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There's more controversy surrounding the Motorola Droid Bionic, as PC Mag's Sascha Segan has confirmed that the "official" @DroidBionic Twitter account isn't so official after all.  According to Sascha, both Verizon and Motorola have come forward and stated that the account is not an official feed from either company. 

So who is it?  We have no idea.  Just a heads-up to take those "official" September 8 launch details with the proverbial grain of salt.

Source: @phonescooper, PC Mag

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slmhofy says:


Sifu says:

Perhaps it's been so long with the Bionic that it has become self-aware and created its own Twitter account. It now gives updates on itself.

ricbon says:


Floss82 says:

Wow haha Have to say Verizon is so the worst when it comes to releasing their phones smh its like every phone takes forever to.come out and they're always pushing back the dates and stuff. Verizon no bueno :p

richdroidx says:

Just release it for xmas. Lol

Blaksmyth says:

Im starting to think this phone will never come out. I guess Motorola doesn't want to make money. Guess ill be waiting for the next phone on the rumor mill.

Sifu says:

Dude, Moto makes plenty of money. They release phones all over the place for many carriers and...umm oh yeah, they just got a huge boost of cash by being bought by GOOGLE. The Bionic is like just one of the dozens of projects they got going on. Just sayin.

moosc says:

Dammmm u caught me I start new droidprime keep eye for it

kandiman1224 says:

Lmao this right here was my last straw, I have about 10 friends and family that i considering this phone to but now verizon has lost them all lol! F u verizon

tompro53 says:

The Droid Bionic will release in September how do I know saw the commercial in the theaters today.

Sifu says:

Really, everyone needs to calm down. There's a commercial now...its almost a sure thing its coming soon now.

wpd805 says:

Lol. To funny

DaEXfactoR says:

See, this is the kinda stuff that makes the argument for Google+ wanting real names. True, this is nothing serious, but its accountability

Mooem says:

Not surprised. Why are people acting like this is another delay? I'd say we have a better chance of waiting till later this week on an official announcement if it were coming out Sept. 8th.

moosc says:

News flash Bionic delayed getting a five inch screen.

dubge says:

now if this isn't just hysterical