The runt of the brand new RAZR litter is the much-rumored RAZR M, a device that's easy on the budget without skimping on many specs. You've got the same super-fast S4 processor as the rest of the RAZRs here, along with ICS (Jelly Bean's coming by the end of Q4, Moto says), 1 GB of RAM, an 8 MP camera and a 2,000 mAh battery. Performance-wise, the M is on par with the rest of the line-- Motorola has made a concerted effort here to offer the same high-end internals as its flagship devices. The main difference here is size: the M's footprint is considerably smaller than the RAZR HD and Maxx HD, engaging consumers who want a smaller phone without sacrificing screen size. And Motorola has succeeded-- Interestingly enough, despite the smaller footprint, the screen is only shrunk by a few tenths of an inch, down from the 4.7 inches on the RAZR HD and MAXX to 4.3 inches. With that comes a lower qHD resolution, though don't let that get you down. This display looks really great, and a welcome sacrifice for the $99 pricetag.

The RAZR M is a refreshing entry by Motorola, and sets a new standard for mid-level devices. Motorola has proven that you can have your cake and eat it too, and an affordable pricetag is no excuse for junky hardware. The M is up for presale today at 5 p.m. Eastern in both black and white, and we're walking home with one, so sit tight for a full review in the coming week. Until then, enjoy some hands-on shots below.


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Motorola Droid RAZR M hands-on


agreed. and for only a C note. I'm thinking this would be a good entry level phone for my mom who so desperately wants to get out of the feature/dumbphone world.

I actually really like this phone. The c-note market is a tuff place suddenly. Atrix HD @ 49, One X @ 99, The still powerful S2 phones, Isn't the GNex free on Verizon now too.

If you are looking for a c note phone with a smaller screen though Moto has it locked currently. Atrix HD on AT&T and Razr M on the big V.

it is identically to the other ones but the qhd display and just 2000 mah. This is not actually a mid range device thought, it is in between mid range and high end. Great Job Motorola !

I wonder how long until the developer edition drops? I'm still waiting for the Galaxy SIII dev edition on VZW.

Your a little behind on the news front. The bootloader on the Verizon Galaxy S3 weeks ago. There is even a app for it on the market that will unlock with it with press of a button ( this is after you have your phone rooted of course ). So there is no longer a need for a developers edition phone.

I play constantly with my og razr. I just might go for the M just to have the S4 and the JB promise. Though, i am incredibly happy with my razr.

people get it twisted, the display on the razr is very good not as good as the one x or gs3, but it is just qhd. The M is a hit period.

Ok at first I thought it was kinda "meh" when I saw it announced but seeing it next to the original Razr 4g type siw it is actually pretty damn sexy looking in a simple, typical motorola industrial kinda way. Think lovers of small but capable phones will love it. Would like to see a comparison between the screens on the M and the original (original sucks) as well as whether the camera, a typical Moto weakpoint has been improved upon before recommending it to wife and/or sis-in-law. Ah and battery life of course!

My wife would love that. Unfortunately for her, she'll get my GS3 next spring when our next upgrade comes due...


At $99 price point this would be a sweet phone for those who don't want anything larger than 4.3 screen. The Verizon site says $149 but I'm thinking it might be the wrong price or it will come down to $99 real soon (to differentiate from Razr HD and Razr Mass HD).

What's really nice is that it has 2100 mAh battery so it should last a day with normal use (no heavy game play or video streaming). Who would have thought 4.3 screen is "small".

I think they are doing that $50 rebate thing.
Besides that, I am also considering this phone seeing that my upgrade is at the end of the month. I like that its only slightly bigger then my iphone 4s, so I am guessing that it's about the same size as my fascinate, but bigger screen. And the best part, no touchwiz.

I am agreeing with you lol. I feel 4.3 is a perfect size, but lets see how they shrink the 4.7 on the droid razr hd. I wonder why Motorola did not include the 2 g of ram. It will have been better than the gs3. Now the droid razr hd and the gs3 will be a tied.

Wow they took that one edition of "one more clock widget" one step further. Is there a way to get that functionality other than buying the phone?

If this is really as compact as it looks, that is one fine phone! Makes me almost jealous... I still haven't quite gotten over how big the SGS3 is.

This is what the iPhone 5 (err 6) should be, but won't be.

I seriously might get one of these, most other phones are just too big today, this one is almost perfect size.

Make no mistake -- this is Verizon's iPhone killer. Similar dimensions and weight, similar resolution (the iPhone isn't HD either) but 15% more screen and all clocking in at half the price. Throw in a silicone case and you got yourself a deal.

Does anyone besides me realize what Motorola is doing? They have successfully overcome one for Android's major weaknesses. Battery life. The S4 processor SIPS battery as anyone with a GS3, One X, or One S knows. With a 2000 mAh battery, the RaZR M will easily last all day. With it's 2,500 mAh battery, the RAZR HD might last as long as the current RAZR MAXX. And with it's 3,300 mAh battery, the RAZR HD MAXX will make the current RAZR MAXX's battery life look short. This is all of course assuming that they got all the software right but still. Motorola Battery life FTW!!!

Motorola focuses more on the most important features unlike htc and samsung they are focusing on cameras and display and forgetting about signal, call quality and battery life.

That depends on if the Razr M uses one of the new hyper-efficient LCDs, or an AMOLED like the larger Razr models. Sticking with the AMOLED will probably make the Razr M and HD both run about as well as the SGS3.

Try not to use a lens with such a small focal length for videos - looks like you got good pictures. When I watch a Hands-On video I'm really interested in seeing the phone, not blur.

As a original Razr owner...I'm actually more interested in this phone the the HD or HD MAXX, for the reason that the form factor is not nearly as wide. Virtually no Bezel on a 4.3" screen? Sign me up.

"Motorola has proven that you can have your cake and eat it too..." No, they have not. It is impossible to prove the impossible. Now, as regards the device, it looks great on paper. Let´s hope it´s equally good in reality.