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Team DeFuse has overclocked the Droid X and Droid 2 to CPU speeds upwards of 2 GHz.  Yes, 2 Ghz.  We don't have a lot of details, aside from a couple pictures and a short video that doesn't really show us anything, so these guys know how to tease and hold our attention as well as overclock their hardware.  Word is that a stable version is in the works and they plan on releasing it to the rest of the world soon.  In the meantime, I'd love to see a couple benchmarks to see how it affects CPU performance.  Throw us a bone, fellas!  The mentioned teaser video is after the break.   [Droid-Life]

Update: According to the developer of SetCPU, we've all been duped: "Okay, the 2GHz video is a deliberate and obvious hoax, not even confusion."  It's a shame, I was really wanting this for the X and the D2, and I know a lot of you guys did as well.  Note to hackers -- don't get upset when asked for proof before we write up your work in the future.

Update 2: We love nerdfights! (especially when we aren't doing any of the fighting).  Up top is a new video we just received, along with some choice words for the SetCPU developer.  I'm not really sure what the video is trying to show, so I'll be blunt -- I want to believe, but I want benchmarks.  George W said it best -- "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, we don't get fooled again."

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Droid X, Droid 2 Overclocked to 2GHz -- and higher [update 2: we love nerdfights]


I'm going to call fake on this one. On my Evo 1.19GHz is shown as "1190400" *7 digits* while that picture of the Droid X up there 2.5GHz is shown as "2100000000" *10 digits*. Unless he somehow has his SetCPU to be precise down the the millionth of a MHz I think its fake.

I dont see the point here at all. How lame, I have a 2 ghz phone, and when I swipe the screen it doesnt respond until the 3rd or 4th try???? What is the point in all this?? I didnt see one thing in that video except for the big numbers that showed the phone being any faster. Maybe Im missing something

I agree. Not sure if I want to call fake or not just yet. 2Ghz is cool and all, but considering the battery life on these phones now versus what everyone would like them to be I see no point in it? And as far as showing benchmarks he can't, because it isn't stable if he is doing it. As soon as he tries to do anything it locks completely up or reboots.

Technology has progressed cause of people like this. If we all just sat back and let something happen we wouldn't have computers or cell phones to begin with.

Please the more people that hack and try and make things better and better the farther we will all be in technology faster. I wish we had more people trying to do things like this.

So someone making an application to overclock a processor is progressing technology? I think it's making processors faster at a stock speed is progressing instead of overclocking a 1Ghz to 2Ghz which will only stress the chip and make it something it wasn't designed to be. Let's create a natural 2Ghz chip instead of an overclocked, overstressed, unaturally running chip.

That was bull shit. Didn't show the phone going thru any of it's regular duties because it can't. All show no go. If I was to make a vid with thos #'s I would at least show that the device is usable at that speed. This guy was just flashing. All show & no go. Great phone but not at 2000 ghz.

I hope you realize that by the time the tech meets the market it is already out dated. the entire Intel core i3,i5 and i7 lines are already done and they are starting to make their next line by now. we dont see it for a while and that is because they must prototype it and test it then finalize it and test it and then give it to the hardware people so they can make drivers manufacturers then to the distributors and on and on... so while we overclock phones to 2 GHz they probably are making them right now that can do that without overclocking. if anyone thinks that this stuff is really where our tech really is would be mistaken. we are farther behind then one would really like to think.

Motorola did say they would have a 2GHz by the end of the year. I just didn't think this is what they meant.

So a millionth of a MHz would be a Hz right? :-)

So the regular overclock mean nothing had mine running at 1.4 personally I wouldn't run mine at 2.0 battery is bad enough at 1.0

Epic 4g runs stable at 1.3 with same battery life as stock. But lets instead do articles on unstable B.S. overclocks that nobody has access too or would really want if they did.

So does the Evo. And Captivate. And Vibrant. And Nexus One. And Fascinate. And Hero. And Eris. None of those phones were supposed to be unhackable.

Hero and eris stable at 1.3ghz with same battery life as stock? Link to those kernels please. That is an article worth posting.

Not to be a a-hole but the title and the story suggests otherwise. I would just like to see cookers that put in all their time and effort to actually release a great custom kernel that works and we can download get on the front page and not just guys who maybe faked a overclocked kernel that isn't even stable or available no matter what phone we are talking about.

He wrote an app that looks like a benchmark. Easy hoax. You do not overclock a 1gz cpu to 2 or 3ghz without extreme cooling. And the "testing" showed a phone much laggier than my nexus one.

Dude...don't quote that man. No seriously. All politics aside...When you quote you validate what someone says and the level of stupidity in that quote is beyond even the internetS into some form of transdimensional realm of stupidity, that breaks all concepts of space, time, but most importantly....thought.

Am I reading that right? That's definitely not 7 digits, looked like "2100000000000000".

Besides, you'd have already fried the CPU and battery unless you heavily undervolted.