How does Android's latest size up against the iPhone 4 and HTC’s Droid Incredible, Evo 4G, and Nexus One?

Droid X specs

Now that we've got the Motorola Droid X in our fat little fingers, let's size it up against some of the other big boys out there. Above, the Droid X specs side by side with the iPhone 4, Sprint Evo 4G, Verizon Droid Incredible and Google Nexus One. (And if you're curious to see how the iPhone nation is reacting, check out the chart at


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Droid X specs battle royale


They all look pretty similiar, but I will go with the Droid X. Large screen, made by motorola, TI processesor (and if it's anything like the one in the Droid, it will be very powerful with the ability to overclock easily). I'm looking forward to getting one next month.

Been a couple weeks and my Evo still holding up. That says a lot in the smartphone industry.

The only thing I'm sad about is the lack of a dedicated graphics processor... Specially this late in the game... Integrated graphics, meh. Qualcomm makes the Adreno gpu seem like its big and bad on their website.

You know what. Someone needs to sit down and pit Android vs iOS in a feature battle. We know time and time again the iPhone will be blown away by hardware specs. But what gets passed up are the features of Android itself and the "experience" as iPhone users love to call it. Lets actually see what features the iPhone has in its "experience" to match what Android is bringing to the table...especially with Froyo. When you stop and think about it...exactly what are the exciting features of iOS 4 now?

That the iPhone has the best Appstore in the world? That you will have the best gaming experience on the iPhone? That means easy to find the games, easy to install them and industry leading performance of the games themselves. The Android Market REALLY is nothing compared to the Apple Appstore in this area. And remember, apps are VERY IMPORTANT. As long as developers keep seeing the iPhone as their number one, Android may never catch up (unless Apple like stops making new iPhones for 2 years).

The iPhone just offers a nice package. It may not have the best hardware out there. But in the end, what is superb hardware without software? The only thing I dont like about the iPhone is that they refuse to make the screen bigger. At least make it 3.7 inch or higher for gods sake..4 inch would be perfect. And on the software side they have to work on the notifications and homescreens. Further then that its awesome.

I hate that I said that, since I have been trying to deny the awesomeness for a long time.

PS: iTunes MUST also die!

hold on i thought the droidx and 2 both supported wifi up to n. beleive i saw the fcc filings stating that

There really is no comparison anymore. Android as an OS is superior to iPhone OS 4 in every way. Hardware is another area where Android handsets trump the iPhone 4. Lastly is the UI. With Sense UI, MotoBlur/NinjaBlur, Touchwiz, etc... it provides some neat widgety features for the end user. Vanilla Android is also an excellent choice. The only thing left, and Google is well aware of this, is a little more UI streamlining. This will be addressed with Gingerbread as has already been stated by Google. By this time next year Android and the handsets it runs on will be one to two full generations ahead in both feature and function of the iPhone 4G/iPhone4GS/iPhone 5 or whatever Apple releases.

Not sure why they say that the Droid X only has 802.11b/g when the Motorola website says 802.11n plus all the correct specs can be found on Motorola's product page for the Droid X. ;)

Its because out the box its not enabled. That feature is not supported until you get Froyo, so thats probably the reason it isn't listed on there. Same as the N1, and EVO, both of which were hacked to open up that support prior to getting froyo, although both phones are running froyo ATM.

You sure about that? Why would Motorola's own product specs says Android 2.1 (which isn't Froyo) and 802.11n?

I agree with matter how much one could argue how the specs on android phones are superior to the iphone, the fanboy would just say how the "experience" is so much better. And I have to say, i played with an evo and iphone, and it's pretty much the same to me in general. i think the difference here is the integration from older iphone to a newer iphone. It's the practically the same. However, for android, u have a small learning curve due to the manufacturer's custom skin placed on top of stock. Imma just wait till Froyo to come out and blow the heck out of whatever that ios4 have.

Just watched another vid of the Droid X and honestly nobody is doing this thing justice in one place. The resizable widgets....the desk dock mode with HDMI out the dock...the car dock mode with power to the dock. They are pulling ahead here nicely in the Android realm and again the iPhone really has nothing to match half the features of Android as it is...without what Moto is starting to bring to the table. There is simply no comparison. But the bigger blogs will just bypass the features, talk about the general specs and then say pretty decent phone.

Phil -- a couple pointers:

The Evo does 720p at a max of 24 fps (although it varies with the amount of light).

From the look of it the Droid X also sports a micro HDMI port (like the Evo), not HDMI.

I'll take my Incredible anyday. Perfect size, super fast, love Sense. Now for Froyo! The real winner is Android, however. Better market share equals better app development. Go Android!

