Droid Incredible ROM

ROM legend Conflipper may be in retirement, but that doesn't mean there's not still magic to be had, as a new ROM for the Droid Incredible has surfaced, and guess what -- it purportedly is Android 2.2 Froyo. And that's nice to see, as the Sept. 1 rumor that Droid-Life started late last night was quickly retracted (don't say we didn't warn you).

Sing out if you're brave and gave it a shot. [Shipped-ROMs via Android Central Forums and XDA Developers]

Update: A couple of screen shots posted after the break. (Thanks, Jim!) Plus, here's a link to a method to load and root.


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Droid Incredible's Sept. 1 Froyo rumor a bust, but is the RUU out there already? (Updated with screen shots, root link)


I really hope my droid x doesn't go the way of the incredible and never see froyo in a timely manner.feel for you di owners.

Not to worry about us Dinc owners, we are happily rooted and have s-off, so we can flash what ever we want. Been on SkyRaider 2.5.2 for some time now and I no longer care when the official 2.2 drops. I feel for the X owners though because of the locked boot loader.

Why feel we have root we have a bootloader, rom manager all we need is some one to start building roms

You learn something new every day :) I knew you guys had root, but I did not know that the boot loader was hacked to flash unsigned roms.

The word on the Froyo update--from HTC--has always been "by the end of the year." All the rumors and so-called leaks have become more of a nuisance than something to pique my interest. I wouldn't expect it in the coming weeks. I would think Verizon would also want to control the OTA updates. If the Droid X is supposed to happen by Sept. 21, I don't see another update happening prior to that.

I stand corrected. It appears the Froyo update is rolling out tomorrow?

Just completed my update and everything seems to be working well. My device was a stock (un-rooted) device. The procedure took about 10 minutes and the image was updated from 1.22.605.2 to 3.21.605.1. I just recreated my accounts and I am restoring my application and will provide more detail later. So far so good! Very smooth install! Here is a little more info from the "About Phone" screen....

Android Version: 2.2

Baseband Version:

Kernel Version:

Build Number: 3.21.605.1 CL23131334 release-keys

Software Number:

Browser Version:
WebKit 3.1

PRI Version:

PRL Version:

ERI Version:

Well...got it installed..so far it looks legit..

Android Version

Baseband version

Kernel version
htc-kernel@and18-2 #1

Build number
3.21.605.1 cl231334 release-keys

Software number

browser version
webkit 3.1

pri version
PRL version
ERI version

Now we are talking! Is this the official build that works with Sense? Does it hve the jit compiler and 720p HD and Blue Tooth calling and the rest of the bells and whistles?

If so, I will install later.

More Info!!!!???!?!?!?!! I've been in forums the past month waiting for this update... is this for real? Can anyone confirm this RUU?

Current Incredible owner.

Isn't Dinc EOL Today?

Honestly, I'm not sure the Dinc will get the 2.2 update. They have 1/10 of the accessories that all the other high end phones have. The Dinc doesn't have a media/desk dock like every other phone has had at launch! Yet it has been out longer than D2 and the DX. To me that says that Verizon has no plans of supporting this phone. I keep getting told they will have accessories when the Dinc is in stock. I'm about ready to throw my Dinc in the trash although I love it. It just seems like Verizon is only supporting Motorola phones. Take from that what you will. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Motorola phones. I had the D1 and was not impressed outside the call quality.

No it is not EOL today, the date that is being reported is March 2011, read the actual articles instead of just the headlines.

Why would they already have all these leaks if 2.2 wasn't coming? Yeah it may be light on accessories but that's a dumb reason to assume it won't be supported any longer. Why would you trash it if you love it, because you don't have a dock? That makes absolutely no sense.

Despite not having an overpriced plastic dock, you can always just take solace in the fact that you own what is, by far, the best phone that Verizon carries.

I would expect this to be the real deal since its an RUU and not a leak of the rom and radio in seperate files. I'll have to flash it tonight and check it out.

When I plug my phone into my computer via USB, my computer says device software installation failed. Because of this, I cannot run the RUU...What should I do?

I ran into a problem with the install when I did it..usb connection error. I installed the HTC Sync to get the phone drives and the install went smoothly.

Do u have to reactivte the phone after to update I'm on a roaming network in Alaska. can't activte on roaming networks.

Well I have a guy inside VZW, and not a sales Fuck inside a local store, and he advised me that according to VZWs intranet , the update starts to be pushed tomorrow..... the thing I don't get is usually it takes 10 days for another build to go through and its only been 9 days today ..........

I have been unable to update using RUU the process starts then I lose usb connection repeated many times still a no go