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Remember how we first told you that we should see some sort of yay or nay on the Droid Charge re-launch today? Looks like it's the latter, at least for Costco. In no uncertain terms, the screen shot you see above says that "The Verizon Samsung Charge 4G will not launch tomorrow."

Unfortunate, indeed. As soon as we know more, you'll know more.

Thanks, anon!

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Droid Charge re-launch not looking good for Tuesday, Costco alludes


Just went in to best buy to reserve my 3d and the charge dummy unit is on display. The kid asked if I wanted to buy one, so looks like at least one store is selling them

Yet another clueless Verizon product launch. The local VZ store tells me that they pulled it back so they can do this stupid scavenger hunt for the 16 hidden Droid Charges. If so,that is stupid and either way Verizon gets another "F" for launching a phone.

It makes a lot more sense.

In one case you've got a handful of people who visit sites like this and other tech sites, on the other hand you've got a major marketing push. I don't think anything about that is botched.

I am all for a marketing blitz to promote the product but to kill off the launch date due to a network outage and Verizon's insistence that launch day's are on Thursdays goes against conventional wisdom. They can bump it a day or two but get it out there, get people playing with it the HUGE positive feedback will drive demand.

I live within a reasonable drive time to Rochester, but I am not driving there to look for a phone, no way.

I'm wondering if (more) companies won't start (widely) using some form watermarking (a la maps) on internal pages, at least on a regional level, to track down *unwanted* leaks...