Motorola Droid RAZR

Yep, there it is. The Motorola Droid RAZR. Cause when you tease something, chances are it's not lurking too far behind. And such was the case with that Droid RAZR teaser site, as many an Android snooper is now discovering. Thin. Presumably light. With that carbon-fiber/Kevlar-esque back. We'll get a better look at Tuesday's event.



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Droid RAZR teaser site not that much of a tease


I'm sure hardware buttons won't be a determining factor for ICS compatibility (especially if that leaked video of the Nexus S with a early build of ICS means anything).

I'm guessing Phil means it will have Gingerbread on launch and it will later be upgraded to ICS later in the year or Q1 2012? That's how these things go typically.

Yeah true. I'm positive ICS will work with and without hardware buttons. But I imagine most brand new phones with ICS out the door will not have any hardware buttons (especially the higher end ones).

I agree. This is certainly going to set a trend for the later half of next year (maybe sooner!)

Wait! That's it? If an Android phone has hardware buttons this means it will not get ICS? Not even the Nexus S? Well, I doubt that...

So Motorola made a thinner and slightly faster Droid X2 w/ LTE. Great! Well maybe not... seeing that the bootloader will be locked down tighter than a drum. So meh another Motoblunder. All the while LG, Samsung, HTC and hell even Sony are now getting on board the unlocked phone bandwagon. Hey Moto! Wake up!

I would bet you do not have any friends. The better the quality gets the more hating goes down. Doesn't matter what they do it will be S Off, rooted and custom Rom flashed. Smile, the hardware just keeps getting better.Choices are great to have, could be worse, look at the I-Phone, no choices and locked down tite as a ducks ass.

No friends? harsh. So umm S-Off is an HTC thing... furthermore, the motorola bootloader has yet to be hacked so... no :P Yes, it'll be rooted, and yes it will have custom roms but that does not mean an unlocked bootloader. No custom kernels :(

That's Motorola's styling and I happen to like it. Samsung puts their humps on the bottom, Motorola puts theirs at the top. I think this device is sexy. I love my Bionic but this definitely a little envious.

It's definitely a "to each his own" as far as styling. I know why Moto does it, I just think it can be better "engineered". As far as Samsung, their "hump" is mainly ergonomics, and I think it actually makes the phone easier/better to hold while not detracting from the style. But, again, to each his own.

How does Samsung's bottom hump make it easier to hold? I think Moto's hump makes it easier/better because it can rest on your finger. Not seeing how the bottom hump helps.. Something to grab onto when holding in landscape?

Not sure how Moto's hump can rest on your finger. Just not picturing that. For Samsung ... yes, it's something to hold onto when in landscape, and it's also contoured to make it even better (similarly to a contoured computer mouse).

Not sure how you hold your phone, but a lot of the time when i'm holding mine my index finger is extended up underneath the hump on my DX. And it also works nicely as something to hold onto when in landscape.

I'd say the Moto hump design is better. It allows the top to rest on your top figure while gripped in portrait, gives that landscape grip option you mentioned with Samsung's, plus it makes it nice to use when set on a flat surface in portrait.

Moto's hump on the DX and Bionic is very functional. Try one - you will instinctively rest you finger on the hump while holding the thing to you head. Makes a big difference, especially on a phone that size. However, from an aesthetic point of view, I can totally understand why people don't like it. I think it's kind of ugly too.

This one is better than the bionic. I have the bionic too, but i felt that they did not put the usually build quality on the bionic.

With Motorola still touting their Bionic as THE phone to get on Verizon, I wonder what the selling point of this is going to be? That it's thinner? Curious to see what is "smarter" and "faster" about it. Otherwise, I am not getting why the RAZR is so cutting edge.

Bcs they fixed the crappy pentile display with something better....I don't know just reaching here....The Bionic's downfall is the bad gives the term Moto Blur a whole new meaning....

I still don't understand why people say the pentile screen is crappy. How hard are you looking at the screen?

Well, I'd look at it the other way. Why get a Bionic when you can get a RAZR? I think Verizon will have an extremely hard time selling the Bionic once the RAZR hits the shelves.

I do agree with you. The bionic is a great device i have it but if i have to choose, i will go with the razor. It has better display, build quality and thinner.

I got the Bionic on launch. Im not mad. Why should I be? Despite what the haters say, it's actually a pretty awesome phone. Easily the most badass phone on Verizon and I'd put it up against the GS2 and Iphone 4S.

I dont expect Moto to stop release devices because the Bionic came out. They have to keep moving forward. Besides, this RAZR doesnt look like much of an upgrade over the Bionic anyway. If it's not running ICS, it'll offer the same exact experience as the Bionic.

