Jerry is a Witch

Who needs anonymous sources when you've got a witch like Jerry Hildenbrand? Here, in his own words, from last week's Android Central Podcast, is Jerry predicting a Nexus-caliber smartphone with Droid branding. Or, maybe Jerry and those anonymous sources are all wrong.


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The Droid Prime -- Just as Uncle Jerry predicted?


You called it. This is going to be just like the OG Droid-Nexus One situation. I don't have an upgrade until January, and I'm going to hang back until there's news about any true Nexus device (if this isn't it).

When I heard that on the Podcast I turned my speakers up and listened to it attentively lol. Perhaps... I guess just time will tell.

I'm just curious to hear from all those folks who bashed big red for not having the galaxy S2. Big red always have something up their sleeves.

What up their sleeves?? Their certainly isn't ever any new phones up there. Always behind the curve, note Sprint. This is all rumor. So Verizon is still empty up their sleeves once again as a new phone is released to the other carriers.

Vigor, revo 2, prime. Not to mention those will all be lte which the other carriers are moving to so verizon will be ahead of the curve.

Yep, just like my Droid Incredible. Too bad there is no way to root these phones and run custom roms. Yep, we have to use them exactly as they come from Verizon.

I'm confused. My old Droid Incredible and my Incredible 2 are both rooted. I'm running Cm7 on the Dinc1 and Sense 3.0 (Virtuous ROM) on my Dinc2.

And if it's a Nexus device it won't have bloat at all. Who knows though, if it goes by Droid Prime then it isn't technically Nexus and they'll probably eff with it. Only time will tell.

Not really. "Pure Google", at least the way I understand it, is just a "stock" Android experience; one without a bunch of skins loaded.

The original Droid, the G1, the G2, etc, could be argued to be pure stock Android.

What the Nexus line has going for it is that updates come directly from Google; no need to wait for the manufacturer to release it, and definitely no need to wait for the carrier to add their two cents (even if it's just a QA check).

Rooting, while getting you a base Android, will never get you the OTA updates directly from Google without having to do anything extra. Besides, rooting should be something you WANT to do, not what you HAVE to do :-)

I hope your right. Verizon needs some Vanilla action, and then I can stop threatening to leave and just except the fact that I will never leave big red. Aww big red! The one that refuses to give me a reach around.

You ever know things before they happen, have your thoughts come to life? Your a Wizard Jerry! And Happy Birthday - I baked it myself, words and all! ;)

If all goes well the line up should be very good for the fall into the holiday season, I was looking at the Bionic and Vigor, but it looks like I'm going to wait it out.

TouchWiz will make/break this device for me. I just want a plain ol vanilla Android experience on VZW with LTE, even if its not Nexus branded. Removing Verizon/Samsung bloatware if necessary is fine. Just stock Android, no BS.

You all say this until the first update is released and the "non-Nexus" phones are left out until Big Red approves it.

Then the boards become unbearable...

Be forewarned that Droid-Prime may not guarantee the updates like Nexus. We'' find out soon enough.

Someone tell him Jerry Garcia called, and he wants his look back. LOL JK.

I have a hard time imagining Verizon releasing a phone without bloatware, and that comes with free tether.

If it's a Nexus device, it will almost certainly be pure Google experience. I seriously doubt Google's going to let big red sully the Nexus name with some bloatware or Bing.

PS - I <3 Jerry. Anyone who rocks a beard like that gets big props in my book.

No it wasn't. But it was pretty much the Nexus One hardware made to Verizon's specs and with HTC's Sense. OS updates also came from HTC.


the only similar hardware is the screen and gpu. the nexus one has dual mics, the incredible doesn't. While the incredible has a newer processor, more storage, bigger battery, better camera, an optical trackball, and a entirely different case design. (and sense).

it's pretty much a totally different design.

But if this is a "Droid" brand name, is it still a "Nexus" ? Or will it be named the "Droid Nexus-Prime" ? Or maybe like Google mentioned few months ago, this Fall each carrier or each manufacture will come out with their own special Android 4.0 phone.

