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New rumor puts Froyo for the Droid Incredible on Sept. 1 (sound familiar?) Update: Yep, it's another bad rumor

As always, we have no idea when your Droid Incredible will get Froyo, but someone claims to, and they tell Droid Life that Sept. 1 is the new date, and that we'll see a marketing push ahead of it. (Lest we all forget, somebody recently told Mashable that Aug. 18 was going to be the date, too. And we all know how that worked out.) At this point the only proof I'll accept to say it's "confirmed" will be Verizon saying they already rolled it out and brings me an updated phone on a silver platter.  Anyway, to be safe -- get things backed up and ready for next week.  And for Pete's sake if you get an update holler from the rooftops, and let us know! [Droid Life (opens in new tab)]

[Ed. note: Any time we use the words "Verizon," "update" and "date" in the same sentence, our mothers and lawyers remind us that there's a better than average chance that we'll get through the target day without anything actually happening. Just saying.]

Update: Sure enough, and no surprise to anyone, this rumor has been debunked, by the source itself. Again, folks, we'll see it when we see it.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • It would be nice to get Froyo before the End Of Life listed below!
  • You sir, have made my day....*shakes hand, tilts hat, turns and walks into the sunset*
  • Oh boy..... I saw this and just laughed. But thanks for the update anyway. Who knows.......
  • I'm in no rush. Yes, an update would be nice but my Incredible is so fine on 2.1.
  • This is actually comical but I am getting sick and tired of the lies !!! I will bet anyone a million dollars it does not happen on the 1st
  • Stupid Bet, I have a better chance of Inheriting Hugh Hefner's empire then this happening on the 1st. And if they roll it out and it breaks phones and has to be pulled back that is a Failure and did not happen, it has to start and stay being OTA the 2nd and 3rd as well to even be a close success
  • I am getting fed up with the rumors,even Verizon tells me they do not know when.
  • Official word is before the end of December.
  • "Official?" "Official" and "trusted" have been abused way too much. Name your source or don't bother posting.
  • Oh my... calm down, bud! Source: HTC, via Android Central Satisfied? Sheesh -- we're all frustrated with rumors that don't pan out, and we're all impatiently waiting for Froyo, but try and be civil to other posters, will you? I mean, we're all on the same side here.
  • Much better :-) Sorry if I sounded acrimonious, just saying it needs to be backed up. Too many people ask a technician at the local VZW store and call it "official" or "inside." Personally, I'm happy with my Incredible 2.1.
  • Have I mentioned I love the new disclaimer?
  • i say we open a forum to take bets on the date and winner gets something cool from and/cen
  • I caught my incredible in the freezer I asked the little guy what he was doing and he said he was waiting on Froyo :-(
  • (yawn) when I turn my phone on and it says "system update available" then I will be happy
  • Check it out two pics of Incredibles in the same news day.
  • I don't care about froyo on the dinc, i'm waiting for an official froyo on my droid x!
  • I'm sure I speak for quite a few people on here when I say we're all glad you're so self absorbed about your Droid X but this is about the the Dinc. Next time why don't you write it on the bathroom wall. You have a much higher chance of someone actually giving a crap ;)
  • LMAO sorry, i do have apologize for us over zealous DX owners. The Dinc is an amazing piece of hardware. I hope they roll out froyo to you on the first. We'll wait, patiently, knowing that most of u had to wait months to even get your device! (samsung.EVIL) We have only had the X for nearly two months. We're good for a few more weeks.
    However what we can all be frustrated with together is that the droid 2 is already slated for 2.2! Got it from vzw official twit. If that means anything. And the world turns.
    Long live android regardless of the hardware assimilated by it
  • Looks like the rumor started in Androidforums based on a post by "rushmore" (Comment #4206 in the "Droid incredible 2.2 Froyo OTA update discussion thread") and then a comment by "rman18" (Comment #4312 in the same thread... Bummer...
  • Who cares unless there is some part of the os we don't already have I will never be stock again. I am sick of the rumor mill if it comes it does great if it doesn't I'm happy were my phone is at is current state. I hate to be negative but damn it does get old. LOL it doesn't matter what platform this part never changes.
  • It wouldn't be a surprise if it is released on the first since the apple conference is taken place on sept 1st.
  • Well I know for a fact that the last build the the VZW alpha testers had was green-lighted. That being said, I'll believe it when I see it.
  • The only thing true here is the cool picture of the Incredible on AC.
  • Ahh...this old game again. I'm not playing this time though. I'm taking my dinc and going home. After the last rumor date passed I rooted and put on skyraider.
  • Hey look its some of that droid incredible love everyone is always whining about.
  • I'll believe it when I see it. But hey...I'm still highly satisfied with both my Incredible *and* Eclair.
  • Any droid x froyo rumors?
  • Skyraider for me, about three weeks now, running great. Although it would be nice for "the others" to finally see it.
  • Just seen back to back incredible commercials wow
  • Guy.
  • Great another date to give my hopes up on.
  • I bet it will come out at the same time as Froyo on the Droid X. I want Froyo on Dinc soooooooo bad
  • Already rockin a pretty solid 2.2 build with flash 10.1, I'm happy, like the added features , Sep 1st might be an actual push date as the 8/18 OS build fail, its usually another 10 days for the next build, So we will see....... not holding my breath .... as you can tell..... I didnt wait ......Droid Inc
  • This might be true I been seeing alot of Droid incredible commercials both the HTC and the Verizon Droid ones and its the first time I seen the HTC inevitable it may because the got the new screens and actually have them in stock
  • Don't blame google people. The only ones to blame are the carriers and manufacturers. They drag their asses. Hire apparently underqualified programmers and sell out to shitty corporations that pay to have their bloatware put on it. Android is given to them free saving millions in the process. I am going to stick with my DX until LTE is stable and google releases some sort of all band N2. Moto=sellout and VZW=sellout. When will they learn. The passion for android is stock and customizing. Leave the bloatware off. Even though the majority of people don't really care about this stuff, we do and we were the ones talking it up to people since the G1. Watch. Listen. And Learn.
  • I agree 100%! Now about the all band N2....? That would be sweet! What are the chances? But, u are right.
  • Amen Boo boo
  • So how do you backup the Droid Inc? I've had mine for a couple weeks and haven't backed it up yet... Probably because I don't know how ;) Thanks
  • OH MY GOD! I just got prompted to download the Froyo OTA. Hell yeah. Finally Verizon is rolling it out. I'm now rocking Froyo! ...sorry just practicing for when it really happens...which seems like never. No Froyo, no ota and not Sept. 1st. Stop the rumors until Verizon says "froyo tomorrow" I'm not buying it.
  • Like many others I decided not to wait (root + Skyraider). I hope all the nonrooted folks get it soon. It seems the dinc has become the red-headed stepchild of the Android world.
  • just some fyi
  • as we all know on verizon if your phones name doesn't start with motorola and end with droid your not gonna get support. DX will get updated before Dinc.
  • Guys. Don't even report this garbage until it's from Verizon or HTC. Really getting tired of the vaporous rumors.
  • The story should have been. "droid life falls for oldest trick in the book. We laugh. " But instead y'all just look pointless.
  • Like booboolala2000 said, the fault seems to lie with the carriers and the manufacturers. The cynic in me says that VZW is probably dragging their feet because they want to do all they can to make sure WiFi tethering and USB tethering cannot be enabled without users paying extra for it.
  • Verizon shows no love for HTC its all about Motorola. Sure glad i waited and went with the EVO on Sprint id be pissed by now the EVO came out after but ive had 2.2 for some time now root your phone do it your self why wait on the carriers