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Motorola has updated its, erm, update chart, and we've got two changes. Unsurprisingly after yesterday's announcement, the original Droid has been changed to "Upgrade to Android 2.2 expected to begin the week of August 2." And the Droid X now has "Upgrade to Android 2.2 expected in late summer." There's a whole bunch of Android 2.1 listed for Moto's other phones, but Froyo's all anybody's interested in now, right? [Motorola]

Motorola Froyo updates


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Droid X gets Froyo in 'late summer', Motorola says [#Froyogeddon]


Ehh, later than I was hoping for, but at least it isn't too far off. Hopefully they'll include some bug fixes and improve the interface..

So much for the update gonna be released at the same time for both. I hear bells ringing, they're singing Android 2.1 all over again. Should have kept my Droid instead of going ahead with my new contract. Just shoot me my wife's not gonna let me out of this one. She has a Droid still. Oh well, I guess it will be that much better for the the X! At least I hope it will be. Wait Droid 2 is gonna launch with 2.2. This is totally unacceptable Motorola. Get your junk together over there in Schaumburg for heavens sake. GEEZ!

Is it a manufacturer agreement with Google or what? Why would the Droid x and Droid get 2.2 before the Vibrant?

It will go from late summer....then early fall...then q4...and that's what everyone gets for buying a phone with a locked bootloader =p

maybe, just maybe, some people (like myself) don't care and stock just works perfectly fine for them

I don't get it: why can't all the Droid phones (Droid, Droid X and Incredible) get the 2.2 update at the same time, either OTA or from a web download?

Different hardware. Also the Inc is fro a different manufacturer altogether, its up to HTC (not Moto) on that one

Actually it was released for the evo yesterday, before being pulled, but I was lucky enough to download it, and I am loving it.

Froyo for the X will be released when the Droid 2 comes out. They use the same Motoblur skin thing and is launching with 2.2. So once they finally announce the Droid 2 we may have a more solid release date.

Will there be a new rooting procedure for Droid 1 & X after the 2.2 OTA update? I just did a warranty swap on my D1 yesterday and decided to wait to root it b/c the update is so close. If anyone has an answer/info thanks in advance!
Edit- the D1 I exchanged was rooted with Cyanogen 5.0.8 running 2.1. Had a defective physical keyboard.

The droid should get 2.2 first. We've waited the longest. And with it's success it made phones like the incredible and X possible. If it had failed they may never had been made.

lets face it, the only reason you get froyo first is because it has vanilla and not gay motoblur. the x is far superior to the OG droid. it does not matter about who waited longer or nothing like that. if that was the case the Eris would have gotten 2.1 before the Moto Droid and that did not happen. so right there your argument is invalid. thank you have a good day.

WOW! Even with all the announcements of devices getting 2.2 within the next month you guys still manage to find something to whine about. For months you whined for an announcement and now you have it but it's not good enough.

The reason they are not all released at the same time, in the case of the Droids, would be that it would put too much strain on the network. Androids are not the only phones they carry. Before you say they are the only ones that matter, to you, not the majority of their customers.

Just think, in less than a month, most of you will have virtual iPuke killers.

Technically, Summer doesn't until about September 21st or 22nd. A little longer that 35 days I'm afraid.

You guys need to chill out. I am sure they are working to get it out as quickly as possible. It should not be all at once, it should be when it is ready.

That is tough. Smartphones have definitely fallen into the technology race. I would treat it like I do all technology. Get the one that has the features I want and looks good to me. Impossible to keep up unless you allocate all your disposable income to it. I have a life so not an option for me.

I wish we had more choice up here in Canada. Only moto phones are a bunch of crappy little motoblur phones. I would love to see a DX variant come here. HTC Desire going to Telus and Samsung GS Vibrant ( not the same as the T-mobile) coming to Bell.

I wait patiently....

Hanson- I agree! My only "bitch" at this point is wondering if I should upgrade my D1 to the X only to have Motorola release a 2 ghz phone 6 months later.
Stay with a rooted D1 and wait for a 2ghz phone or take the plunge and buy the X. Decisions decisions...

This is my problem with moto, first, the Droid reach the end of life with verizon. Second the DX was released on July 15, 16 days ago. It is consider the flagship for verizon without Froyo. Now verizon and moto is releasing the Droid 2 with froyo. So, why would a phone that has reach the end of life get the update to froyo before your flagship phone. As a matter of fact Verizon is not even pushing the D2 the way they advertise the DX. To me and maybe a lot of people who has the DX, we feel if any phone should have froyo fist. Would be MOTOROLA DROID X, and not DROID 1 OR DROID 2.

