Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger for Droid X

The Motorola Droid X is a a looker to be sure. And to properly show it off on your desk or bedside table, you're going to want to check out the Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger. But it's more than just a way to keep your Droid X charged. 

The Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger also will serve up high-definition video from your Droid X to your television, via a port in the rear of the charger. You'll have to provide your own HDMI cable, though. But it does come with a lengthy microUSB charger, so you'll have no problem keeping your phone juiced.

The dock itself is a matte black plastic.There's a large, metal bar that extends about halfway up the rear of the phone, to keep it from falling out and damaging the microUSB and HDMI ports. It also has a magnet that senses the Droid X nearby and launches the multimedia desktop mode (more on that in a second). The bottom of the dock is made of a nonstick rubber, so it won't go sliding around your desk.

The Droid X sits sideways and automatically switch into a special multimedia desktop mode when inserted. You get a big clock with the date, weather info, plus easy access to alarm settings, a dimmer button, and music and photo icons.

The Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger for Droid X is available now in the Android Central Store for $39.95. We've got more pictures of it in action after the break.

Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger for Droid XMotorola Multimedia Desktop Charger for Droid X

Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger for Droid XMotorola Multimedia Desktop Charger for Droid X


Reader comments

Droid X dock review: Motorola Multimedia Desktop Charger

I'm quick to bitch at manufacturers, so it's only right that I say Good job Moto! This looks like a very nice piece of equipment, thats well made and useful. I'd buy one in a heartbeat if I had an X.

Not a chance. I just got this for my birthday a few weeks ago and it has a plug for both the Micro USB & HDMI ports.

As is always the case, looks like it does not fit with a case. I'm not taking off my case just to put it in the dock.

I wonder if I could mod it so my stinc, I mean dinc would fit. Maybe if it had a real hdmi port.

One of the many things I like about Moto is all the accessories they come out with for their products.

I have two Moto Docks for my Moto Droid 1: One by my bed (my phone is my alarm clock) and one on my desk at work. Best add-on I ever bought with my phone. . . well that and the Moto S9-HD Bluetooth Headphones.

ProTip: If you use this at your desk (like I do), install EasySMS from the market and with limited setup work you will be able to respond to (and compose) text messages from any browser.

This comes in handy since having to remove and put back the DX in the dock all the time is sort of a hassle since it fits so snug in the dock.

Seeing this really makes me eager for something like this for my MT4G. It already has an awesome looking "desk dock" app/mode which I am anxious to try out. Good job motorola and c'mon HTC/tmobile!

I have the Nexus One with the desktop dock and charger. The Nexus dock ports music to my bose stereo system. When You place the phone in the dock the bluetooth automatically turns on so you can remove the phone from the dock and it still ports the music to the stereo system. You can walk around and control the music with the phone in your hand. Great set up and the best thing about it is the sound is unbelievable. I bet the Motorola can do the same thing.

I really do like this dock, I've had it since the release. The only thing I wish it did better was mount and unmount with a little more ease. You have to use two hands. Kinda a pain. If you've ever had a blackberry I those docks were awesome. I guess they had to figure some way to get the HDMI to connect. Over all good dock.