Droid Incredible 2

It was only a few days ago that S-OFF was achieved on the Droid Incredible 2. That of course, left the doors open for some custom ROMs to be built for the device and as such we're now starting to see them appear in the Android Central forums. The Incredibly Debloated v1.0 ROM comes to us from xgunther and even comes in two flavors currently -- one with a stock kernel and one with your selection of an overclocked kernel.

As they name would suggest, bloat on these ROMS has been removed and no matter which you decide to roll with you'll be getting a completely bloat-free, zip-aligned, deodexed and completely rooted ROM and that to us sounds just fabulous. Looking for more details? Hit the link below.

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Droid Incredible 2 custom ROMs now appearing, first up -- Incredibly Debloated v1.0


Short answer: zipalign improves system performance, deodexing restructures files to make them easier to modify without incuring errors and force closes.

Is the Root released yet?

I read Alpharev is beta testing, but is it released? Does the open beta work on the inc2 just fine?

Can't wait!

Recently switched to the Inc2 From a og Inc on faith that root would only be matter of time. Momentum is really starting with the inc2! s-off only a matter of days im guessing, custom roms, kernals and recovery, and CM7 already in the works! Plus Verizon is all of sudden advertizing the hell out of the Inc 2!(build the community) Good times are ahead!!! :)