Droid X easy root

Now that you can root your phone without fear of prosecution (not that we were ever really worried about that), you've really got no excuse not to try the latest method on the Droid X. (If you want the "hard" method, click here.) Released by the lads and lassies at All Droid, it's as simple as plugging in your phone, running the app and clicking the appropriate button. Boom. [All Droid via Droid-Life]

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ChapelJuice says:

Nice! Now we need one for the Samsung Captivate! :)

Simba501 says:


Yeah, I'm not brave enough to do the root manually as listed elsewhere. I would absolutely love an easy root option like this.
Please make it happen somebody! I'm in an SAMOLED case of emotion!

mellisnj says:

Is there one this simple for the EVO. Haven't decided whether to root or not. But something as simple as this would make that decision very easy.

weehooherod says:


Just go down the line and click the four buttons.

mellisnj says:

Thanks for the info. Worked well. Now just maybe I will test out some Froyo

KingAndroid says:

Google Unrevoked. It is a temporary root and is great if you just want a taste of root.

weehooherod says:

Don't use unrEVOked, it has weird problems. unrEVOked 2 had broken 4G badly for a bunch of people.

moosc says:

Hopefully with the milestone having custom roms. We can get some for the X

tech42er#AC says:

They cracked the Milestone bootloader and got custom ROMs working? Why didn't anyone tell me?!

Leif says:

So...I could see all of this being done in an easy script...with one exception...how on earth do they turn on and off the wifi (or are there adb commands to do this?)

strikeir13 says:

from what i've read on the successful stories at alldroid.org, it will have you manually switch wi-fi/bluetooth. there may be a prompt or line in the command prompt, dunno cuz i haven't tried it yet myself. seem like the only problems people are having are getting resolved and there have been no reports of maliciousness in the download. sounds legit.

GaMMeLHaNsy says:

is there such an easy way for the htc Desire? I've heared that it's complicated when you have the bootloader 0.8 - which I have =)

oscarahj says:

ahahaha! I thought that picture was a joke! That's awesome. I'll have to check that out. What can I expect? Will my home screens arrangement be wiped out when I first root?

LAZY#AC says:

hey does this mean that we can tether our Droid X without paying extra for that.

weehooherod says:

Yes. Download this:


You can also tether unrooted. Download PDAnet or Easy Tether from the Andrloid Market.

LAZY#AC says:

I have PDAnet but it is not working on my Droid X. But what I really meant was use the 3G Hot Spot or anything the would allow for my phone to give out a WIFI signal. Thanks for answering my first question.

crcr says:

PdaNet is working perfectly on my Droid X. I can tether my netbook, my laptop, or my desktop. I was using PdaNet for a long time on my Droid1, and just transferred it over to my new Droid X.

LAZY#AC says:

That link that you gave we what is it. I tired to install but it said that it will be replacing something but does not say what. How does it work.

has anybody tried this yet? will we be able to still receive the new 2.2 update when it comes out?

Dono74 says:

Man i wish they had this for the hero.! That's awesome!

Is there anybody here to answer our questions?????

beasleybiz says:

Several reports on other forums of success. When I tried to download at work McAffee popped up a warning about spyware. Of course that may be a general warning since it came in a zipped archive with a file called droidxroot. I think I'll give it a few days just to be safe.

yeah somebody make me one of these for my Incredible. the unrEVOkedway is very easy but this would be amazing.

dacp283 says:

You should be able to receive froyo seeing as all you have to do is unroot.

Nice! Cant wait to root my Droid X, that is when it comes in the mail... ):

Piggers says:

Works fine! No problems!

KQCrackberry says:

If you look at your Droid X in the sunlight just to the left of the ear-speaker there are two circles, the smaller circle on the left is the tiny LED notification light, but what is the larger circle directly to the right of that one? (so, in between the speaker and the LED) it looks strikingly like a front facing camera (obv it's not) but it doesn't appear to serve a purpose...

ChapelJuice says:

Proximity sensor...

dacp283 says:

Successful root.

noel8743 says:

Wow that was the easiest thing i have ever done within 5 minutes i am rooted and running barnicle wireless tether!!!freakin amazing

noel8743 says:

Now if we could only get froyo with the push of a single button......

tntdroid says:

Worked great. Just download the zip. Unzip. Plug in phone set to PC turn on debug. Open folder on PC and click droidxroot. Click root then get into wireless settings on phone. Click continue on PC and turn on bluetooth. Done and enjoy. Phone was kinda slow but a reboot fixed that.

dscadden says:

let me lay out a scenario and see if someone can tell me what they think will happen....

say i do this root, and somehow the software is compromised.

first, will i be able to unroot or restore the phone?

second, if unrooted, will verizon know that i rooted the phone, and will they refuse me a warranty claim?


tech42er#AC says:

If you root, you can undo all your changes and unroot so that Verizon cannot tell you were ever rooted. Of course, I don't know what you mean by "somehow the software is compromised."

Godwellz says:

DONE! Worked great. Well, not at first, but...

Got stuck on the "Installing Motorola Drivers" crap for a sec, but just went into DRIVERS folder (after I unzipped DROIDXROOT.zip file) and installed the proper one manually then hit DroidXRoot.exe and it ran fine. I know it was mentioned by tntdroid already, but turn the bluetooth on then hit 'continue' annnd viola!

stillMAT1K says:

i'm stuck on 'installing motorola drivers' as well...it fails and says it cant find my droid. I tried installing the drivers manually too even tried repairing it....no luck though. :\

Still can't remove all these default APPS.....Any ideas to make sure the phone is rooted?????

stillMAT1K says:

"cant find DroidX device... Root Failed." any ideas? :\

GatorPT says:

am i missing something? i click the root me button and it just takes me back to te main page?how do i root my X easy way

l0nd0n3 says:

I have the Droid X with 2.2 can I use this to root my phone? Besides being able to tether what are other advantages to rooting my phone? Thanks

can someone help me with rooting my droid x i run the program but it says cant find device

burtdaddy#AC says:

Nothing happens when I click root now

jjaehn21 says:

This is so amazing so now when i watch porn and save it to my phone it wont go away!!! <3 I love this!!!!!!
-kyle deckar

jjaehn21 says:

I do the same thing!!!!!

jjaehn21 says:

dude victoria franz is soooo hot!!

jjaehn21 says:

I know!!! <3

do you do this from computer or droid when i click on it all it does is pull up tha same pic

i did all the steps on my droid x but when it shows the command prompt it says action denied denied denied. jeeze then it says now you should be rooted but im not?? HELP!!!!