Xperia X10

Better late than never, eh? Today Sony Ericsson has announced on its official product blog that the Android 2.1 update is now available for Xperia X10 users on AT&T. Alongside the newer version of Android, X10 owners will get camera enhancements including 720p recording, multi-touch support and support for up to five homescreens. If you're still rocking your AT&T-branded X10, then you'll find a guide to getting yourself updated at the source link below.

Source: Sony Ericsson Product Blog, Xperia X10 Update Page


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Eclair update now rolling out to AT&T-branded Xperia X10's


bah - just got one of these last night - now running CM7.0.3 GB 2.3.3.
hopefully devs can pull some useful stuff out of this.
I HATE SE - long story...

I used to be a sony fan until i was screwed by them years ago. Now i realize how they fib about what there products will have or do till right before there release then retract.
This just makes me laugh. Samsung must love sony. There jim carey in that dumb and dumber scene in the dinner when when seabass turns around and hes pointing at harry and harry is sony and seabass is the customer. Lol

This nonsense is the reason why I will only upgrade to Nexus phones from now on. Nexus phones always get OS updates first and avoid carrier bloatware.

and people were talkin crap bout samsung and their froyo update to galaxy phones. sony should be ashamed of themselves pushin out eclair when gingerbread has already been released.

Guys make no mistake Sony and Sony Ericsson are essentially different companies. There is little to no communication at the development level. And SE pays royalties to Sony for Cybershot and Walkman

I just dont see, what is the piint of updating it to *eclair*? I mean really, this late in the game why not just use those resourses to update to gingerbread, or at least froyo. Eclair? Really, Sony?

wow.. eclair? WOW!!!! I mean.. even froyo would be lacking, but Eclair shouldnt even qualify as news. They should have just killed the line. lol

I just finally convinced my sis-in-law to allow me to update her phone last week. I used a generic 2.1 then used Sony's update service to update to newest version. By the sounds of this it makes it seem like this update has something extra than the stock Sony version, not sure here. I'm waiting for Sony to release the 2.3 for X10 supposedly later this year.

By the way Sony is not a perfect Android developer here, but don't kill the messenger. They released 2.1 last year, it was AT&T that has been sitting on this update for all this time. That's a long time in the Android World.