Available now for pre-order, priced £494.99

HTC has announced that it'll bring a dual-SIM version of its flagship HTC One handset to the UK. The dual-SIM HTC One will also feature a removable back panel, like the HTC One Max, and expandable storage via a microSD slot supporting up to 64GB cards. Dual-SIM devices allow users to stay connected through multiple numbers at the same time, and HTC says it's targeting this specific model at "foreign nationals and students studying in the UK and business users who regularly travel abroad." A similar dual-SIM device has been available in China since April.

Aside from the extra SIM slot and microSD support, we're looking at the essentially the same device that's been on sale since the spring, with a Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 4-megapixel "Ultrapixel" camera and a 1080p SuperLCD display. It's worth noting however that the spec sheet makes no mention of LTE, meaning you'll max out at 3G data speeds on this device, with the first SIM slot supporting quad-band HSPA.

The handset is available for pre-order now, priced at £494.99; HTC says it's in talks with retailers and carriers to offer the dual-SIM HTC One to consumers and businesses.

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Press Release


- Handset offers ease of use and flexibility for foreign nationals, students and business users
- Enhancement on T3’s ‘gadget of the year’ with expandable storage through microSD slot

London, November 28th, 2013 –  HTC, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, is to start selling its HTC One with a dual SIM option in the UK for the first time.

The HTC One dual SIM has a removable back casing so customers can insert two different SIM cards, meaning they can use a single phone to run on two different phone numbers or networks simultaneously. The handset has also been enhanced so users can take advantage of a microSD slot, enabling them to add up to 64GB of additional storage.

The launch marks the first time HTC has released a dual SIM version of its top-end smartphone in the UK.

The HTC One dual SIM offers a one phone solution to those who would previously have used two phones operating on networks in different countries. HTC has launched the phone to particularly target foreign nationals and students studying in the UK and business users who regularly travel abroad.

The handset will suit those who make international calls home, or for work – either while travelling or because they are seconded or studying overseas. The handset enables customers to have a local-network SIM card for in-country calls and data, while they use an international SIM when travelling or living away from home, delivering potential cost savings to businesses and consumers alike.

The HTC One dual SIM will also appeal to those who want to be able to separate their work from their personal lives, but don’t want to have to carry two handsets – often a premium smartphone for personal use and a lower-end product for work calls and email.

Peter Frolund, HTC’s General Manager UK said: “HTC is changing the premium mobile market for international users. This is the first time we have released a dual SIM version of one of our premium handsets in the UK which means that users no longer have to compromise on the quality of their phone to avoid costly international calls or separate their work and personal life. We’re creating a new approach and one that we believe will appeal to business users, foreign nationals and international students alike.”

The HTC One dual SIM features high-quality audio for media and a clarity of sound that is perfect for video or conference calling with HTC BoomSound™ and dual-frontal speakers. It also features leading camera functionality with HTC UltraPixel™ technology and a robust aluminium uni-body which handles the most challenging conditions comfortably. A big battery, power saving mode and the familiar design aesthetic are all reasons why the HTC One has become the most-awarded handset in the UK this year.

The addition of a microSD slot has been designed to appeal to travellers who want to carry more personal entertainment content while on the road, capture images and video of the places they’re going or need to carry a large numbers of files for work.

For the user that wants to work on the go, the HTC One dual SIM also offers HTC Sense®-enabled productivity including built-in support for Microsoft Exchange and Office and provisions for other Microsoft applications including Office 365 and Lync. It also supports enterprise-grade features including on-board encryption, secure connectivity, secure password polices, remote data wiping and flexible Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.

Peter Frolund concludes: “With HTC One dual SIM, users who are regularly calling to or from other countries can get the handset they want without having to choose between paying for costly international calls or spending money on two handsets. Users will seamlessly be able to switch between their personal and work phone which means they can carry one phone and won’t have to constantly switch SIMs or pay unnecessarily for costly international calls.”

