As if the entire Droid Bionic saga wasn't exciting enough, we've finally got officially official video confirmation that the Bionic's release date is Sept. 8. A date you've probably heard once or twice or five times. Like Costco getting it then, or other, independent retailers getting it then, too.

This is on TV, so you know it's real now. And in case you missed it, the Droid Bionic is coming out on September 8. Did everyone get that?

Thanks, John!


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Droid Bionic release date is officially official, according to official commercial


The Bionic? Never heard of it. I really wish Android Central would mention in.

Seriously, how much is Verizon paying you guys?

I've had it with this phone by time it comes out it will be under speced over hyped and perhaps worthless. Why is the commercial so dramatic. . .

Relax folks - despite all the hype and delays it will still be the first Dual-Core LTE phone, after all. We've been bombarded with rumor after rumor after rumor and leaked pic after leaked pic, etc.

It's still going to be a great phone. I'm glad Moto and VZW pulled it, maybe for once quality will outshine quantity as in time and specs.

I'll wait for Androidcentral to review it - hopefully VZW sends them one by early next week so we can all run over eachother to get one. :-)

I did not see samsung nor htc making a dual core lte in verizon. Moto had the courage to be the first one. They took long to release this beast because they wanted it to be right unlike the thunderbolt everybody lol :)first dual core lte one g of ram and the other features seem very beasty.

If they had released this in the spring, within a month or two of the Atrix, they would have been the superphone of the summer, sold millions of units, and I probably would have bought one myself. Now, they better sell what they can in the weeks they have before the Nexus/Droid Prime comes out, because after that, it'll be all over.

I saw this commercial tonight,kind of looked like an resident evil and terminator themed commercial.I'm going to go down to VZW to check this phone out on release date, hopefully they'll let me try one out.

So that must mean you don't know how to properly read a mm/dd/yy formatted date. When the date on the commercial says 09/08/11... that means September 8, 2011 genius. Go back to your iTurd.

The bionic is gonna be out of date within a month or 6 weeks from the date its released . Def, not worth 299 for an overpriced pos with locked bootloader LoL :D.I learn from my mistake of getting the dx about locked bootloaders and moto

It's hard to argue the bootloader comment - I would agree. On the other hand - despite Samsung being the Android vendor of the year (thus far) they have yet to prove they can update their phones and give us Android geeks and developers support.

Case in point - my wife has The Charge - she keeps asking me when it's going to get Gingerbread. Good question. who knows. Yes, VZW has something to do with it undoubtedly, but still.

Plus Samsung phones tend not to have the accessories Motorola phones have, not to mention the build quality of Moto phones as well. Samsung phones are cheap plastic devices - hard to think they will last as long as Motorolas.

My OG Droid still stands up after nearly two years of abuse. My wife's Charge is 2 months old and is all scratched up. Time will tell.

I usually do not comment much on the site, but look at it every day a few times , old habit from my old crack-berry days. I usually just lurk. wow this is what I see, a company delays product that is not officially launched to make it better as they realize they need to make it better, and every one goes nuts and complains and wines and cry like a bunch of bitches. Then a company comes out with something too soon and every one complains and wines how they should have waited and not rushed it out, Then the lean real quick and make it better and the early adopters cry and bitch they got screwed it was not ready for prime time.... get my point. This will be an excellent phone I might pick it up, think I will let let you guys get it first and see how much compiling about comes out of it first. let you work out the bugs. If Samsung comes out with that Prime phone and it really is coming to Verizon I have to make a choice, both will be good choices, but then every one will complain as there are no apps for ice-cream. Ps I just and end user of the phone I am not in the tech or development field. 20 bucks tells me that most that bitch are under 33 and most likely overweight, and know they need to hit the gym.

Just came out of a verizon corporate store... Half the morons didn't know what the charge was, the other half didn't know when it was releasing...