Motorola Droid RAZR/RAZR MAXX

Last night was just the teaser. Today's the day, folks. After so many rumored dates have come and gone, Verizon has made it official that the Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX -- twins in every way except for battery size -- will get their update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich starting June 22. Today. The update also will turn on GSM world roaming capabilities, update a number of Moto's apps, improve mobile hotspot performance and Bluetooth audio, and you've got a new settings menu as well.

So be on the lookout for this one today, and be sure to hit up our Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX forums to spread the world. You can find the full details of the update at the link below.

Update: Not to confuse matters, but Motorola's just put out a post of its own, saying "A select number of DROID RAZR by Motorola and DROID RAZR MAXX by Motorola owners will start receiving the upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich this week as part of our standard upgrade process; broader deployments will come over the coming days."

So Verizon says it's starting today, Motorola says it's starting slowly this week.

Source: Verizon, update changelog (pdf)


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Droid RAZR/RAZR MAXX get Ice Cream Sandwich!


This is is gonna be one deformed "baby" if it's that early. =p

By that I mean bugs. Lol

I'd be pissed off if there is EVEN ONE BUG in this OTA.

The Evo 3D did get ICS.
The one on Virgin Mobile (Evo V 4G) is rocking it from day one.
To bad the parent company Sprint see fit to keep us original Evo 3D owners hating the fact that we bought this version of the Evo.

Same with my Atrix 2 - good value for the $1 I spent on it, but they're killing me with the locked bootloader and lack of ICS. The Atrix 2 has a lot of the same internals as the's hoping.

Man i was gonna go through the hassle of flashing it ....thank God VZW finally got with it....and my GS3 will be here soon..i wonder what ill have 1st: ICS on the Razr or my GS3? Taking all

Droid Bionic owner got a leak ICS yesterday ! Its running like butter bug free. Very nice job did moto blur + ics 4.0.4 it's beautiful. I am surprise that Ac didn't mention it.

My buddy said he has it to on his bionic ...said the same thing ..its butter...i love it on the Razr...Moto did a hell of a job ....i never thought id say that about Moto software but hey they did the damn thing!

wonder if the procedure that we recently used to force the update for the 4.04 Nexus would work here? I'll have to find it on the boards and try it tonight.

Congrats on the Razr twins/owners! I can't wait until my LG Spectrum gets ICS. It's a good phone, beast with ICS. LG's ICS UI doesn't look half as bad. Let's see if my 32GB PB SGS3 gets here before my Spectrum gets ICS;)

Lucky!! All these devices seem to be getting their upgrades this week. Meanwhile back at the ranch, Sprint (Ahem, Samsung) cannot ship my SGS3 nor has it released an ICS update for my SGS2 to tie me over.... Thanks Sprint!!!!

Arrived tonight on my wife's Maxx,one huge issue , cannot choose cdma only post ics update,see the comment I'm about to leave!

Seriously, where's the AC love about the fact us Bionic folks finally got or ICS leak yesterday?

I got to tech support told em hey i need to wipe my phone because my email isnt synching (an old Problem i had knowing the only fix is a wipe) i told him i had this problem before and i had to wipe my phone and i heard ICS is being pushed and i don't want to set my phone back up twice in a week sk can you push it to my phone.....he said no but the release starts on the 27th if i want to wait and not wipe my phone

Major issue with the RAZR Maxx ICS update! You cannot disable 4G!
The only network options are the default of Global, LTE/CDMA , GSM/UTMS!
I'm sure there will be a hack but for now my wife's Maxx will be stuck on 4G unless at home on wifi!

I will not apply the update when it arrives on my work RAZR until cdma only is an option as the battery on the regular RAZR is toast in no time on my non Maxx / normal RAZR!

Am I missing something here? I am sleepy but think I'd find the cdma only option if it were available...
Odd seeing the GSM option as I've always been with cdma carriers ...

I didn't even know we could turn 4G off in the first place. Why would you want to? I hardly see this as a problem.

If your in a non-4g area so it doesn't kill the battery looking for a 4g signal. I had to do that with my Evo 3D because Sprints 4g coverage is awful even in Clearwater FL.

With a regular RAZR the battery lasts no time on LTE, so i always choose CDMA only. My wife's RAZR Maxx updated to ICS and the CDMA only option is gone.
When my work RAZR has the ICS update appear I'll defer until an option to choose CDMA 3G only is available as on LTE my RAZR (work phone, my main device is a GNex) won't last but for a few hours on LTE.

Woke up this morning at 4:30am and there was the update.

Works great. Missing a few widgets I am used to and broke my razr dock app. But other then that working great.

Now can use Chrome and sync my Web pages. Yes!!!!'s 9:29am on Sunday 6/24. Still no update. What gives??
Anyone know of a trick to force the update? Maybe a link?

I wish this was Sprint! When I had Sprint, I got the GB update early next day. I guess there is a benefit of being on a network with so few people on it. Lol. Good luck everyone, I'm still waiting. Clearwater FL.

Being that I have not found anyone that received the ICS OTA, I am starting to believe that it's a unicorn. Often talked about.....never seen in person.

Not sure what the hold up is, still no ICS OTA here for my Razr Maxx. Lake Suzy, FL.

Hitting "System Updates" won't accomplish anything. When it is pushed to your phone the screen will be full of the update notice. Going to System Updates will only work if you got the update notice and you clicked the button that says download later.

Why downgrade because of a late update? But the problem with iOS is all the choices you have. You can either get the iPhone, iPhone or the iPhone and last but not least, the iPhone. Good luck with either choice.

You guys got to realize that this is no small update and there are millions of Razr owners. So Verizon is letting it out slowly so it doesn't crash anything. I don't know why everyone is saying its another test, ITS NOT! There are people who where apart of no prior testing who are getting it. Just be patient, that's the "problem" of being on the best/biggest network.

You guys got to realize that this is no small update and there are millions of Razr owners. So Verizon is letting it out slowly so it doesn't crash anything. I don't know why everyone is saying its another test, ITS NOT! There are people who where apart of no prior testing who are getting it. Just be patient, that's the "problem" of being on the best/biggest network.

no... as far as I can tell its the actual update.. you just install it as if you were doing a restore

If i don't get the update in the morning. I'm going to try the link posted above ... Verizon should be ashamed ... they have us acting like ICS junkies willing to do almost anything for the update.

Just hit check software update on mine and its installing now! I got mine in Either January or February.. Cant recall now.. it was right before the MAXX came out, if that makes a difference. I saw on CNET that we are just in time for Jelly Bean to start hitting beta lol but I wont complain its sorta like getting a new phone. Hopefully nothing substantially buggy will happen.