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If you've been suffering from a buggy Motorola Droid X after getting last month's Gingerbread update, let's see if today's bugfix update doesn't clear things up for you. The update brings you to Version 4.5.602. Chatter in our Droid X forums indeed point to some minor fixes, including hardware button lights, a slightly faster UI, and a new radio.

Source: Droid X forums; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Droid X bugfix update now available


So now that they've gotten the bugs fixed in the Gingerbread release, can the Droid 2 finally get its update to GB???

Too bad the Bugs were so bad that i just turned my X in for a new (and free) X2... The X2 better not have the same issues as the X or i am going to be upset with myself...

I really hope this fixes things. Gingerbread has made my DX all but useless. If this doesn't work, I'm done with it.

I had two buddies turn in their X for a free X2 because of the bug issues last week LOL just in time. They both have no issues with X2....

Were they up for a new phone with Verizon per their contract, or did they just complain about the issues with the Droid X and they were given a free X2 in place of it? I assume at this point, since they have released an update, that they would stop swapping the X2 out with the X for free. Might have to try though!

Huh? Sorry, I can't understand what you said here.

Were you able to download the update from VZW and install on your rooted DX? If so, I might give it a try.

UPDATE: I did the OTA mod, which worked, but Root was lost to me.

I have had the leaked 2.3.3 GB on my Droid X, never updated to 2.3.4, and I'd like to do so now...what is the best way to do it? I'm not rooted, and have no intention of doing so. Do I just need to wipe the phone and start over?

Talk about irony...I have just reach my end with the problems that my DX have given me as of late. Lets see if this update, provides a stay of execution...otherwise VZW is getting a visit tonight! I can't deal with the keyboard issues anymore.

Just updated...The lag when pressing the phone button to call a contact to when it actually started to dial is gone...The hard key lights stay on all the time (not sure if they are supposed to time out at some point), but they didnt turn on before the update which I actually liked. It doesn't seem faster but I dont think you would know that unless you did a speed test. Not sure what else is improved. I got another year with this phone so lets hope it stays healthy

After the update, the first thing I tried was to type a text message. It locked up. I pulled the battery. Rebooted and tried again. Same as before the update. Still lagging, still randomly closing keyboard interfaces.


i hope they release an update that fixes the Atrix GB bugs soon too. froyo was so much more stable...FAIL...i hope google takes control of their software development team and puts an end to all this bull

Two hours into the update and some problems are gone, but some still remain. My reception is still awful. I went from a consistent 4 signal bars on Froyo to 1 or 2 bars. My camera is still incredibly buggy. After taking two or three consecutive pictures, the phone will freeze up and require a battery pull. I thought I left battery pulls behind when I ditched the old POS BB Tour. There's no more lag in the dialer, but it doesn't seem to matter much since my reception is complete crap now. I'm out of my warranty on the phone, and a year off of an upgrade. I'll make due and hope Ice Cream Sandwich fixes everything that Gingerbread broke, but for now, I have no plans on getting another Android phone.

Don't need a warranty if a pushed update jacked it up. Take it in and. Get X2..... or do what so many of us have done, root and move to the big beautiful world of custom roms.

I've thought about rooting, but I'm at the point where it's not an acceptable solution. If I have to root my phone to fix the basic functionality of the phone, I'd rather ditch the phone and get something that works correctly. For me, rooting the DX would only be a band aid solution to fundemental problems. I rooted my OG Droid, and as nice as some of the many ROMs were, I always ended up back to stock. I thing it's time to deal with Verizon. If they're up to help fix the problem, more power to them.

They are giving you a new Droid X or Droid X2? I assume you complained about the bug issues. Im thinking of doing the same. Out of curiousity, what would the point of just getting a new Droid X be? Is the hardware in it newer and less likely to bug outlike the older ones? I have a hard time believing that.

Yeah that doesn't make any sense. It's a software issue, not a hardware issue. Has anyone else tried calling Verizon? I remember back when I had a BB that they gave me a Bold for my Tour for free because of all the problems I had with it.

I fucking hate them for taking so long, you all know senior grad night? This update totally fucked me the whole time! Two measly pictures and another fucking battery pull! I mean did they even power up droid x before the update? Its very obvious right from the very beginning that the update is fucked as soon as the phone is booted! Hard to believe a company didnt test a single droid x before launch, retards. A month for such a fix is insanely unforgiveable, galaxy considering it.

This seems like a good place to mention that I never got the Gingerbread update. It would download, then the install would fail. The phone then tried again on its own a few times, but a few weeks ago it stopped even bothering. What's the deal?

As far as getting a new Droid X, I've gotten the go-ahead from VZW to do it, but it wouldn't solve any of my problems. My issues with the Droid X GB update were known to us users, but it didn't seem like VZW or Motorola cared about it enough to (A) test extensively to ensure no bugs or the fewest possible were out there in the initial update, and (B) to update it once they had enough users (CUSTOMERS, VZW and MOTO!) calling in with the same/similar issues.

Getting a replacement Droid X meant that it still would have GB installed, and it would have been a "previously used" phone. I got mine new. Why would I trade in for the same thing used with the same problems? They should have allowed folks to upgrade to a newer product (X2) or allowed everyone an early upgrade right off. Seriously. I couldn't make phone calls or send SMS messages without doing a battery pull as a result of the data drop. WHat's the point of having a phone that can't do either? Palm pilot, anyone?

Hopefully, this (long awaited- early June for me) update solves the issues we were all having. On my end, so far, so good. But only time will tell...


BTW- to be allowed a new phone, I had to call into Verizon Customer Care EVERY time a data drop occurred and let them waste their time in trying to figure it out. I knew it was an issue with the software, but...what can you do? Just took some persistence.

I would absolutely download the update, if you haven't already. Haven't had a single data drop, my camera seems to be working just fine, etc. The way I see it, it couldn't be any worse than the seemingly untested Gingerbread release we got in the first place. IMHO.

Called Verizon a few weeks and told them my Droid X was useless after update and was overheating, not a lie but may have embellished on how often it was happening. Called around 9pm and they said they would overnight me a X2! Thought they were bs'ing me but sure enough it shipped out at 1am and had it in hand by noon the next day! No problems whatsoever with this one!

Does anyone else's Droid X make a random screeching noise after the the update? Mine is and Verizon is giving me the run around.

My DroidX is still running Froyo - should the updates have come OTA or were they optional? From what I'm reading it seems I'm better off not getting the update.

Haven't had any screeching noises, thank God. Seems to running perfectly now. Has anyone else noticed the notification light seems to have different colors than before? Weird. I only had a blue blinking light before for all my notifications, but I've had yellow this morning. Am I missing something?