New rumor puts Froyo for the Droid Incredible on Sept. 1 (sound familiar?) Update: Yep, it's another bad rumor

As always, we have no idea when your Droid Incredible will get Froyo, but someone claims to, and they tell Droid Life that Sept. 1 is the new date, and that we'll see a marketing push ahead of it. (Lest we all forget, somebody recently told Mashable that Aug. 18 was going to be the date, too. And we all know how that worked out.) At this point the only proof I'll accept to say it's "confirmed" will be Verizon saying they already rolled it out and brings me an updated phone on a silver platter.  Anyway, to be safe -- get things backed up and ready for next week.  And for Pete's sake if you get an update holler from the rooftops, and let us know! [Droid Life]

[Ed. note: Any time we use the words "Verizon," "update" and "date" in the same sentence, our mothers and lawyers remind us that there's a better than average chance that we'll get through the target day without anything actually happening. Just saying.]

Update: Sure enough, and no surprise to anyone, this rumor has been debunked, by the source itself. Again, folks, we'll see it when we see it.

Jerry Hildenbrand
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