That handy chart says nothing about the size of the Droid X, yet I have seen numerous pictures of the thing on here. I am sure someone has a ruler and scale to figure out width, length, depth, and weight? Is the production version going to be that much different from the one in the hands of Android Central?

Except for the slight res diff, lack of front camera, lack of 4G (no mention of kickstand), it is pretty much the same phone as the Evo. Same price, too.

In a way, I guess I'm glad I got the Moto Droid back in November '09. I mean, my phone is completely outdated and it's only been ~8 months. I'm eligible for a discounted phone in July '11. With the insane pace smartphone tech is advancing, who the hell knows what sort of hardware will be available in a year.

The Evo and Sprint service are still the cream of the crop but the race is very close. I like the new Droid. It's funny but not too long ago i was completely against anything that wasn't WebOS. I gotta say these new Android devices are BEASTS!!! I can't wait to see Froyo on my EVO!!!...

Sorry, but yet I am still going to get an soon as I come up with this money lol...though Sprint messes up at times, they do come through with some good products


A user who knows the Droid X's software/hardware inside and out needs to make a video with an iPhone 4 user and an Evo user who also both know their phones inside and out. The X and Evo are both Android but are different because the Evo is Sense and the X is Motoblur 2. Then we can compare the best in Android with the only competition it has fairly.

It should be a series of videos with each one going EXTREMELY in-depth comparing every single feature of each phone. For example, say the feature being shown was "contacts". Each person would one at a time (*not* side by side) show every single thing they can do concerning contacts with their phone- and I mean EVERYTHING. It wouldn't necessarily be a "review", it would be more like just showing what exactly each phone does with each little thing and how well it does it. Potential customers and techies alike need this kind of info to truly determine which phone best suits their needs and is the best buy. They need to know the differences and similarities between the best phones in the industry right now.

Android Central, you need to get a team of guys to get together and do this.

ok it says 512 ram for the X

then 512 ram/rom for the dinc

what is this deference here i dont get it i guess


Thanks for posting this comparison, It sure makes it easier than having to go to a bunch of other websites getting the low down. I love AndroidCentral, make some T-Shirts so I can be proud to share my enthusiasm (T-Shirt Design Contest?)

The onboard 8GB on the X is nice. Looks like a nice comparison sheet vs the iphone.
Next week it there will probably another bigger, badder faster Android phone =)

I hope the front facing camera comes standard all future phones like the EVO's. Also Skype needs to get it's head out of it's of Verizon's contract. They would benefit being on other phones besides just the droids. Heck especially other carries that have better data plans!!! But, I thank Fring for allowing me to use the service =) either way.

LMAO..."The Evo and Sprint service are still the cream of the crop "
Evo is definitely a hot phone, sprint on the other hand... Um. Sprint who? Somenoe needs glasses or a new Job. Sprint hasn't been anything to talk about for a while, let along "cream of the crop"; good thing they merged with Nextel huh? Ha ha, blind leading the blind. I am definitely excited for the X, and beyond!

Well looking at the chart I'm going with the EVO 4g on this one:
1. NO 4g on any of those phones don't know about the Nexus and HSDPA though.
2. No front facing camera and the Iphone is VGA
3. Ram/Rom makes a huge difference EVO has the highest
4. Sprints prices overall destroy the competition with T-mobile a close 2nd.
5. Design, and skins is all up to the user I love HTC Sense but I also root my phone so I can pretty much get whatever I want out of the OS.

HTC makes the best hacked phones out.

I am not sure why we are comparing phones. What we need to compare are the carriers. What works for us. Number one is reception in your area. I wouldn't go to a carrier for a phone no matter how nice it is if I cannot use it. Remember it is a phone first gadget second. Number two is what is the best plan for the price. I must say we pay way to much. A plan should be everything included for a decent price. Third you should be able to walk into any carrier and buy the phone you want. Every carrier should carry the same phones. If I want an apple I should be able to go to Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile and get one. Fourth all towers should be shared. Just think no more bad reception. Fifth if you want a phone that keeps the boredom away buy one that you will be happy with for the two year contract. Remember when the razor came out. Bet you all thought that was the greatest. Lets thank Apple for coming out with apps, without apps what would you do with your phone?

Android is UNIX. We have been calling these devices smartphones.
They are computers. They are the new age. UNIX has been waiting for the time when it can take over the users. This is it. Extremely user friendly, faster than desktops running Microsoft or Apple. Easiest to program, and largest base of programmers, Android is it, and Droid X is just the latest and greatest device, but Droid will soon be in everyones hands and desktops. It is a tsunami to big to stop. Apple isn't leaving us, but will be gradually in the background.