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Now that everybody's had a couple of days with their Droid X, it's time to start picking nits. And one such nit being picked in our Droid X forums is a perceived problem perpetuating a proper WiFi signal. Another involves syncing with Microsoft Exchange servers.

The good news is that it looks like an update is on the way. It appears most of you haven't gotten that OTA update to firmware 1.13.604 that we got last week, so our pre-release units might have been testing that out for Moto. Android Central Forums user g1to3vo678 (might wanna change that handle, pal) points out that there's some documentation for the 604 update (pdf), and Droid Life says it could be pushed out on July 19 (though we know of a whole lot of people still waiting on that rumored July 13 Froyo update for the original Droid, so take that unsourced rumor how you will). The doc states that you'll be getting:

  • Improved battery charging status indicator.
  • Smoother transition for camera and camcorder functions.
  • Redesign of weather widget icons.
  • Faster Exchange ActiveSync® email loading.
  • Streamlined organization of newly downloaded applications.
  • Organized favorite contacts by call count.
  • Updated Bluetooth® connection for enhanced video sharing experience.
  • Coordinated date and time across phone displays.
  • Cleaner looking status bar for GPS symbol.
  • Improved sync capabilities for 3G Mobile Hotspot.
  • Faster Visual Voice Mail loading.

Sounds good to us. Alls I can say is I've had nary a problem with my Wifi signal. Can't speak to Exchange. [Motorola]


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Droid X update promises a bevy of minor fixes


Haha, this list is kinda funny because I have been thinking how inaccurate the battery symbol at the top of the screen in (ie it looks the same from 70% all the way down to almost 40% sometimes)

I never really cared for the battery icon in stock android I use roms with the percentage indicator. I done see why Google hasn't adopted this yet.

I was one of guys whining about the WiFi issues until I changed my security settings in my router and my X is now working as it should. I'm very pleased with the WiFi performance of the phone and use it exclusively when I'm at home in lieu of 3G as I notice a definite speed advantage while browsing with WiFi. After settling in with the phone a couple days and transitioning from a former blackberry life, I wonder why in the world it took me so long to come over to Android!

I'm having a lot of issues keeping a wifi signal...what did you change? I already changed to wpa2 for my iPad...sigh. I didn't notice wifi mentioned in the update....

There is a sticky in the Droid X forums for wi-fi issues. I had lots of problems. I fixed it by turning wireless N off. I am only using b/g. :(

I am also using WPA2 and from the forums lots of people are so hopefully that isn't the issue. Check the forum and good luck!

My wifi works fine. It switches between my two wifi's in the house as needed. Both are not "N" and use WEP.

I couldn't get exchange to work - I thought I just didn't enter the correct stuff in, but it looks like it's correct. Maybe there is a problem with the Droidx exchange hookup?

I have had some power issues. I left it plugged into the computer last night, and it appeared dead in the morning (my computer is on all the time). I plugged it into the power plug, and it had a huge battery on the display with 0%. I charged it for less than 5 minutes, then unplugged it and restarted it. It then showed 40%. Weird. Maybe this update will fix this.

Hey folks... .noticed Droid issue today BUT FOUND A FIX!!! If you start noticing music player skipping around, or it redialing or voice command prompt pop up its issue with the headset jack. I noticed when i used an aux jack in my car when i was trying to play pandora If the jack has 2 rings on it then it should work fine. If the jack has 3 rings on it then it has built in microphone. Android systems have common problem. The accelerometer is close to the voice command censor

After researching online I found this a long standing issue among Android systems HTC and also Blackberry. For Droid systems i researched a few forums with various trouble shooting ideas. There is a widget available through market place called "headset blocker". THIS FIX IS AN ANDROID FIX so far only. I have not tested my sons black berry yet

No problem with exchange here. Almost works too good i do like the universal inbox. Problem i have is that damn media sync always turns on when i connect or reconnect with wifi. Tried u.installing but wont let me. Also it seems like there are more programs constantly needing to be closed than on my original moto droid.

I would love to see a few other things fixed. Like when I use personal photos as wallpaper the cropping never can be dragged to the desired shape.I think the camera needs to be tweaked to focus a little faster. The video camera needs to capture a faster fps then 30. They should take the time And make it so that with this big beautiful screen it can play more formats. (for example I have 720 flip camera that shoots in mp4 format and when I transfer to the x it plays for Second then freezes nor can it play out to the tv using hdmi. I would like to see same time screen display via hdmi kind of like the htc incredible.I really don't think I am asking for to much considering what a power house this phone is and can be. My feeling is if the incredible can get updates that add 720p video and the ability to tether and make a smaller phone comparable to this one then motorola needs to step up and make this phone a little super computer. I know it sounds like a lot but I wanna say I love my droid x and would not trade for any other droid on the market. I just want it to get better and better that can be done with up dates. If any one has insight to this our has ¢2 please chime in our correct me.

Anyone know how to sync my facebook calendar with my X? Anyone else know how to delete stock applications that I'm never going to use like skype mobile and city id? Any help would be greatly appreciated.