came out and he was using as his personal phone. While still a very good phone, nobody considers the One a serious contender to yhe S4

Ha! Then kindly explain why I spent so many months with the Galaxy S3 as the only phone in my pocket. And then the Nexus 4. 

I smell bias here, but it ain't coming from me. ;)

oh of course. I had both the first Evo and the Evo3D. I thought they were best phones ever at the time they came out.

I hope the new app has a widget. I use that widget daily. It's always been on a home screen of my many phones for what seems like years.

Thanks for all your hard work, love android central and all of mobile nations.

so will the widget still work? I love that thing its on my main home screen been there since day one.

Really happy to hear about the Nook news. At this point I would buy that instead of a Kindle anything if I was looking for a tablet from those two brands.