I agree, I picked up the Thunderbolt the day Verizon was ging to stop their no limit data plan. I also own a Sensation from T-Mobile and several other top phones. Out of all the phones I enjoy the Thunderbolt more then them all. I think the Bionic is a great phone, more complaints are coming from people who never even held one or for that matter even seen one. It is a great device getting lot's of development. I think the screen isn't nearly as bad as is yapped about. I may still pick one up at a good price. I really like the way it feels in the hand and you can not beat the speed. Some of the hacking going on with is great stuff. Enjoy that great device and don't listen to the haters.

the razor has 1.2 and a better display. I did not like the build quality on the bionic. The bionic is a future proof device and it will get better when they fix the bugs with the update :) .

This is why I buy my phones at Costco. 90-day returns FTW. I'm still looking at probably getting the Prime when it comes out.

Motorola really does have a neck for making the ugliest phones! I guess some people like these designs but to me it's just horrible!

The next Nexus is going to put this poor thing to shame. So this will kill the Bionic which is only how old? and then this will get eaten by the Nexus within a few hours of being announced.

And I'm sure Verizon is going to quietly sweep the Bionic under the rug whenever this phone and the Nexus are released. Bionic what?

they need to put their resources on a couple of phones, this is getting rediculous, dx2, bionic, razr, droid3. The dx2, bionic, razr should've been one phone, a good touch screen while the keyboard is covered with the droid3. They can focus on a couple of phones, better customer experience rather then 2 pulled update and one that bricks phone. my 2 cents

I purchased a Droid X when it first came out, thinking that Moto had changed for the better. Despite the obvious flaws of the locked down system and Motoblur, from a hardware standpoint it has also disappointed continuously. Battery door ceased to stay put twice, so I had to pay $5 each time for a replacement (hey thanks Moto for making ME pay for your shitty design flaw). I grew tired of waiting for OS updates from Moto and then I had to replace the original when it refused to update to 2.3. Through all of this the folks on the Moto support site have been less than supportive, basically telling me to wait for the "awesome" updates that they were working on and getting snarky when I called them out for delays and buggy software. I'm a total Android fanboy convert from Apple and their OS, but as far as I'm concerned Verizon needs to can Moto as their supplier of choice. I will never ever give Moto "one more chance" like I did 2 years ago. Then again, Moto doesn't seem to care what I do.

I have the 1st Droid X as well & have none of those problems. It sounds like you just got a bad one.

Mine has been flawless.

I never experienced those problems either. And to note, you didn't have to wait long for updates - droid X was always one of the first crop of phones to get os updates, everytime. Sounds like you just had a defective unit.

This is the slickest phone I have ever seen.

It's funny to me that Motorola is going military grade components when the competition has chosen glass for their backing lol.

So this phone will replace a one moth old Bionic and the DX2? Buyers remorse much? It's an old argument that we have heard before, but they JUST released the Bionic and now this will be out in what November? I like it but I think I will go with the Nexus if it turns out to be a Nexus on VZW.

I am looking forward to getting my hands on a Super AMOLED screen on a Moto device. Love that antenna. Mmmm sexy

They used to complain about the pentile, Moto changed it and they are still crying. Moto has all of the devices on 2.3 something that HTC and Samsung can say :) Moto still have the best build quality, radios and speaker quality.

Was looking for the Nexus to replace my Tbolt. Was going to live with the fact that I'm not a fan of Samsungs plastic build and since it has Vanilla I wouldn't need to worry about that girly color UI TouchWiz is. This Droid may keep me away, loved my DX and my D1 and D2 in the family are great. Reason I passed on Bionic was bacause I am more than pleased with my Tbolt, and knew other handsets were coming. And I'm not a fan of the plastic shiney bezel on Bionic! Now this looks BADASS!

Due for an upgrade, debating between this and NexusPrime. When's the Nexus supposed to release? Relatively soon?

Not sure if anyone posted this yet, but just in case, I'll throw out the generic typical hate post ;P

"Fail. This phone is a Fail. This phone is soo outdated. In 18 months they are releasing the xyz phone that's way faster!! Fail. I'm just going to wait for xyz phone, because this phone is a fail. Fail. DUh! Fail."

Hoping the RAZR release bring on a BOGO free offer for the Bionic. Or, maybe even a BOGO for the RAZR before Christmas?!?

a lot of hatters in here....this phone will be a is the thinnest lte phone coming out and no more pentile screen...this is what everyone wanted from Motorola and now you still complain? And people complaining that they are putting out too many phones are you serious? As a consumer I want a lot of choices so I don't see how that's a downfall....the bionic is still a great phone too...I dont see the problem? Thinner, lighter, better screen, fast, 1gb ram, this phone is going to be nice

They will always complain. I remembered when they used to ditch the bionic because of it's display. I am agreeing with you this device may be the device of the year.

I really wanted it to be some amazing flip phone! I mean, that's what the RAZR meant to me. It should be called the SLVR; but I was one of the few who actually owned one and/or recall what that phone was about. But then again, people might ask where itunes is.