Droid Eris OTA manual install link found

Good news Eris owners -- your OTA update has begun to roll out, and it's been confirmed that it fixes the 'Silent Call' issue.  It may take a week or more for all customers to get the MR4 update, but for those who just can't be bothered to wait the OTA link has been found.  You can get the file (direct from Google) right HERE, and install it via your Eris' recovery menu.  As always, if you're rooted or running a custom ROM, sit tight and wait for your ROM developer to get the update merged in.  [Verizon Community forum] Thanks xstrider!


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Droid Eris MR4 OTA rolling out -- manual install link available, too


One thing I will say about VZW, its nice to see them still updating a phone they don't even sell anymore.

For those who don't know how to manually do it... This is assuming you didn't root, don't have a recovery image already installed, just the stock 2.1 from the last update...

1. Download the file above and rename it update.zip
2. Place this file in the root of your SD card then shut off your phone
3. Hold down Volume Down and Power to enter the bootloader
4. Select Recovery and press the power button
5. The phone should reboot and give you a screen with an exclamation point
6. Hold down Volume Up and press the power button (this is in contrast to the old one where you held the home button and pressed the power button... I guess this is new from the 1.5 to 2.1 update)
7. Select Apply sdcard:update.zip
8. Wait about 10 minutes for it to finish its thing, it should verify and patch system files, lots of yellow text...

My phone took a long time on the Verizon Wireless screen during the startup process, but it eventually came around. Just be patient.

im on eris #4... nothing but constantly breaking track balls, tons of lag since the 2.1 update and terrible software glitches.... silent calls (getting fixed), tons of dropped calls, random buttons getting pushed when im not close to the screen.... and they still wouldnt help me get into a different android phone... verizon is not making me happy right now..

Got my update yesterday and must say my Eris has a better overall experience less lag especially when placing a call, no silent calls, texting seems a tad faster but not by much, and still have the week signal bars though, battery life possibly better. Overall it seems to have extended the life of my Eris for me for a couple more months.

I did what "prewanabe" said but everything looks the same. When I look at my firmware it still reads "2.1" what did I do wrong if I followed all the steps?

I did what phidelt1499 said and I got an error as soon as I tried to apply the update. On v3 leak. Guess it doesn't work for that either.

I received my update yesterday AM! Huge difference in overall performance. However, I should be receiving my Droid X tomorrow, but at least I will have my Eris updated in case anything should happen to the X.

I'm a phone freak and carry 2 extra lines on our family plan for a "just in case" moment and the X release was just that :)

This is not a rumor, it works fine. Did this to my mother's Eris and she has a few extra MB of RAM that seems to have freed up. It is faster and she said the phone screen pulls up with no delays now. It takes about 10 min or so. Remember to change the name of the file to update.zip and it will not error out.

I'm on windows 7 with v3 leak. It didn't work for me with "update.zip" so i changed it to "update" without the ".zip" and it worked just fine.

If you are renameing it in windows remember although you do not see the .zip the file is already a .zip. Just change the name for. whatever to update Don't write update.zip only update. Afterwards follow the procedure. Remember to move between options in the manu use vol up or down, once chosen the option press the "hang up" key

It has killed the ability to sync with google contacts/calendar. Eating the heck out of the battery now.

Tried running update. Looked as though it would be successful then said "update failed". Running leaked version of 2.1. Is there any way to get this update with the leaked version? Is there any way to get the leaked off my phone? Please HELP!!!

Thats weird I installed a leaked version of 2.1 v3 on my eris and received the update and wow I can say my eris had every known eris issue known to man but this has fixed almost everything I no longer dislike using it anymore.It actually functions and operates normally.Good job Verizon! still getting a Droid x lol