But I still love my DROID X, it's the best phone Verizon has on the market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They r giving the update to the droid because there r more droids sold then any other android phone todate. Android blew up after the droid was released. I hope everyone gets it soon. Be patient X and Inc owners. Some of us have waited a lot longer.

late summer is what they've been saying since Gizmodo got it's early preview. the article is not an update, well as far as the X is concerned.

Late summer has been expected for the DX (summer ends September 22/23, so maybe September?). I would love to see a surprise August DX 2.2 rollout.

god why is everyone pitting android devices against each other,i'd settle for droidx as much as i love my evo haha! i want them allllllllllllll

My NE2 is up. I wish they'd announce the D2 release date. I don't know whether to just get a Droid 1 right now for $150 or to wait and see what the D2 costs... Thoughts?

That's okay since I don't mind the wait. Got the Droid X a few days ago and I'm still learning about the 2.1 that is currently on my X. I have nothing to whine about. ;)

Yeah that pretty much blows. I don't get it, wouldn't it be easier for everyone to just roll out to every body at the same time?

This is bullshit, Motorola never gives a straight answer. It always seems like it's a riddle with these guys. Android 2.2 coming for the original Droid next week and the Droid 2 on launch day (Aug 12) but the Droid X late summer! It is late summer! Don't get me wrong I had the original Droid and loved it and I do kinda miss it but I love my X, and I want 2.2. It's like Motorola is just saying screw the X by giving the Droid 2 Froyo first, If Motorola want s to keep my business and the business of others that feel the same they need to quit being so vague when it comes to release dates.

It has nothing to do with "who has waited the longest" or "but, the DX is Verizon's flagship" it has everything to do with the fact that the OG Droid is Vanilla Android. No Blur to have to put on top like with the X. Think of it logically I promise Moto/Verizon are not trying "to screw the X" good god that makes absolutely no sense at all. Why would they do that? Calm down it is coming. Your phones still work and they work with what you bought the phone to run. 2.2 was a promise nothing more. We will all live with our phones until 2.2 comes to them. You all act like there is some crazy X-Files reason that Motorola and Verizon are not letting the X get 2.2 first you sound like a bunch of babies.

Verizon apparently didn't learn from their first mistake when they sold out of Incredibles... Now the X is backed up until August 18th. It pisses me off that they market a product so heavily with advertising yet when you want to make the purchase, you're told, "sorry, there are none left. You'll have to wait a month..." I guess the first lesson in "supply and demand" with the Incredible didn't jar the heads of Verizon's marketing team. Must be nice to make 6 figures and suck at your job...

I strongly believed that everybody it getting tired of such bs froyo the future the carrier that updates first their devices will be the #1 preferences...right now seen sprint beat it up. The rest still bs....

Wow here we go again with the bashing... i am glad the Droid guys are getting 2.2 next week. I am a very happy Droid X owner and will gladly wait for my turn.

If you want to blame anyone for the shortage of X's point the finger at moto. They were the ones claiming to be able to keep up with demand.

I can wait a few more weeks for my DX to get froyo 2.2. By then I will have test driven it on my Incredible (hopefully the DI gets it the first of next week )Woot! Woot ! :D lol

So, since A-the DI froyo update has already been leaked as a ROM, and B-HTC already has scheduled the Evo update for next week that includes Sense, could we pretty much expect the DI to get its update next Friday like has previously been rumored?

Late summer would be in August sometime , so no big deal , a few weeks away , I think the hype over 2.2 is just that , all hype . My Incredible is blazing fast with 2.1 and the phone is just fine the way it is , when 2.2 comes it comes , not losing any sleep over its arrival

yes, droid x on 2.2 will feature a front facing camera and a new "holo" skin using psycho-hallucinogen technology, meaning it will change shape depending on your mood! It will also be 4g, completely 3d(w/o glasses), and sync directly with your cochlea, avoiding those pesky bluetooth earpieces.

That's why people can't wait for it!

Let's get one thing clear, no one is complaining or whining, we have a right to voice our concern, likes or dislikes. It's a part of life, we have the right or we pay for the right to voice or likes and dislikes with Verizon and Moto! We pay for the services and for the phone. SO EVERYONE EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!!!!!


CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since summer is over about August 20th I guess it will be her sometime before that since that would really be late summer and LMU I have the Droid X and Inc and your are right they are both fine the way they are.

Had a droid 1 and now x. Loved it. But can't understand why anyone that has it hates on the x. I hope they realize that the version of 2.2 that will be on the d1 will have the same launcher as on the x. Don't be jealous. You can easily update and now we have root too so please calm down and tell us all about overclocking. Once more please.

Is there any convenient way to sync music from the Mac to the X? So far the only ways I've found were bluetoothing media to my phone (which isnt fast) and plugging the phone in as a mass storage device and drag-and-dropping media (which isnt convenient).