DroidDoodle - Born at CES
Guess how many phones were birthed at CES and win a prize!

And, yes, Lloyd has butt cheeks. Get over it, Bevis.



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DroidDoodle - Born at CES



WHy the buttcrack though? Maybe Loyd SHould wear pants from now on, if he turns around it might be considered pron. ;)

28 phones

LMFAO! I was just going to post something about that too but then I saw your post. That is hilarious! The butt crack that is. Cant stop laughing about that

I say zero. Lots of companies introduce new phones at the show, but they're never available until long after the show has ended.

CES in general has been just meh this year. Nothing really exciting. Everything seems to have been TVs. For some reason they are still trying to shove 3D down peoples throats even though nobody is keeping it down.

MWC may be better in terms of phones as Droid Life said, but who knows.

Two questions:
1. Do we count the non-traditional devices like the Android camera from Polaroid and the desktop phone?

2. Was the buttcrack really necessary?

i don't know how many births but i am in awe at the number of Android devices that were announced. and think of how many are already out there or are unannounced or already in the pipeline. so many sizes, flavors, and form factors.

Andy Rubin and Google have truly created a monster that seemingly can't be stopped. it's spreading like a virus and steamrolling over anything in its path. it's amazing to watch. i think iOS is in big trouble. everyone else is just dead.

I'll say a solid zero. All the phones that I have seen have been conceived long before CES began, and were developed, loved, and nurtured into the phones that we see this week.

zero. None were birthed, though there were several sonograms of things "in the oven", and several reannouncements of things already birthed.

ZERO phones were released to public sale at CES (so far.)

I'm not sure if you meant to say "Guess how many Android phones were birthed at CES 2012?" or how many Android devices or how many Phones altogether: Android, WP7, Blackberry and so on. I guess we must interpret as we see fit. My guess would be 36.

I'm going to say X >= 14, my answer being X for the win!

If X is unacceptable, then my real answer is 14.

BTW, I don't think the Sprint Galaxy Nexus should count, as the nexus was already released prior to CES.

I'd say zero since CES is for announcements(unveils). Like birth announcements,the birth had to be earlier or there would be no need for announcements.