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Besides that SAMOLED plus display and LTE radio, the Samsung Droid Charge has another thing going for it that's important to many of you guys -- no bootloader monkey business.  All you hackery types know what that means; easy custom ROMs and kernels.  Lo and behold, we have both for the Charge in a very advanced stage of testing and ready for the public to download and try.  Android Central forums adviser DroidXcon is spearheading the Altered Beast project, and he and his fellow developers have things looking and working quite nicely.  Having said that, keep in mind this is still a testing release.  If you can't handle ferreting out a few bugs now and then, you may want to take a wait-and-see approach. 

The ROM is completely deodexed, most of the bloat is removed, working Clockwork recovery built in, and has a custom VooDoo kernel to really speed things up.  Best of all, it has great instructions and support.  If you're rocking the Charge and hankerin' for some custom ROM love, now's your chance.  Two more pictures after the break, you know where to click.

Source: Android Central forums. Thanks DroidXcon and jt1134!

Altered Beast lockscreen


Altered Beast notification shade


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Droid Charge sees its first custom ROM [from the forums]


Hot dang, I didn't know the Droid Charge had an unlocked bootloader. I'll have no prob recommending that phone to friends then.

Even if you set aside the fact that Droidx does great work, the name of this ROM alone would have me running it :). Nice job dude, glad to see the phone getting some proper attention. Maybe someone will pop out an altered beast theme lol

Well Well Well,,, Looky Here,,, I may have found my upgrade after all... That means Verizon does not have a specific mandate to OEMs to encrypt bootloaders.

Sorry HTC, hurry quickly if you want my $$

This phone is bangin, sure no dual core. But it ain't a Fascinate with just a pretty face. I think the did a few tweaks. Possibly DDR ram, and a slightly tweaked humming bird processor, jmho.
Gonna give it a whirl

I assume they actually meant the wallpaper in the screenshot, not the app used to take the screenshot itself.