The HTC One dual SIM is available now for pre-order via the Official HTC Store ( ). HTC is in advanced talks with a number of networks and retailers to offer the handset direct to consumer and business customers.


Reader comments

Dual-SIM HTC One with microSD slot coming to the UK


Is dual sim common in India? I know it is in China. It's virtually non existent in the UK.

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So why didn't HTC initially release the One with an SD slot? They always pull this stunt with their flagship smartphones. This is why I'm so weary of getting their phones soon after release :-\

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this new version doesn't have LTE and with the different build, I'd hardly consider it better than the original.

Posted via HTC One on Android Central App

LTE is overrated, I hardly do anything on my phone that required speed that rival my land line internet. I'll take microSD for the extra storage so I can load media for free than to pay more money for a larger GB plan in order to stream online which is still a lot slower than loading directly from my sd card.

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I hope that at least the micro SD version congress stateside, but I certainly wouldn't object with a dual Sim version

Posted via Android Central App

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bigger battery and lte would have made this a killer and worthy update imo.

as is it's a tweak to eek out more life in the old phone while the new one gets prepped.

perhaps the deice ethos of htc is changing and we'll see more SDcard slots in the future?

You can hope. I wonder why HTC seems to wasn't too put SD card slots in the phone again, but the one maxx has one, so here's hoping the HTC one's successor has a micro SD card slot as well

Posted via Android Central App

I had a look at the one and i wasnt impressed the build quality is ok but the display model was scratched to shit and looked bad, real life a case is a must which then negates the build quality.

Posted via Android Central App

Kind of. Mines done fairly well without a case, and I've used it at several festivals. Admittedly, it does have a small mark from where I dropped it, but overall after 7 months of heavy use I couldn't be happier.

Posted via Android Central App using the brilliant HTC One. Also I like bananas.

Terrible move from HTC. This is why they're falling down the pecking order at a steady rate.
They don't stick to their flagship devices and keep releasing different editions of a phone all the time.
What a fail.

Sent via the Android 5.0 MilkShake.

Yeah, it's not like Samsung is doing the exact same thing (if not to a greater extent) and succeeding.


Your joking right? They allready had this phone available in China at launch they are just now starting to give it to Europe as well. You might not want to look at Samsungs past phone releases if this bothers you cause they have released like 5-6 different variations of the galaxy s4?

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I reason with you but it doesn't work for HTC. Samsung have the financial backing, market push and better support in every part of the world.

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Really wot are you talking about ...this is aimed at a different type of business and foreigners in the UK ...very good move by HTC I'd say...
More revenue might just keep them going ...
The more fingers they have in the pie the more chance they have of surviving...

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The phone isnt new. The Chinese model has had these features for nearly ever. The Japanese model had the SD Card as well. All HTC has done is make the model available to a new market. Im assuming its to blow them out and get rid of them. Thats why the specs are still the same as the current models. Im a bit taken aback by readers of this site not getting this. This exact phone has been covered on here before Im sure.

As far as those looking to get an SD card for just moving media over, why not get a cable and do it with a thumb drive? I do it all the time.

For those people usually their primary objective is more local storage so they're not as cloud reliant.

Posted via my Nexus 5

Not everyone wants to mess with cables and a thumb drive. Defeats the purpose a bit, when an SD card keeps it all compact and pocket friendly.

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Like the rest of these so called "Dual SIM" fones only SIM 1 is 3G SIM 2 is GSM only which would make it useless for me as 3 of the SIMs I use are WCDMA only and my carrier doesn't do GSM. I could use a SIM that one of our carriers that still has GSM but the coverage outside the metro areas would be bad as they prefer WCDMA as well..

I've often wondered, with these dual-sim phones are you able to tell which sim/number a call is coming in on?

It could be quite useful for my business if that was the case...

I think HTC needs to focus squarely on its next flagship. The One is a good phone but its time for HTC to put its energies elsewhere, IMO.

Posted via Android Central App

I wonder if they're going to gimp the SD functionality on this like they did on the Google Play S4.