Droid Incredible boot

Don't have time to wait 45 seconds for your Droid Incredible to boot up?  Then you'll love this -- a video of the IncDoes ROM booting up on the Incredible.  Careful you don't blink, you just might miss it.  Here we all thought the Desire HD had exclusivity in the quick booting department.  Show 'em what you're made of, Dinc!  Thanks for the video, Bret!

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Johnny_Mac says:

That is insane! Even one of the HTC splash screens is skipped and I didn't think you could bypass them.

jayhammy says:

With a custom ROM, I believe you can bypass just about anything!

rugbyua9 says:

I can't wait to load this ROM this weekend.

I'm pretty sure if it weren't for the Sprint and Galaxy S logos the Epic could start up pretty quick, too. I suppose one of these days I should get around to adding a ROM to mine.

Evo2DroidX says:

:( when can I post bail for my Droid x?

belogical says:

Don't be deceived. This isn't a full start up, it's only coming out of hibernation mode that is new in this version of sense. If you pull the battery you get a full boot up which takes about 45 seconds on mine.

This is a great feature but I don't want my Incredible to be like a BlackBerry where I either have to physically pull the battery or have some software that will trick the phone into rebooting. Thankfully, Android doesn't require near as many reboots but recovery won't work from hibernation. Hopefully, there will still be an option for a full shutdown.

wryun says:

I tried the ROM yesterday removed it shortly after playing with the new features. It is a RAD UI, but the ROM it was baked into was full of bugs. Not very stable. I will wait for it to be baked into Virtuous. Glad I was able to check it out though. (c:

been using this rom for a day now. its great everything works but the camera very stable! .. love this new sense

wrightrocket says:

The "Uncommon Sense" ROM for the Incredible is awesome. It features a customized Application drawer with folders, a optimized Hulu app, the ability to work with difficult flash sites like Comedy Central (no devil voices he heh), and comes pre-rooted.

When I read the pages for this IncDoes ROM at xda-developers.com, it seemed that users were having too many issues with it: broken wifi, camera problems, multimedia problems, etc.

aaronbwells says:

Ugh WHY did I go with the Droid Eris?

techboy1980 says:

cant wait to do this on my fascinate

cea1203 says:

This is pointless as I never turn my phone off anyway :-)

nfalbo says:

I can't come up with the words to explain the thoughts in my mind.

sidehatch#AC says:

Anyone have a link to that wallpaper? I can't find it anywhere.