Dwight Howard

T-Mobile's march through the NBA continues, this time with Dwight Howard showing off his myTouch 3G, with a little help from Sir Charles. (Catch the Donut reference?) Peep the video after the break. Thanks, ballroom dru, for the tip!

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droid_boy says:

What were the apps presented in this commercial???

ballroomdru says:

You are all very welcome. I LOVE the Apps in this commercial. Saw it during the games last night. Kinda wanting a Mytouch....just a little bit.

droid_boy says:

I can't stand T-mobile tho. Sticking with verizon but still loving the android apps.

Manuel Ortiz says:

You can get a droid from Motorola Or a Htc Droid Eris from Verizon!