Droid 2 update

Verizon this morning confirmed via e-mail that an update is on the way to the Motorola Droid 2. Here's what you're getting:

  • Improved battery life.
  • Proximity sensor improvements (faster response).
  • Weather widget works in landscape and portrait.
  • Easier setup, better notifications for visual voicemail.
  • Background email sync while the screen is off.
  • Support for e-mail domain suffixes with more than three characters.
  • Better text message organization.
  • Edit text messages after attaching a video file.
  • Guided Tour videos now stream from the help section.
  • Faster GPS lock.
  • Better Wifi-3G handoffs.
  • Add gallery pictures to contacts.
  • Export contacts to SD card.
  • VZ Navigator now built in.
  • See social networking contacts' details.

So, nothing earth-shaking, but a pretty good list nonetheless. You can get the full rundown and update instructions at the source link. [Verizon]

More on the Droid 2 update in the Android Central Forums


Reader comments

Droid 2 update on the way, Verizon says


The update is here if you force it from your phone. Settings>About Phone>System Updates

Updated last night and running System Version Version.2.3.20.A955.Verizon.en.us

Mmmmm. More bloatware. Hold any screwed up updates for the x motorizon. Thanks but no thanks. Will get an htc next time. Unless motorola releases a phone that is easily modded.

Well, it looks like some kiddie that got his phone from mommy and daddy is a little jelous that he didn't get the phone with far better specs all around.

Take your trolling elsewhere.

OT: Hope the X gets its update soon.

And which phone is that? Not the 2 I hope! Check your spec sheet.

And as far as trolling, this is a post about a Motorizon update. They just screw things up.

That's funny... maybe you should check the spec sheet.
The X is either on par (in 1 or 2 cases) or far superior to the 2.

Stay in school kids, knowing how to read really is important.

The article didn't mention it but not everyone will get the update its a limited pre-launch test. I am however one of the few that did get it, trust me its nothing special. It actually created a few minor issues. I posted a link in my previous post about the changes to the lock screen, as the notes do not mention that. Over all the update is just a minor patch to not android but the phones firmware itself. Woohoo...not.