Here's a quick look at what you get when you update your Motorola Droid at Android 2.1.


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Droid 2.1 walkthrough


on the map live wallpaper you actually can zoom in by double tapping a blank space on the homescreen. just havnt figured out how to zoom out yet...

I think I read somewhere that once you zoom in, you can use pinch-to-zoom to zoom out. Of course, I'm still waiting for the Nexus One to hit Verizon so I can't tell you from experience...

Mostly useless fluff? Where are my expanded homescreens? how hard can this be to code in? Had zooming capabilities with Dolphin already.

You forgot to demonstrate the text-to-speech option. I've tried it, VERY responsive, and accurate for the most part.

My motorola droid (milestone) purchased in France and updated to 2.1update1 actually has 5 screens! Lots of fun!

Thanks for noticing, I've been working out. However, I don't think the update was a WASTE. The live wallpaper and voice-to-text are awesome.

Very unimpressive. I was looking forward to having extra homescreens and yahoo mail support, but we barely got anything significant updated. I should have waited for the nexus one to hit verizon

My droid has my
Yahoo account sincd in. What are people talking about when they say they want yahoo mail

i know its a google phone but u thing they will ever be a yahoo messenger app instead of ebuddy and or hi buddy

The 2.1 update was lacking featuers which I expected, such as the 3D launcher, and extra screens... I regret installing it and so I flashed the 2.0.1 update and re-rooted my phone, and went with UltimateDroid 9.0.0 instead. All the features of 2.1, plus some... and Im sure when Flash 10.1 leaks, UltimateDroid will be one of the first t feature it well before the official OTA update. Go to for more info... MUCH better than the 2.1 update!!! I regret even trying it...

this guys gives a lack luster review of the update...its a lame update...nothing big...its just cool to know you have it on your android phone and you have the most up to date version...but i dont know this guy rubbed me the wrong way...people have been waiting for this for a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long time...and to review it so poorly its a shame oh well thats just my opinion...i have a samsung moment...and i would like to have 2.1 just to know im up to date...but in reality im waiting for the 3g/4g HTC EVO...

Come on guys. Its obviousness that there isn't an OTA update coming up. I haven't read one article of a person getting it, and if there was they wouldn't have people putting up how you can usage to 2.1 manually If it were legit. I said it before and ill say it again. Nothing but a hoax. There is no OTA update.

I have the OTA update. Got it last night. This video is accurate and I'm pissed I only have 3 screens and no new app drawer. I won't be using Live Wallpapers, I don't use the Gallery, and I don't like pinch to zoom. So basically, 2.1 is worthless to me. I might just go back to 2.0.1 and then root. It looked like in a rooted 2.0.1 the Droid was faster, but 2.1 OTA is the same speed, if not slower.

I love how people whine about things when they dont even do the research.

There is an OTA update you idiot. Stop trolling.

If you want more than 3 homescreens get a home replacment from the market. if you like the stock app drawer get Launcher+ it has more homescreens and looks stock and runs with no lag.

I did do research. And SO FAR. Nobody has, that I've seen, showed an OTA update, only manual update. And I'm not into homescreens, or live wallpapers.

thats funny you are in pensacola also i was watching the video to see if i wanted to unroot and update and seen the google maps and was like damn thats how mines looks but i seen ferry pass and brent and later in the news its said pensacola. funny how i site i visit daily has a writer from my hometown.

i bought a droid a few days ago so im pretty new to this but the phone came with 2.1 on it and i have no live wallpapers. do i have to install the file shown in this video to get them?

Go to the video on Androidcentral that shows you how to install the 2.1 update. Its easy. Or wait for the OTA (over the air) update.

You people are sad human beings. Really? The 2.1 update isn't good enough for you? You wanna know the definition of spoiled cry babies? Look it up and you'll see the average american. I think being able to pinch and zoom websites and my photos in the gallery is an added convenience. I tried the talk to text in messaging. Awesome, happy with that. They added a couple apps that I didnt have before because I didnt have the time like news/weather and 'google goggles'. Havent tried the navi yet but im sure it'll be fine. Look its a damn phone. Call your mom once in a while and tell her you love her. Dont focus on a phone that came up short from beaming you up into the sky. Try new hobbies.

I also got the OTA update of the 2.1 I'm happy..but I keep reading people able to to do the speach to do u that?? that obtion on my phone is grayed I need a seperate app to activate that??