New Droid 2 price

The Droid 2 Global edition (works on Verizon here in the States, but can work on GSM carriers for overseas travels) has popped up from time to time, but it might be coming sooner than we thought. Verizon has just dropped the price of the stock Droid 2 by $50, which could be a move to clear out their inventory in preparation of the Global's arrival or Big Red could be planning on offering both phones simultaneously. Either way, this move is a big hint that we could see the Droid 2 Global sometime soon, so any international travelers interested in the Droid 2 might want to hold off for a bit. [Verizon via Engadget]

Update: The Droid Incredible is also getting a $50 discount. It is listed as simply being on sale, though, so don't get too excited for an Incredible HD just yet. 


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Droid 2 sees $50 price drop, Droid 2 Global to fill the $200 spot?


Is it possible to use it a GSM phone outside the united States without being on contract ?
Does anybody know if its true that the Droid X SE (Special\Second edition) gonna go Global too with both CDMA & GSM network support ?
I've been waiting for a GSM Droid X forever & thats might be my chance to get one

Yes, you can travel Europe, Australia, etc and buy an in-country short term sim. These are VERY popular win the EU where frequent tourists carry "sim wallets" full of sims to get the best rates.

You can even buy these before you leave for vacation.

You may not get 3G in all countries, or even ANY countries depending on your phone, but you will have Edge almost anywhere in the world.

I got a 'private' sale email today from VZW for the Incredible at $99. I wonder if that is a sign of things to come?