Droid Incredible 2 user guide

Just in case you might actually want to read the user manual of a device for once, you can now grab the one for the Droid Incredible 2. Although nothing really exciting is contained within, it's still a great way to learn the basics of HTC Sense if you're unfamiliar and looking to pick one up. One thing to note about the Droid Incredible 2 however, is the fact it comes loaded with HTC Sense 2.1 -- something that not even the still fresh HTC Thunderbolt has currently. [Download via Droid Life]


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Droid Incredible 2 user manual now available for your viewing pleasure


2.1? Booo. o well maybe someone will be able to port 3.0 on it.

anyway I'm pretty excited about the Dinc2. The of Dinc still serves me well and is smooth as hell with CM7.

I dont know if youve done this but i removed ADW from CM and put on stock launcher and its WAAAAAAY smoother than regular CM7.

im trying Zeam right now. I did take off adw. What do you mean by stock launcher. I know what you mean but can't find it on the market.

I know it's a small thing, but I REALLY wish this thing had a multi color notification LED instead of just Red/Green. ::sigh::.