Cause that's pretty freakin' huge.

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DroidDoodle: How big did you say that thing was?



Thats pushing it.......I was messing around with a HTC Rezound the other day and that is about as big as I can go. That was pushing it. And the stylus, are we back in the 90's again? Did Palm come back from the dead?

"...that is about as big as I can go." And here comes the popular phase, "That's what she said."

The Note is good and all but it's definitely for a niche crowd. My Epic Touch (GS2E4GT) is a perfect size for me and this thing is 4.52 inches. I remember when the iPhone first came out, people were like, "that thing is just too big." It's all perspective and perception I guess.

It's not the conventional stylus; the S Pen utilizes inductive sensing technology and enables absolute precision. And I found the S Memo app to be very packed and a total paper replacement, so at times you feel like doodling, or needa take quick notes but are lazy to type, it's the way to go. Trust me, I own one.

Ooooh, QUESTION (I'm hoping this is a better medium than the AC Forums for getting non-troll, semi-literate feedback):

Can anyone who's actually an owner of the AT&T Galaxy Note (OR, the international Exynos/A9-powered version) provide details on what kind of bugs this device has, particularly in regards to usage of the S-Pen? I realize this may be a bit too soon - and that the question may be too broad, considering the hardware variations.
I'll try asking again later on, just in case. [[Come to think on it, I have at least a few more questions. I'm intrigued, damnit!]]

**Only asking because I'm catching on that AC reviews tend to omit or gloss over device shortcomings.**

Help me out, people!

None too significant that I noticed. Perhaps there is one; being the AMOLED display getting streaks of black when prompted to display a static grey image throughout, such as while some apps are loading and have no splashscreen at all. But I have not considered this a hindrance or foresee it being so, as it is very unapparent.

And it does heat up considerably when on intensive CPU / graphics processing. Assumed to be due to the Exynos chipset (ARM Cortex A9 CPU + Mali GPU). Max peaked at 51 degCelcius while device was charging + playing 3D-intensive games such as Gun Bros. Normal operation temperatures average around 30-35 degCelcius. I guess that's expected, though.

The S Pen requires a solid surface right above the screen to write on & precisely determine pressure magnitude, so don't even think of getting the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD.

And like all smartphones, use it on intensive tasks and you get average battery life; use it as a phone and you get absolutely stunning battery life. ;]

AWESOME, thanks for the input!
Very interesting about the device getting hot. I had an Infuse do that on a near-daily basis-- right before locking-up & requiring a restart, or battery yank. I wonder if this is symptomatic of Samsung putting their own overclocked SoCs into devices with ever-larger screens...
Would the Exynos Note still be functional when it'd get hot in the range of 51C?

High Five for the tip about screen protectors, BTW. AT&T is shelling their machine-washable, reusable bubbled screen protectors in stores for their version of the Galaxy Note(These affect capacative screens in the same way as the waterproof LifeProof cases do for iPhones - anyone remember finger-mashing on the usually plasticized displays of older WinMo hardware? Fun). I wonder how that'll pan out for people trying to use the S-Pen.

I played with this phone for two hours trying to determine if it was too big or not. After all the hype about this phone is too huge, you can't type one handed and it won't fit the average jeans, I didn't find this to be the case for me and no I'm not a huge guy. I found myself wanting this phone more although I'm a htc guy on Sprint I would've gotten it if available on Sprint in a heartbeat.

Since I rarely use my phone for phone calls it would've been perfect for my needs since I use my phone as a tablet and more than my laptop.