It's either or, either a Nexus or a Droid, not both. I think every news site has everything completely wrong about this. I only care about the Nexus line, not the Droid line at all. On a side note, did the original Droid 1 have Verizon bloatware on it, or was it a truly Google Experience device?

So Verizon is releasing the Droid-Prime, that means T-Mobile the main "nexus" carrier should have a Nexus-Three or Nexus-S II due this December still ?

Because the "Droid" brand name is not the stock official Google device to launch a brand new OS version on, I thought only phones with the "Nexus" name were ?

how FN DUUUUMB!! Seriously if i have to hear another person say "i want a droid but i dont want to go to verizon" I am going to slap them...HARD!! Enough with the bullshit carrier branding! Its confusing to consumers!!! If that's is 1 thing apple did right (as much as it kills me to even admit it), its that you dont get the iphone XXX at one retailer, and the Iphone YYY at another you get the damn iphone!!!

On a "pure google" phone, you should not have different branding!

I agree with you on that. This sucks...I would rather have a phone call "Nexus Prime" than "Droid Prime". It just sounds so much better and makes me want to get one....I hate the "Droid" branding that Verizon has given it. When I have a discussion with people that don't have an Andriod device, it makes me mad hearing it especially the way that they are saying it. They reference any Andriod device as a "Droid" Oooh I hate that...sounds too nerdy.

This sucks...I would rather have a phone call "Nexus Prime" than "Droid Prime". It just sounds so much better and makes me want to get one....I hate the "Droid" branding that Verizon has given it. When I have a discussion with people that don't have an Andriod device, it makes me mad hearing it especially the way that they are saying it. They reference any Andriod device as a "Droid" Oooh I hate that...sounds too nerdy.

Nexus Prime would be better than Droid Prime, I agree. But we also know Samsung is making it again but unfortunately "Optimus Prime" would also be out. No Megan Fox. :(


lol that's because the hottest device are droid branding, and they are the best ones, og droid, droidx. droidx2, droid incredible and so on :)

This would be the worst thing to happen to the Nexus line. Why would Google drop the Nexus branding in favour of Droid branding. Verizon might get a Droid phone with pure Android, but it makes no sense to release a Nexus flagship device just on Verizon. Verizon is a CDMA carrier and a phone released for it would only work on Verizon. GSM is worldwide and it makes sense to release on ATT or T-mobile. We will see how this pans out, but I don't think the Nexus will be released exclusively on Verizon.

OG droid contracts end early Nov. So if Verizon wants to keep us they better pull the rabbit out the hat before then.

After all this I am totally confused. It is pretty much confirmed that Verizon is releasing a new flagship device named the "Droid-Prime", and will come with Android 4.0 "Ice Cream"

But since this does not have the key word "Nexus" in the name, will it still be an untouched pure Android experience with zero bloatware, etc... ?

And then what about us on T-Mobile, the original "nexus" carrier, I would expect a new nexus this December like T-Mo has been releasing all the way back since 2009. Is T-Mobile getting the Nexus-Three or Nexus-S II this Fall ? T-Mobile deserves the first crack at a new Nexus device, they have been releasing that brand since they started, if T-Mo gets the shaft over Verizon, that would be like ATT not getting the iPhone5 this Fall. this Fall ?

Does it really matter what it is called as long as it is vanilla, has no bloat and "The next big thing". I could care less if it is called the Droid prime nexus lexus crap-1.

Google and VZW need to keep the relationship going and I this coming to VZW akin to the iPhone launching there.

You can freeze the bloat if you root, but why so many complains about bloat, the new devices are packing 1 g of ram and the future ones will have 2 g of ram. If you do not use or sign up for the bloat apps it will not run on the background.

i do not know why people are so crazy for the nexus. The only advantage that it has is that it will get the updates first that is all.

maybe it is because it won't have Sprint cra$ and Samsung cra& on it. Of course on my Epic, those were the most consistent apps to actually work, lol!