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It's been a busy week (and weekend) with a lot of family stuff going on, so we'll keep things short this week. A few things worth mentioning: 

I think we're 100 percent all-in on using Google Hangouts for the podcast now. The audio quality's not where I'd like it to be, but I think we can work with it some more. And it's a hell of a lot easier for video. Plus, you can watch it live, directly from the Android Central app.

Speaking of the app, we're close to beta testing v1.3 — hopefully this week. It's taken a little longer than we thought to get it pushed out (it feels weird being on that side of the equation), but it's a good update. We've got the YouTube API built in now, and it looks great. Plus we've got Google's new drawer code added in, and it also looks great. And a few more bells and whistles. We'll float it to the beta group for a couple days before the big release. Stay tuned.

And now a few other thoughts I've been thinking amid the chaos:

  • It's safe to say there's about zero security in place around Motorola's upcoming line of phones, right? Between all the pictures — and this full video from Canadian operator Rogers — well, it's gotten to be a little ridiculous. Still, I can't way to actually see this sucker.
  • Great to see Carbon finally get an update. I'd been pushed back to the official client (when Carbon's conversations view broke), and it's just not as nicely designed as apps like Carbon and Falcon Pro, to name but two. 
  • It's been a couple weeks now since Google killed off Google Reader, and it seems like folks are finally getting tired of talking about it. So allow me a few sentences. I'm using Newsblur. It's got a decent Android app, and I'm using it through the ReadKit app on OSX. It's not as good as Google Reader was (including the Reeder app on OSX — which has yet to be updated post-apocalypse). In fact, it makes me feel like either me or Newsblur is working drunk. But it's better than nothing.
  • There's not much good to be had in the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial. But I would recommend reading this post from Miami defense lawyer Brian Tannebaum for some insight into the procedure — and the mess that is the media coverage.
  • Actually, I wish there were a way to make covering trials about 100 times more expensive for TV media outlets. Maybe that would clean things up a bit.
  • My pals on the print side aren't coming out of all this with clean hands, either, though. Florida Today, based in Melbourne (and part of Gannett, which is the company that owns the paper at which I worked for 11 years) quoted in its reax story a "Howie Felterbush" — an obvious copycat after the hoax perpetrated by a former NTSB summer intern. Whoops. Major whoops.
  • Jim Hopkins, who runs the long-running, unofficial (and excellent insider) Gannett Blog, does a nice job boiling down how such hoxes make it into print.
  • This spate of foolishness takes me back the better part a year to my "Acts of children" column. It's just not funny.
  • On the TV front: "Under the Dome" probably isn't going to make the cut much longer. "The Bridge" has potential (though I wonder how long the Asperger's Syndrome angle has before it gets played out), and Netflix's "Orange is the New Black" (through three episodes so far) is funny, smart, sexy and dirty in just the right places. 

And that's it for this week. Talk Mobile resumes on Monday. The conversation has been great the first weeks — can't wait to get it started again.


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I'm the same with Under the dome. I read the book when it came out and enjoyed it, but the show is losing my interest fast!

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I haven't bothered to watch the show. The book was so crazy, and graphic that I knew the show would be a let down, simply because they wouldn't be able to put the same kind of content on TV.

I liked under the dome the first time it came out, when it was called the Simpson's Movie, this one is just not good

Hey Phil, as an individual born severely Autistic and now am diagnosed as an Aspie, it's actually spelled "Asperger's Syndrome" after Hans Asperger. He discovered it in 1944. (:

Say it ain't so......... I rather enjoy "Under the dome", not as much as "the bridge", but I can't wait till tomorrow to catch the next episode. Ill be upset if they cancel under the dome. Everybody start watching it. That's an order.

P.s. pretty please!

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It's is a summer fill in that is already completed so it won't get cancelled. Or at the very least you will see the end somehow

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Google may have killed off "Reader", but not the bloody annoying (and now redundant) reader&rss buttons in my Samsung/stock browser address bar!

I think that now that Reader has been defunct for a while, it'd be nice if the AC team would tell us what they're individually using as a replacement and why, just as Phil did.

Season 1 is over now, and season 2 won't be on till next year.

However, I wholeheartedly agree that Orphan Black is a great show. It had me hooked on the first episode. You can see it in the Google Play Store. It's highly recommended.

Fully agree with your thoughts on those 3 TV shows. Orange is the New Black is great and imo is Netflix's second true hit (after AD), The Bridge seems promising, and I stopped watching Under the Dome after the second episode.

Under the Dome (the book) was in the process way before the Simpsons movie.

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I like under the dome (the series) and moved the book, read it twice. I hope they don't cancel the show I want to see how they put the book on screen. Its only been a few days so far in the show.

Posted via Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App

As a fisherman, I thought the audio in this week's podcast was fine. I just like hearing you all talk geek while I run. Makes everything go by a bit faster with a little android in my ears.

Everyone should watch the first 2 series of Luther on Netflix instant. Such a thrilling show and only 10 total episodes. Series 3 will probably follow once it finishes airing on BBC.

Luther is great. Thanks for the heads up that the 3rd started airing. Gillian Anderson in The Fall is pretty good too.
Great shirt in the pic Phil. Picked one up myself. Forever Metal \m/

Phil, I totally am right there with you in your intent on your wishful thinking of TV trial coverage and what not. Yet in this day and age, there's no way to prevent coverage of media trials thanks to the almighty social media phenomenon. The only thing is, people just need to be smarter of how they monitor media (traditional AND social) when it comes to getting their information. Rather than be spoon fed what to believe, they should do research and actually form their own opinion.

Forget the Zimmerman trial result itself; I'm more sad that people are blindly upset rather than having valid reason behind their feelings. To translate that into the smartphone world, there are people who blindly hate Apple because they're "told" to do so, and the inverse of liking Apple is true. Same for Android. Same for BlackBerry. And it's darn near impossible to find the level-headed people sometimes when these types of wars start up. No credit seems to be given to the other side. It's the "my way or the highway" mentality, and that really hurts all of us as a society. I've heard many times that common sense is dead, but sometimes I think intelligent discussion is soon to have its obituary written, if it hasn't been already.

To whom it may concern

I have a galaxy s3 and the Skype seems to be having issues and no one is addressing the problem. Unfortunately since it is a Android phone you are stuck with the complains, IS there any way you can get that app fix once and for all, the image sucks, the calls are horrible and whatever else. So Skype is not taking the hit on this so can you help us

thank you james

Ask in the sgs3 forum. Someone will try and help you. Not helpful but I haven't had an issue with skype

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I still really like Under the Dome. It isn't anything like the book, but it is still really pretty good. Hopefully they start explaining some of the story lines and characters. King does a good job of narrowing the character list down in the book. Frankly if they did the same with the TV show, it would feel more like a Stephen King book. People have to die.

Phil, great recommended link to Brian Tannebaum article. I missed it at first but Kevin O'Quinn was nice enough to suggest it over in the threads. I thought it was funny your thoughts on thinking trials needed to be a 100x more expensive, but just make sure that those fees only gets assessed for TV stations and their ilk. It actually serves the public interest to have access to to view trials.

I ended up having a marathon session of Orange Is The New Black, watched all episodes in one night and I have to agree with Phil, while adding that it's well written, and directed. The cast is just about perfect for their roles.

I also agree that the media needs to actually report the news instead of what they want the news to be.